State of Our Union: Has Obama Finally Gone Too Far for Congress?

President Obama’s latest transgression against the US Constitution and constitutional law concerning the separation of power of the three executive branches called the Checks and Balances system with the announcement of his “Dream Act” that not only overrides immigration laws, but shows selective enforcement of those laws.
Andrew C. McCarthy stated in an exclusive Newsmax.TVinterview:

The Framers . . . gave Congress very considerable tools with which to rein in the executive branch, the main one of which is to start cutting money off. Obama and his agencies cannot carry out their agenda if Congress, which has the power of the purse, does not appropriate and provide money for it. When you have officials of the government who are carrying lawless policies, I think the first thing you do is cut off their funds – and the next thing you do is start having hearings about whether they are fit for office or not and whether they have actually committed lawless acts of a dimension that merits being removed from office.

Maybe BH Obama’s announcement of his decision to grant amnesty to certain children of illegal immigrants will be the final transgression against constitutional law – and it is about time.

McCarthyalso stated:
Congress has acted. It simply has said ‘no’. Several times, Congress has considered the possibility of either comprehensive immigration reform, as they put it, or a limited remedy for people who … find themselves in the United States without legal status through no fault of their own. Congress has considered that and rejected it. But in our system that’s the way things work. The people’s representatives enact law, and the President enforces law. And the President takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the system that I believe that Obama is undermining. Because the President, in our system, does not have the power to pronounce positive law – and here, the President is not merely saying he won’t enforce the immigrations law, he’s actually proposing to give positive benefits of status to this class of illegal aliens – which he is utterly incapable of doing under our Constitutional system.
Now you know in detail why the Framers set forth a checks and balance system separating three branches of power within our government, and why they chose a constitutional democratic republic instead of a collective socialist system. You also can see now that BH Obama and his democratic-socialist progressives has denounced our Constitution stating it is “outdated” and other excuses, for an their underlying agenda and promotion of their power to increase government scope and intrusiveness upon We the People. Their religion is government, despite rhetoric otherwise, at the gain of those elite selected to operate it and at the expense of the rights, liberties of the People and against natural law – freedom of choice and right of private property.
BH Obama was once a professor of constitutional law – one wonders just exactly what he was teaching.
My rule of thumb is and advice to fellow Americans – avoid electing lawyers. BH Obama also studied political science, according to his university records.
McCarthy, a former US Attorney stated:
The Justice Department talks about the rule of law. The Obama administration talks about the rule of law all the time. But they have politicized it and run rough-shod over it from their very first day in power. And this latest incident, while the context of immigration is no doubt important, the presumptuousness of Obama in issuing this edict – and it really is an edict – wherein he proposes to grant positive rights to people that he has no power under the Constitution to propose, is just mind-boggling. It really does turn our system upside down. Lawsuits won’t work, either. Here’s the problem you have with lawsuits: And, again, if people can bring lawsuits and get by the fairly high-standing requirement, there’s prejudice in our law against having courts decide matters of public policy. The courts are there to correct deprivation of rights. They’re mainly there to correct the deprivation of rights by the government to the people. … The problem is that lawsuits take a very long time to get through the system – and the problems we have are immediate.
A good example of what McCarthy is talking about would be waiting for a Supreme Court decision about the constitutionality of ObamaCare, when anyone who has studied the US Constitution in any degree can readily see that the Obama administration has overstepped its bounds of their offices and have pushed aggressively into private sector responsibility, increasing the powers of government over individual lives, as well as cementing the growing power of unions, insurance company lobbyists, and the democratic-socialist progressive political organization called the Democrat Party.
If you recall, a news reporter who was against Obama’s “edict” asked what about the high unemployment rate and this move putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans when it comes to college and university graduates obtaining employment after graduation. The Obama media, like MSNBC, quickly cried “racism” against the news journalist who “interrupted” Obama’s announcement in the Rose Garden of the White House. It is always the case of tyrants where if an honest question is asked or anyone seeks truth – it is put down with tactics such as those. Mainstream media has become nothing but a progressive mouthpiece whose news reporting cannot be filtered from editorials because it is so bias.
Another important decision that rests with the Supreme Court is the Arizona immigration law where that state has taken over where the federal government has not enforced its own federal laws concerning immigration. It is an important issue concerning state rights, and illustrates how the federal government has not and does not delegate authority in order to limit central federal government power.
It is up to the Congress to set the terms of naturalization and the executive branch must enforce it. For decades, whether the President has been a Democrat or Republican – this has not been so. Reagan and the Congress tried an amnesty program in 1984, but it failed because it only increased the amount of illegal aliens crossing our borders in hopes of staying long enough to be granted amnesty and remain as citizens who did not comply with laws and conformed to the system that legal immigrants have – putting themselves above every citizen of the United States, whether natural born or naturalized. To add to the dilemma, a racist, subversive movement has risen from Mexico and within the Chicano organizations that demand surrender of states they claim belong to Mexico.
The illegal alien issue concerns national security in that no background check is made upon those entering illegally.
The illegal alien issue concerns national medical health. Those that cross our borders uninvited do not obtain the required medical examination and quarantine program required.
The illegal alien issue unbalances the people-to-job ratio. The immigration system provides annual quota of immigrants allowed, first-come basis, in order to prevent more immigrants coming to America than there are jobs available.
The illegal alien issue concerns the economy and expenditure of state and federal governments – taxpayers paying for benefits for people who come here uninvited and break our laws. The first law they break is crossing the border without invitation or proper authorization. The second law they break is that they seek and obtain fraudulent documentation and identification. Most often, those crossing illegally also break the law by carrying with them illegal substances and materials like drugs and weapons.
The progressive socialists in America continually use the emotional tool – making anyone who wants enforcement of our immigration laws to be enforced judicially by the federal and state governments to feel guilty as if they are:
  • Against any immigration to the United States,
  • Against immigration, legal or illegal, due to racial bias.
It is quite the opposite, considering that most Americans have come here from somewhere else sometime in their ancestry; unless they are full blood Native Americans – the original Americans.
It is not just the policies of BH Obama that are dangerous and need to stop, but the attack upon the greatest document between a government and its people, the US Constitution and its amendments, that is at stake here.
We the People should be demanding that this stop, and also demand complete reformation back to a constitutional government, limited in its powers, and that returns private property rights, free trade, and freedom of choice. Individuals count in a group basis in our system – collectivism never has worked and never will.
You, as an American have the right to the enactment of natural law, which means freedom of choice, as the Founders of our nation and Framers of OUR Constitution dictates; as well as the Declaration of Independence that declared those rights and its independence from a tyrant from across the sea.
The Rule of Law they set forth is important and will always apply, no matter how technology changes the lifestyle of the People; however, it has been noted by the Founders that a society must retain values (morals) in order to retain that freedom.
We the People have allowed the government to encroach upon our family values and, most dangerous, we have allowed government to interfere in our private lives that has caused the slow disintegration of the family unit. Government encourages promiscuous sexual lifestyles through their social engineering programs that has invaded the educational system of our nation; and has also in its social engineering programs made marriage not a sanctified union, and encourages divorce instead of working things out. By taking over the private decision of abortion that is between a medical practitioner and a woman, they have created a government entitlement that has become mass infanticide factories across America.
They, the progressive, democratic-socialist, claims that abortion is the right of any woman who wants it. I cannot argue on that point; yet, they hypocritically tell citizens what they can eat, what they can purchase, and punish those who use legal products like tobacco and alcohol beverages with taxes above and beyond any other product – using taxation to socially engineer the populace. They use these tactics effectively within the educational system, for as so many tyrants and tyrannical political entities have come to learn, straight out of the Marxist handbook, the youth of any nation must be targeted to receive the proper indoctrination required of a government who seeks power over the people; and the result is more successful if the educational system does not teach youth to discuss, think, and conclude; but instead only believe that which they are taught based upon consensus (global warming, one example) or any other ideology that the government deems beneficial to the success of government.
All these things has crept into the system of a constitutional republic and has now escalated further by a President who was not voted for because of his qualifications, but instead of what political organization he belonged to and/or because of his ethnic minority – race. Every person I asked in my county as to why they supported BH Obama stated: “It’s about time to have a ‘Black’ President”. Not much else was stated because they had no real reasons or substantial research as to any other reason for voting for him. Obama’s rhetoric of “Change” was not questioned or examined. We can see over his term as President just what he meant by “Change”. He and his accomplices want to change our constitution to fit the agenda of Big Government and all the other trappings of tyranny.
This has gone on for so long and continued because too many Americans are not concerned with high taxation because they pay little or no taxes – yes, they pay out of their payroll checks, but there is a little gimmick called tax return. The “rich”, those that actually produce and contribute greatly to the economy of our nation are footing the bill, as well as the middle class who falls between. Some corporation pay less than others, while, on occasion, pay nothing at all; yet, they are still moving their business overseas because trade unions have created unaffordable wage earnings that include benefits. On the other spectrum, most Americans who do not work for the government fall far from what they earn and what they receive in benefits, most crucially when it comes to healthcare insurance.
Insurance companies have enjoyed their status, pharmaceutical companies, as well as trade unions have, because of their powerful lobbies that steer legislation to their favor thanks to the prostitutes that have been elected to serve in our Congress.
Political finger pointing has been pointed in the wrong direction and it is about time that these tyrants and corrupt political figures be cleaned out of the sanctioned halls of Congress, the Oval Office and its administrative offices, and especially in the hallowed Supreme Court building.
People that stand up for Constitutional law, return of private property rights and other liberties, Tea Party supporters, and congressional members like Ron Paul are all depicted as “radicals” and dangerous “fools”.
Understandable, since they are echoing the very words, articles and amendments that established this nation and created the most wondrous document ever to be conceived by homo sapiens – and it is against their agenda of power, corruption, and tyranny.
It is time for another revolution. This one will be fought with the power of the People who educate and reeducate themselves to knowing just what the Constitution and its amendments are all about – and what is the true meaning behind the Declaration of Independence. As we approach that anniversary on July 4th, let us band together from every walk of life, from every ethnic origin, from every religious sect (or even those who believe in none at all) that we can return to a nation of people with values and leadership who believes that constitutional law is the supreme law of the land and that central government has its limited powers and the rest of the powers be turned over to the state governments, who in turn, delegate powers to the county governments to the basic law enforcement symbol that protects the constitution and the people’s Bill of Rights, the county Sheriff.
That is what made America great, not the social and political experiments that steers us towards socialism and communist government.
We will see how much influence Obama and company has on the Supreme Court shortly as a decision is reached concerning ObamaCare, considering three Supreme Court Justices should not be included: two who should not have been nominated, much less voted approval (one belonging to a racist/subversive organization when nominated); and one who should have been impeached for her unethical interview with a foreign TV station – openly against the Constitution of the United States that she swore to uphold.