American Media Should be Ashamed

The media made sure that the death of Trayvon Martin was well publicized and in their expediency of getting the story out, they even messed up the details. But the underlying atmosphere that justice should be done, and in the view of the media that manipulated the public by showing a more youthful Trayvon Martinas clean cut and an older picture of the alleged murderer (George Zimmerman) as looking much different than he did when showed up in court.

In addition, the media pushed the notion that it was a crime of racism. There was no indication of anything such thing, in fact, it came out later that the defendant and his wife had helped black youth in their area. People that knew Mr. Zimmerman stated so.

Originally the media reported that Trayvon Martin was pleading for help, but it turned out to be the voice of Mr. Zimmerman whose head was being pounded on the ground by Martin – later verified by wounds received on the back of his head.
Whatever be the outcome in this case, the evidence presented on both sides and the court decision will be the ultimate resolution of this case.
Let’s reverse back into time.
It has been two and a half years since the Fort Hood, Texas massacre when Nidal Hasan, a Muslim serving in the United States Army, randomly murdered 13 people and wounded 29 others. During the attempt to capture him, Hasan was wounded.
Finally, after this long, Mr. Hasan, a former Army officer, showed up for his scheduled pre-trial hearing with a several pre-trial motions designed to delay Hasan’s judgmentin court. As described in oldjudgesays blog in the article “Military Impotence; Media Disgrace”:
What happened? MSNBC tells us in 379 words:

The judge in the trial of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan delayed pre-trial motions Friday when he ruled the defendant to be in violation of the Army’s grooming standards. Hasan showed up for the half-day administrative hearing sporting a beard, which the military prosecutors said was a violation of Army regulation 670-1 and court-martial rule 804(4)(1). Judge Col. Gregory Gross then went on record saying that Hasan’s beard was a disruption to the proceedings.He’s an active-duty soldier and should be in full uniform and clean shaven. That’s what all active-duty soldiers are supposed to do,” Haug said. It was the first time Hasan has shown up in court with a beard. According to Army rules, all males must be clean shaven when in uniform or civilian clothes while on duty. The defense indicated it would file a request for exception to the policy for religious accommodation for Hasan, an American-born Muslim, to the Department of the Army. There was no indication how long it would take for a decision to be made on such a request. The pre-trial motions will resume when Hasan adheres to the Army regulation or when a closed-circuit feed can be set up for him to observe the trial from a different location, the military said. … Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. If convicted, he could face life without parole or the death penalty. Eight soldiers and five civilians were killed in the Nov. 5, 2009, attack on the Army base in Texas. Hasan was wounded and paralyzed from the chest down before being captured.

Hello? Is anyone home?
Hasan was on active duty when he committed the crimes – and had NO beard when he committed the crime because he was abiding by US military regulations, which makes sense since he was a member of the US armed forces. So, now, being tried by a military court-martial, he suddenly feels the urge to grow a beard, when he is still considered to be on active duty, in uniform or not, until he receives his sentence?
No media outrage here. 
No intervention or commentary by President Obama, unlike the case between a citizen and a law enforcement officer or the death of Trayvon Martin.
Hasan’s superiors knew that there was a problem with him before he went on a rampage with intent to kill.
And, guess what Hasan’s military occupation was?
It is clear that the US Army and its policy is just as much on trial here as the actions of Major Hasan. Political correctness does not belong in the military. There are standards set in the military for definite and common sense reasoning.
On that note, someone should inform the present “Commander-in-Chief” about those standards. He should know them because he signed the US military courts-martial manual as in the tradition of every President of the United States.
Apparently, he didn’t take the time to read it, since he couldn’t be familiar with it because Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, never served a day in any branch of the US armed forces.
Barack H. Obama has further degraded US military tradition, honor, and required standards of discipline that has worked well in over 200 years and developed into the best trained and equipped military in the world.
President Obama pushed politics and political correctness into our military when he repealed the compromise of President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. And the Secretary of Defense recently added salt to the wounds by declaring June a month of celebrating homosexuality and transgender lifestyles – now incorporated within the US military.
The major problem with the political left is that they have no boundaries. If they move an inch in their agenda, they want another yard.
The US Army could have prevented those 13 deaths and wounding of 29 other civilian and military persons on that day at Fort Hood, Texas by adhering to the standards of discipline that has made our armed forces the greatest.
How long that greatness will remain is hard to say, for now those disciplines have been replaced with politics and that does not mix well with military life.
Homosexuality is an individual’s personal and private choice. But just because that choice is taken, it does not mean that everyone else must bend their rules, regulations, and personal moral convictions.
A citizen who is serving in the US military has a right to believe and practice their personal religion and religious beliefs. However, if those beliefs are against military standards of conduct or the dress code; then that person must accept that they do not qualify for military life.
It is the same for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. There can be no allowance of homosexuality within that private entity and the reasons are common sense. The two entities are separated by gender for important reasons. It is why a male cannot join the Girl Scouts and female join the Boy Scouts.
The media should be ashamed when they do not address these issues in an objective manner, or what usually occurs, ignore issues that do not correspond with their views in the world of politics and society.
To correct this problem, the reformation must begin within the journalist educational institutions by insisting upon journalistic standards that promote objectivity when reporting the news and informing the public through all points of view – anything else should be left to the editorial and pundit columns.
The media is an important source of information, but sadly, it has become just a propaganda mouthpiece for leadership that controls it.
It is why citizen journalism on the Internet has become so popular, but there isn’t any real standards, but it is a true atmosphere that promotes freedom of speech. People must determine the reality of a citizen journalist website.
And with that thought in mind, I invite you to read an article from Jefferson’s Rebels, where I occasionally submit articles as a guest entitled: AGU: PopCulture The Great Influencer by Thomas S. Schmitz.
You want to force the media to conform to standards of journalism that are honorable and truthful?
Just use the “Off” button/knob or change channels. Don’t buy newspapers, magazines or periodicals.
When they realize that their brand of “news reporting” is not acceptable by the public, they will quickly realize and conform or close their doors in bankruptcy. Citizens can also write to sponsors that advertise on media programs letting them know that you are not going to tolerate poor journalism or untruthful/incompetent news reporting.
We the Peoplehave power, but you have to wield it to serve any good purpose. It also means that we, American citizens, must unite and quit being concerned about our physical differences or religious beliefs: We are ALL Americans.
Let’s start acting like Americans and stop following those that want to use models of other governments and other political philosophies instead of adhering to and promoting the Constitution of the United States – political parties being second to all the above. Neither traditional party deserves our undivided loyalty, for they too must reform to constitutionality, strengthening our republic.
If you want to read a flat-out, tell-it-like-it-is article, read A Brief for Whitey by Patrick Buchanan