Obama File: Indoctrination of America’s Youth

During the presidential term of Barack Obama it has been quite clear how and why the federal government has taken over the control of our educational system. Indeed, tyrants like Joseph Stalin and other despicable leaders in human history have seen the advantage of indoctrinating a nation’s youth.

At one school, a student is scolded and told that they could be arrested for saying something negative about Barack H. Obama (alias Barry Soetoro), and in the following video, in a public school where God Bless America is not sung and the Pledge of Allegiance is frowned upon because it mentions “God” – there is instead a song about this president who has divided our nation, pushed it further into bankruptcy and whose administration is filled with corruption and deceit. Check this video from a New Jersey government-controlled school:

Red Skelton on one of his shows back when television was first offered in color instead of black and white, reminisced about his school days, remembering a particular teacher that inspired him, and who Mr. Skelton recreates the teacher’s explanation of the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. This was filmed some time after Congress had added the “God” phrase at the request of President Eisenhower, majority vote and signed by the President of the United States. The following compelling video also has a surprise prediction made by Red Skelton that would come true one generation later when sons and daughters of men and women who suffered in a long, cruel world war; but persevered because of their patriotism, values, and determination that all people, not just in America, should have the right to freedom and liberty. Here is the YouTube video:

This YouTube video clip needs no commentary …