Media Bias and Hate Mongery: Time to Clean House

Back when Clinton was president the conservatives were dubbed “mean-spirited” by Hillary and company. Yet, time and again, protest after protest, the most violence seen on TV comes from the political left, financed by radical leftists. The political left puts down the rich and complains about hate and racism, but clearly the racism and hate is coming from the left, with very few exceptions. It is because the left side of the political left has a political platform that is calling for democratic-socialism and they pander to those who constantly intimidate everyone over racism and complains about themselves being victims.

Media matters.
Media is important to disseminate information. But today, it is more important to be radical and bias than seeking objective truth. Misinformation and outright lies are spread across the mainstream media — talk show hosts are the worst, but media TV stations are condoning it.
Hypocrisy is the main theme of the left side of the political aisle and outrageous profane propaganda is reminiscent of that which was encouraged by the Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s – and that is not just a “mean-spirited” accusation, it is the truth.

 TV programs go by ratings to determine if it stays on the air, as well as massive response by viewers. Turn off these offensive programs and write to them about their irresponsible presentation of what they call “news” and hateful, profane rhetoric of their “commentaries”. Media should promote excellence in news reporting, not sensationalism and certainly not condone people in their programing using profanity and unreliable, untruthful “opinions”.
Freedom of speech does not condone lies and character assassinations because there are laws concerning such false lies called defamation of character.
When conservative folks get out of line, like Rush Limbaugh’s comments against a university student who demands that taxpayers pay for her contraceptives while attending college. None of the people depicted in the video have ever apologized for anything.
We the People must make a difference, we must set standards of conduct in our society, not government, not political entities – but US the people. Our society must reform along with government if we want government to reform and that certainly goes with the media.