Election 2012: Obama on Bus and Romney on the Ropes

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.Declaration of Independence, 1776
Informal Obama
BH Obamais on a campaign bus tour and his slogan this time is: Betting on America.
His political ads accuse Romney of supporting the move of American jobs overseas, when in fact Obama and friends who promote unfair taxation, as well as taxing instead of budgeting, are causing businesses to steer away from the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world. They also ignore the fact that some businesses expand overseas without closing down operations here in America – the auto-making industry is good example.

Obama’s stops are at places where Obama won majority votes in 2008.

His slogan, Betting on Americafits – he and his cohorts are betting that there will be enough naïve Americans and blindly loyal DNC members who will make the same mistake twice.
Obama is depicting himself as he did in the last presidential campaign: rolling up his sleeves informally, eating a burger at a local diner or enjoying an ice cream with some PR prop citizen in a meaningless conversation.
The usual political PR of any candidate. Hopefully Americans will see through his facade.
The Obama controlled media has been coordinating and generating ongoing and previous reports concerning immigration and health care; viewed as a win for Obama since the Supreme Court decision of recent news; totally ignoring the fact that Obama lied (again) when he said that ObamaCare would work without raising taxes (but didn’t mention making any new ones).
His tenure as President of the United States has been filled with issues that were presented when he was campaigning in 2008, but too many Americans ignored because their heart/mind was set upon putting the first “Black” American in the White House – ignoring same race Americans who were far more competent in performing that once sacred position within the US government — if that would be the most important factor in choosing a president.
Of course, the reports are designed to make it look like Obama has improved the economy and other situations that press Americans in these trying times.
According to WSJ, BH Obama is leading in Ohio and Pennsylvania [QuinnipiacPoll] – but polls are only used for propping PR campaigns designed to lead Americans to believe that a certain candidate will win. Remember polls are only a microcosm of the American scene – they do not cross geographical and political lines and only come from an aspect of society. The only poll useful would be a national poll, voted upon by every American through their television or some other high-tech device.
The poll last week showed 47% to 38% in Obama’s favor in Ohio and 45% to 39% in Pennsylvania; which I find hard to believe knowing the recent news of disfavor of that region over economic conditions; but the Obama and its media state that manufacturing and agriculture have improved for ten consecutive months. So why are the prices continually climbing?
If Obama and his counterparts in Congress win (including the “moderate Republicans” who kiss his butt) the election of 2012, ObamaCare will begin to go into full effect in 2014 with the IRS acting as the federal gestapo in making collections that will harm and ruin middle-class economic well being. It will cost at least $2.4 trillion at that point of time, and as history shows it, the expense will continually climb. So much for “Change We Can Believe In”.
Americans will have less choice than they had before and as the hallmark of the auto industry takeover as well as banking; it will be another takeover victory for Big Government that will know no limitations and certainly further ignore constitutional law.
Yes, Betting on America will be an instant replay of Change You Can Believe In– more lies and deceptions, more blaming everything and anything besides the federal government itself and those operating it.
Those with their eyes open and self educated in the workings of government and knowledge of the Constitution of the United States know where all of this is heading if reformation isn’t the key issue for the next president and Congress. Simply, Big Government will continue to run America into financial woes it will not be able to circumvent, just like what is happening in Euro nations.
And Romney, as the savior?
He is another lesser evil option because too many American voters do not know how important primary elections are, as well as letting the media decide what candidate gets media representation that isn’t all negative – like painting Ron Paul and other constitutionalists as “radicals”. Indeed, the federal government considers constitutionalists as a danger and have them on their “blacklist”.
Romney’s health care legacy in Massachusetts is biting him in the butt, as predicted. Mostly because he is having difficulty people believing him with his constant policy changes that are based upon mood swings.
The Obama media wanted Romney to win the primary – they feared those who preached constitutionality and made stands against Big Government advocates.
Romney has failed before when standing up against the opposing political spin machine.
Romney should be taking a stand against all that is Big Government, beginning with ObamaCare and say, as if he means to do it:
ObamaCare must be repealed – entirely.
Romney also needs congressional support in order to do this and it is up to American voters to ensure that constitutional congressional members are sitting in the seats of the Senate and House.
Other important issues must be addressed by the Romney camp and quit telling the American people what Obama has done wrong. We already know it. What we want to know is: Does he know what is wrong and have solid plans to correct it?
Mr. Romney is letting the GOP down already, and while the GOP establishment deserve it for promoting him in the primaries; the unfortunate fact of life is the rest of us are going to suffer.
Already there are murmurs of “I told you so”.
Frankly, I am tired of saying it. We the People had the same “lesser evil” option when it came to GW Bush, and he proved just as inefficient as I predicted. While he preached against Big Government, he used the Islamic fascist crisis as an excuse to increase the power of government and its intrusions. When faced with the voices demanding that the unfair and intrusive tax system be replaced, we only heard that he “was looking into it” – and he left office without addressing the issue or encouraging Congress to do something about it. Too many people don’t realize that the present tax system is part of the problem of both the economic and Big Government scene. I think almost everyone agrees that the IRS has too much power for a government agency.
If the American people really want change, I ask again:
Why in the hell are you voting for the same type of candidates that put us into this mess in the first place?
There is much to reform thanks to Obama and company, examining in brief his record:
  • He created a large amount of czars that are unaccountable to Congress.
  • He circumvented Congress by using the Environmental Protection Agency to implement cap-and-trade nonsense.
  • He used the National Labor Relations Board to circumvent the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • He used the Federal Communications Commission to circumvent the judiciary’s prescription on regulating the Internet.
  • He used the Department of Education to force national education standards.
  • He ordered the Department of Justice to cease enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • He ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to force private religious institutions to fund abortions and other measures contrary to their Biblical moral code.
  • He ordered the Department of Homeland Security immigration service to use “prosecutorial discretion” in order to stop the mandated deportation of illegal immigrants.
  • He claimed “executive privilege” to avoid investigation into “Fast and Furious” scandal, a scheme to promote the administration’s efforts to undermine the Second Amendment to gain public opinion against owning and keeping firearms.
BH Obama pledged to:
…fundamentally transform the United States of America.
But his supporters failed to get the details because his alteration is a move from the republic for which the Founders created to a form of democratic socialism“American style” – and encouraged as well as justified the domestic insurrectionof the movement called “Occupy Wall Street”.
Americans need to reclaim their independence and reinstate the Declaration of Independenceusing the ballot box as their means of this revolution.
We are stuck with a lesser evil; however, we should vow to ourselves to ensure that constitutional candidates with intestinal fortitude to stand against media bias and the political establishment in Washington in every election from now on. You can begin by ignoring the character assassinating TV and radio ads. You can being by researching candidates through sites like On the Issues– looking at their record and matching it with their rhetoric. If you do not have or do not want a home computer – go to the library and use theirs. Your tax dollars pay for it, use it.
We the Peoplemust constantly be vigilant against those who would usurp our rights and liberties and we must train ourselves and our children that nothing from the government is free – someone pays for it, and usually it involves giving up a certain right, usually freedom of choice.
Don’t pay attention to political party organizations, nothing but large clubs; who only care about their club and not the nation and its people. Besides, it is the candidate that is going to be held responsible when taking office, not the political entity.
Get out of the mind trap that politics is boring or not worth your time – tyrants are counting on non-participation and your ignorance. That is how they slip pork and other trash into bills that get passed into legislative law; all the while whittling away your rights and liberties.
Remember that your rights and liberties as an individual are important, but it should never counter the rights and liberties of a fellow American, I.E. homosexual rights concerning military service or organizations involving children (Boy/Girl Scouts/Sex Education).
Our nation was conceived under the values of Judeo-Christian concepts; however, “faith initiative” agencies in government should not be authorized. It has proven to be a jumping point for Islamic agenda of world domination; as well as wasting tax payer dollars.
Never believe or listen to those who profess that anyone who is a constitutionalist is a “radical” – it is because they do not want the truth to be public and do not want to retain the republic form of government that was established.
These are just some points off the top of my head and I am sure you have some of your own – but this provides the gist of the situation and how to solve the problems of Big Government.
I pray that more Americans wake up and realize how much they have been duped by both sides of the political fence, and you realize that each of us as individuals can truly unite as a collective and still retain individual freedom and liberties that were provided by those who worked so hard and gave so much to achieve it for ALL of us.
Think of yourselves as Americans – not diversity in pockets of multiculturalism – but Americans who are citizens (naturalized or born) that share the same dreams, the same purpose in life, and honor the same flag and Constitution. Citizenship are only for those who earn it, keep it, respect it, and abide by our laws. No amnesty for anyone who does not fit that category.
I hope you had a great Independence Day, now it is time to reflect upon its meaning, its history, its tradition and choose to follow the brave and solid citizen patriots that were before you and I.
And, if the documentation proves correct — Barack Hussein Obama is using a social security number of a person who was born in 1890. Jefferson’s Rebels provides the details of the latest lawsuit against BH Obama.
Another mark to include in the list aforementioned – Barack the Imposter. Barack with the Questionable Past.
If this was a Republican president or a president of another race — impeachment proceedings would have begun by 2010.
Obama’s legacy comes to one word: Corruption, and history will reveal this eventually.
His nickname as an Imposter really comes from his background as well as what he wrote in Dreams of My Father:

The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.
 Go to the library and read Obama’s books thoroughly. Terry Lakin did and paid the price when he demanded justice.