State of Our Union: Not the "Change" Expected

When Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, preached “Hope and Change” in his campaign promises, people were so infatuated with making him the first “Black” President of the United States, they failed to get the details of just what changes he meant. They assumed that it would be different and better than the previous White House administration. They were, and those who still give BH Obama their loyalty are what Lenin/Stalin referred to as “useful idiots” when he referred to Americans who had joined the socialist/communist movement in the United States in the 1930s.
Obama fans ignored the uncovered facts and mysteries of his background conveniently kept from public knowledge, BH Obama’s affiliation with persons of criminal character and the Chicago political machine making him their poster boy to be elected in the Senate and later the office of the President of the United States, continually declaring the lie that his policies would be “Change You Can Believe In”. But it wasn’t a lie to those who didn’t ask for the details of the promised change.

If you want to read what happened to those who believed in Joe Stalin‘s lies and who emigrated to the Soviet Union with promise of work and prosperity, read The Forsaken by Tim Tzouliadis. It is the story of Arthur Abolin, Walter Preedin, Victor Herman, and Eugene Petersonwho were American men who, with their wives and children were among thousands who joined the ranks of communists, trade unions, and radicals of the John Reed School moved to the Soviet Union. Within four years from June of 1934 they became foreign victims of Stalin’s Terror and most arrested and sent to “corrective labor” camps where they either starved to death or were worked to death, their bodies buried in the wasteland of Siberia. Two survived to tell their stories and remember those that didn’t survive.

In this case, the lies told to the American people did not cause their deaths, to our knowledge, but it has pushed America closer to financial ruin and foreign policy nightmares that threaten Americans from every walk of life.
The biggest hurdle to cross is that too many Americans in the present federal tax system pay little or nothing and foot the bill upon other Americans who have higher incomes, from the middle class to the small percentage of the wealthiest. 
To the democratic-socialist, this is the fair way of doing things, and government is expected to raise taxes or create new ones in order to meet the ever-rising cost of Big Government without having to make any meaningful spending cuts; which in turn increases the dependency upon government by the People and who actually believe that the government can run their lives better than they can. 
Poverty is always going to exist no matter what government tells you. The best thing that can be enacted that would reduce poverty to the lowest possible levels is to encourage citizens to be educated and work for prosperity. It is because of the nature of and causes of poverty behind the reasons people find themselves in those situations. Much of it is because of bad choices in life. They do not complete education levels needed to obtain better paying jobs, choose a lifestyle that is not conducive to achieving success in life, and/or their character and/or personal values (morals) put themselves in situations that prevent success within their lives. But a big factor, especially in the last fifty years is that government has intruded upon the people’s personal lives (for their own good) with promises they cannot keep or sustain and foot the bill upon the very elements, people, in society that are most productive and have made the correct choices in life in order to succeed and meet their envisioned goals.
Politically, Obama calculates that some polls showing the current likely Hispanic support for him in the high 50s or low 60s would not provide enough of a margin in critical states … to counteract the growing slippage of the independent vote and the energy of the clinger/tea-party activists. Thus, what was not legal or advisable in 2009, 2010, or 2011, suddenly has become critical in mid-2012. … When you collate this recent act with the class-warfare rhetoric, the ‘punish our enemies’ threats, the president’s and Eric Holder’s serial racialist statements, the huge borrowing, the national-security leaks, the takeover of health care, the push for redistributive taxes, and even the trivial appointments like a Van Jones, Anita Dunn, or Armendariz, you can fairly conclude that Obama most certainly did not like the way the United States operated for the last 30 or so years, and has tried his best, through hook or crook, to change America in ways that simply were not possible through legislative or even judicial action. Give the president credit. He has thrown down the gauntlet and essentially boasted: This is my vision of the way the new America should work — and if you don’t like it, try stopping me in November, if you dare.
Just about everything that GW Bush did, even when he compromised with the late Ted Kennedy in supporting the “No Child Left Behind” ridiculous education social programming, he was demonized only because he was not a Democrat.
But when this president clearly oversteps his constitutional bounds, anyone who disagrees or protests are either “radicals” or “racists”. Case in point is the news conference in the White House Rose Garden recently. True, the person should have let Obama finish his speech, but what he was proposing in his “Dream Act” scheme was probably too much for anyone to wait for a response to the question – What about the high rate of unemployment and the impact of the Obama Dream Act will have. And, in addition, why should illegal immigrants be afforded any special compensation when they broke our laws just be coming here uninvited? Do we want naturalized Americans who do not respect our laws?
Obama’s depiction of the Bush years is wrong in just about every possible way. First, Bush was hardly a deregulator. In fact, the nation’s regulatory budget nearly doubled in his eight years, and regulatory staffing climbed 42%, according to an annual report on the federal regulatory state by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center. Nor did Bush’s tax cuts devastate the budget. In fact, revenues as a share of gross domestic product hit 18.5% in 2007, which is above the post-World War II average. And deficits fell three years in a row to a low of $160 billion. Unemployment, meanwhile, dropped to 4.4% just before the recession hit. And as we’ve pointed out on countless occasions, the financial crisis that caused the recession was not the result of too little government, but of far too much government intervention in the banking industry. Then again, Obama can’t even keep his own complaints straight. Moments after lambasting Bush’s tax-cutting, deregulating ways, he was bragging about how he’s imposed fewer regulations than Bush, cut taxes more than a dozen times and how he’s not a big spender. (None of that is true.) The real question before voters isn’t whether they want to return to some dark, mythical past of Obama’s imagination, but whether they want four more years of a dismal present characterized by stagnant growth, chronic unemployment, massive deficits and a president who is utterly clueless about how to fix any of it.
Both traditional political parties are guilty of continuing the Big Government policies and not paying attention to limited government requirements of the Constitution of the United States, it is just that the Democrat Party is the most corrupt with socialist ideology as their political platform and agenda. All what they claim against others, they are guilty themselves. Their hallmark is hypocrisy, their major tools is greed and social class envy.
Marion Smith at the Heritage Foundation wrote:
The idea of human liberty and its political corollary … is not applicable only to Americans. Rather, it is a universal principle applicable to all people. Thomas Paine famously observed that ‘the cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.’ But this cause is contested today, both domestically and internationally. Domestically, the progressive administrative state continues to encroach on the republican government established by the Constitution. Abroad, tyrants and terrorists try to extinguish Lady Liberty’s flame. American sovereignty is also increasingly threatened by international institutions that have little respect for human rights, the rule of law, and self-government. … The abandonment of the nation-state system in general and the American constitutional order in particular is unnecessary and at odds with the reason and experience of our experiment in constitutional self-government. The ideas of America’s founding are timeless. And yet the defense of freedom is never complete, but requires eternal vigilance — morally, legally, and materially. Not only must the cloth and colors of the flag endure, but the liberty it represents must not perish from the earth.
We cannot become an island unto itself, ignoring the plight of those people of other nations; but we must always keep America’s well being above all else in order to remain strong enough to help those who want guidance toward a free republic by following our Constitution of the United States. But when our government circumvents and ignores the very document that made America great – the constitutional republic will not remain so.
Too many Americans thoughtlessly give away their freedom and liberties away for false promises. The problem is that others lose their freedom because of the actions and naïve loyalty to those whose agenda is not within the intention of the framers of the Constitution or its articles and amendments.
As Joseph Stalinsucceeded in the Soviet Union by taking over the education of Russian youth, so has the federal government.
Rebecca Hagelin wrote about a shocking discovery in the state that has been on the brink of bankruptcy for some time, has chased away big business with draconian regulations, and social programs for citizens and non-citizens alike, whose values (lack of) are promoted by Hollywood – and whose embrace of socialist ideology makes the state of California a prime example of how ineffective socialism is:
Last week news spread of a unique partnership between Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles Unified School District — Planned Parenthood now runs a ‘health’ clinic on the school grounds of Roosevelt High School, serving mostly teens from low-income, Latino families. … While the Planned Parenthood clinic apparently doesn’t do abortions on school premises, it takes little imagination to envision the direction their supposedly non-judgmental counseling will take for girls who do become pregnant. … Planned Parenthood’s on-campus presence ensures a steady diet of contraceptive pills, patches, and shots delivered to teens as young as 13, without their parents’ knowledge or consent. … And parents will have no clue what’s being said or delivered, and no power to prevent it. … It’s up to us to take the reins of our child’s sex education, to deliver the right messages about sex. … Sex ed is not a once-and-done plumbing lesson but an ongoing effort to provide context and moral guidance according to your child’s knowledge, maturity level, and experiences. … Don’t cede control to teachers, nurses, or clinic workers who not only don’t know your child but also won’t provide any moral context for the sexual messages they deliver.
America has become bankrupt in several ways and it is not just economical.
It is long past due and time to wrestle from those who are bent upon America’s self destruction that have infiltrated our government, our schools, and have no consciousness about dictating how We the People should live our lives, what we can eat, et cetera. Here is a brief list of just how they act and think:
  • Bipartisanship is achieved only when the opposition agrees with the Democrat Party. If not, terms like “mean-spirited” and “radical” enter the picture.
  • The cry of “racism” is used when truth has been discovered and declared or wrong doing has been enacted. For example, Eric Holder, who has used this tool more than once.
  • The US Constitution is “outdated” and prevents America’s success and prosperity to succeed; especially when it confronts the socialist agenda of the political left.
  • United States is in a financial mess because of tax cuts. Social Security program is in trouble because of the “Baby Boomer” generation, totally ignoring reality and truth that if more people are putting into the system, there are more funding. The Social Security “trust” fund has been robbed by Congress for decades and since politicians don’t blame themselves, they blame the selfish “Baby Boomers”. When people “invest” in a program all their working lives, they expect a return. In this case, they do not have much rights or decision about their own money – the federal government dictates everything, from what age you can retire to the fact that if you die before it is used up, the beneficiary is Uncle Sam – not your family.
  • Private sector is in trouble because there isn’t enough government oversight.
  • US authorities must not enforce immigration laws because it is not “fair”. Amnesty programs help generate more Democrat voters. As of late, the GOP is just as guilty.
  • Corporations and big business, in general the people who operate it, are “evil” entities that make money from the “despair” of others – not because they are educated and productive. In some cases, too many, corporations are not paying the same tax others are and that is what is not “fair”. In other cases, American business tax rate is the highest in the world – and then they wail that companies are moving overseas.
  • Democrats, like BH Obama, preach unity; but their actions and policies prove different. They use the Marxist tool of “divide and conquer” – keeping the populace fighting amongst themselves and making people believe that all the woes of society and national economy is because of the wealthy. In the case of the United States, racial unity cannot be achieved as long as we do not regard each other as fellow Americans and not identify people by their skin pigmentation. Racism occurs on both sides of the fence.
  • To a Democrat-socialist, government creates jobs (and this line has been used by the so-called “conservatives”. The only way government can create jobs is to directly hire the populace by making government bigger. Indirectly they create jobs by limiting itself according to the guidelines of the US Constitution.
  • The wealthy or wealthier Americans are obligated to pay for the less fortunate; for it is “unfair” for others to have more than other citizens – this comes straight out of the Marxist handbook.
  • Those that operate our government for our benefit are above the law and know more about running your personal life than you do. Americans are not capable, despite the claim that our education system is doing well; and when it is perceived as a problem, the solution is pouring more tax dollars into the education system and paying more to the parasitical trade unions.
  • It is okay to spend as long as the Federal Reserve prints paper money.
  • It is the fault of greedy Wall Street, not the federal government, as to the economical climate in America.
  • Collectivism is more important than individual liberties and it is government’s job to ensure that the people’s money is properly distributed or according to government mandate.
  • The Founders of the United States and the Framers of the Constitution were “old white men wearing wigs” – whose republican form of government no longer applies in today’s “modern” world. If history does not comply with government agenda, than it must be changed. The educational system is overseen by government so it can dictate and achieve the compliance of the younger generations.
  • Americans must be loyal to their government, especially when operated by democratic-socialists.
  • Freedom of speech is a right, unless it does not conform to any of or all of the above.
And the list of transgressions continues as BH Obama’s administration remains in power.

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