Spotlight: History of FEMA and Democratic-Socialism in America

Movie: “1984” – Big Brother Government

Anyone who has studied American history at any level is aware of FDR’s (Franklin D. Roosevelt) New Deal. It ushered a form of socialism that emanated from the DNC into the infrastructure of government and society in the name of Welfare of the People.
But it was also a period of infamy in our history, and I am not talking about the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941; but the “Real Deal” concerning hypocrisy and tyranny of our government that has progressed since that time culminating what is taking place today.

We do not have the funding and government support to secure our southern border with the security fence system approved by Congress supposed to be enacted by GW Bush administration, which has yet to be finished – a national security issue because of the illegal alien invasion; yet our government has the time and money to build, prepare and maintain FEMA camps to detain American citizens.
A person or persons are considered dangerous by OUR government, if:

  •  Christian faith organizations, but nothing is said about clandestine operations of CAIR and same type organizations that secretly support Islamic fascist fundamentalists.
  • Citizens who demand that they be allowed to exercise their right under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Citizens who demand private property rights, like those against government, some states like Wisconsin, who mandate that privately owned businesses not allow smoking within their facilities — whether the business owner agrees or not – hotels, motels, bars, and restaurants.
  • Citizens who have bumper stickers who support “radicals” – like Ron Paul.
  • Citizens who, under the allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, defies or disagrees with government operations, legislation, and general policies.

Read Erica’s eye-opening article at Jefferson’s Rebels. Of course, media and progressives still denounce people who consider Obama as, has been, ineligible because of place of birth to be President according to the Constitution that Obama and company ignore – as well as RINOs within the ranks of congressional members – they are ridiculed and on the “dangerous” citizens list of FBI-FEMA and mockingly called birthers – despite documented proof of a doctored birth certificate that took forever to be posted publicly.
The following is an uncut video of the history of FEMA camps – the American version of concentration camps, another hypocrisy of the democratic-socialist movement in America headed by the Democrat National Party of America (and continued by the GOP during GW Bush administration) …

Documentation and Sources:
FEMA and Legislation – Alex Jones
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American Thinker: Why Did Barack Obama Let Terry Lakin Go to Jail?

[Ignored by Federal Government]:
Plan de Aztlan – a real conspiracy by illegal immigrant and Hispanic subversive organizations.

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