Obama File: Legacy of Transgression

Barack Obama’s term as President of the United States has been filled with litigation and the recent ruling by the Supreme Court concerning the so-called ObamaCare, easily recognized as unconstitutional to anyone, is the takeover of America’s health care system and further reducing freedom of choice and intrusion upon the daily lives of its citizens. It will not help the People, but it looks to benefit some, like insurance companies who play along with Big Government like the auto industry and financial institutions.
Kimberly Strassel at Wallstreet Journal calls the Obama tenure Obama’s Imperial Legacy – which I thought was a good description of his tenure as President of the United States. Ken Blackwell as proof of Obama’s transgressions and the list has grown quite long.

But this term was used before when GW Bush was president (43rd) by the political left because of his conduct in war, wiretapping, and detentions. In the case of the latter, detentions were prisoners of war and there isn’t any time period set as to how long they can be detained – usually until the war ends, unless arrangements are made for prisoner trade between adversaries.

I don’t disagree with the criticism of GW Bush’s behavior as commander-in-chief, overstepping his bounds, ongoing war-against-Islamic fascism or not. But he only overstepped bounds a couple of times as the commander-in-chief – and did not bypass Congress to pass special interest and personal policy mandates in lieu of congressional legislation in order to get his way.
Mr. pompous, imperialistic, narcissist cannot say the same. But wait, weren’t we promised “change” from all those critical accusations against the previous president? Hey, the guy has been blaming Bush for everything ever since – even after being in office much longer than the first 100 days when a president is getting settled in. Kind of hypocritical when GW Bush has been to the White House on more than one occasion as an adviser.
But we all know how politicians have become backstabbers, part of the game of politics; but unfortunately that game is played all during the tenure of an elected official – being more concerned about elections than performing the tasks they are paid to do and obligated to do according to their sworn oath to protect, uphold and abide by the US Constitution of the United States – an oath a military officer took seriously and spent time in prison with dishonorable discharge because he demanded that the commander-in-chief play by the same rules.
They even evaluated him by a military psychiatrist to determine if the dissenter was sane.
In the case of the healthcare law and the 2009 stimulus package – those actions were carried out with the US Congress, so when the time comes to pay the fiddle for bad legislation, let us not entirely blame the President – although Obama pulled every string available to get the healthcare passed. I guess the Senate didn’t see it coming when they approved two Supreme Court justices picked by Obama, obviously more political than unbiased judges. One of them was a member of a subversive racial organization called La Raza.
Congress refused to pass the Dream Act, designed and pushed by Obama, so he announced one morning in the Rose Garden that he is enforcing it through his executive orders – a clear defiance against the separation of powers and constitutional law that provides amnesty to certain illegal aliens for instant citizenship. Obama used the executive order to direct officers to no longer deport certain illegal immigrants. When he was questioned by an obviously irate reporter, who did interrupt him, but Obama deserved to be interrupted because this is not the first time he has misused his executive powers. The reporter was chastised by the mainstream media and pundits and leftist TV hosts cried racism. Too bad the reporter was Caucasian.
Congress has discussed several times the matter concerning medical marijuana and has agreed thus far not to repeal the present law against it. Mr. Obama disagreed and instructed his Justice Department to not prosecute those that broke that particular law.
This also brings to mind my complaint in 2008 (and other times) that every person who wishes to run as a candidate for office in the US Senate, House of Representatives, and the President of the United States and those appointed as cabinet members, czars, or whatever should get a thorough background check as well as a drug test. Doesn’t everyone else, like military personnel whose jobs require access to sensitive and classified information require it? In 2008, a former FBI agent proclaimed that Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, who apparently has a false social security number as claimed in a recent litigation against BH Obama, that if a background check was conducted to qualify BH Obama – he would not have been a senator, much less the President of the United States. It is quite sad really, since Obama is the first African American commander-in-chief (“Black”); one would think that the American people could have picked a better character to represent an ethnic group than the one they did. There are great Americans to choose from – like Allen West, for example. But, of course, he is a Republican, not a Democrat, so that wouldn’t be a good thing in their eyes.
He doesn’t like the federal program: No Child Left Behind so he asks Congress to fix it. Congress says no. Obama orders the Education Department to issue waivers that are against the legal legislated law.
Obama liked the cap-and-trade idea, but Congress, not even Democrats, would pass it. His Environmental Protection Agency is now using the Clean Air Act to get it done.
Obama wanted to eliminate secret ballots in union elections, Congress wouldn’t pass a bill to do that, so he appointed members to the National Labor Relations Board that would. Of course, in January, in order to ensure that those appointees were chosen, he used the proclamation that the Senate was in recess and so appointed members by executive order.
Time and again, Obama has made a mockery of the law – and this guy taught constitutional law at a university!
In June of this year, Obama made up his own definition of executive privilege and denied a request for documents concerning the probe of the Fast and Furious drug-war fiasco, thumbing his nose at oversight procedures.
The Democrats put together a strong case for impeachment hearings against Richard Nixon for far less transgressions and abuse of office; of which a young attorney participated by the name of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. For that matter, Bill Clintondid far less than Obama has done – and he underwent actual impeachment proceedings, but the Senate chickened out. I truly believe that the Democrats were just as afraid as the Republicans that Al Gorewould become president if Clinton was impeached.
Folks, it is plain and simple. Not even a hint of impeachment against this president has occurred because of two major factors: (1) Obama is a Democrat; (2) because of his skin pigmentation slash race. It is because of an ingrained wrongful guilt of past transgressions against Americans who were “Black” – so even in society, heads are turned when transgressions occur.
No one should be above the law because of race, gender, or what elected position they hold. Period.
Obama has used federal authority like tyrants have done to gain power in the course of human history.
Too many Americans remain either silent or apathetic about this serious calamity.
Even if Obama doesn’t get his second term – this precedence will continue with other presidents because those in Washington don’t like to rock the boat unless absolutely necessary – for their survival – not for We the People.
All of this should be hit upon by Mitt Romney, indeed he should use Ron Paul as a role model.
When a candidate is a bona fide constitutionalist and pushes for real reform, he is dubbed a “maverick” or a “radical”. I could not believe that the Homeland Security has on its list of possible subversive and dangerous people who promote constitutional law instead of what our government is doing and has been doing for decades – which has escalated since Obama and friends took over OUR government.
There is another segment of society that is guilty of abiding with and promoting these transgressions: special interest and voter groups.
Americans have for at least two generations expect government to control aspects of our lives that we should be handling ourselves – all in the belief that their lives will be better.
In reality, what will make their lives better is a concrete education armed with knowledge to succeed and be aware of what I have been writing about here; as well as plain old hard work in order to achieve individual goals.
Opportunity has been afforded for everyone by the passage of civil rights laws and public awareness. People should not get jobs because they are a minority, they should get jobs because they are qualified – and the office of the presidency is not an exception.
During the course of cleaning up our campaign laws and procedures, every candidate who wants to run must pass a background check – like anyone else with access to sensitive material. It sure would save time in weeding out undesirables pretending to be someone they are not.
Barack H. Obama became President of the United States because he promised to make changes we can believe in. Too many voters failed to demand just what those changes were. Too many voters relied on loyalty to their prospective political club instead of scrutinizing the candidate himself. Too many voters relied upon TV and radio ads and other media propaganda to make their choice at the ballot box. Too many Americans vote for the same type of people that have continued the transgressions against the US Constitution and its amendments. Too many Americans rely on their emotions instead of logic and reasoning when making their choices.
Once again, as government can be found to be the cause of everything that goes wrong, so does the voter bear the guilt of being the gist of the problem because they either don’t vote or when they do, don’t vote responsibly.
We the People need responsible elected officials who abide by the oath to protect and abide by the US Constitution and We the People must educate ourselves to be better voters and teach our every generation what the Constitution is all about, what it means, and why it was created the way it is. And most importantly, each generation must realize that We the People must remain vigilante for those who would do what elected officials are doing now – especially like BH Obama.
Meanwhile, Huffington Post, Obama propaganda mouthpiece, says that Obama’s failed presidency is a lie, a hoax. 
Mark Hyman, however, at American Spectator clearly shows Obama’s Marxist background, dysfunctional family life, and who clearly despises America and what the US republic stood for in its traditions and concepts of how the US should be a role model for other nations instead of the other way around. This concept is not just believed by Republicans and Independents, but also by some Democrats. Apparently Obama has gone so far as to disenchant people from his own political club.