State of Our Union: Truth About Present Tax System

I wish to be frank in saying I am no solid Romney fan, I am not thoroughly convinced yet – but he is far better than the alternative in any comparison — especially character department.
It has nothing to do with his character, because his biographical record proves that he has more character than most politicians who are in office today – including some Republican RINOs. It has to do with his approach to government leadership, his past record of balking when faced with important, difficult decisions; and his version of a state government run health program which to me was just a watered down version of what Obama pushed in the federal government.
After analysis, I realized that Romney’s fault was trying to please everyone. Anyone can tell you that it is impossible to do so.

My opinion of him improved sharply after viewing his speech before the NAACP, a tough crowd to please when its membership is more racist than their lighter skinned counterparts. About three quarters through the speech, he mentions peeling back the degree of welfare that government mandates and pays for through citizens that actually pay taxes; in which he received some hearty booing. But, he remained calm and when the booing stopped, he continued with the art of statesmanship to explain just what he intended to do and stuck with his five-point plan of action if the People elect him. At the end he received a standing ovation, which unfortunately was not shown on the YouTube video.

Romney did not, like his counterpart, stand before them and put down vehemently his political opponent, but remained focused upon what HE planned to do. I say plan because any president who wants to improve and reform the government must get cooperation from the Congress – both the House and the Senate. The only tool that can be used that a president has available is the veto power, which he can use profusely if the Congress will not cooperate. But it takes intestinal fortitude to stand up against a Congress that is adverse to change, even if that change is for the good of everyone, the People and the government.
Now there is a big cry from democratic-socialist manipulating, biased media and the DNC (democratic-socialists of America), which shows clearly how corrupt they really are and extremely hypocritical, for the demand for Romney to reveal his tax returns of recent period. There was an outcry in the primary elections about the same thing and when Romney revealed his returns it showed he paid 13.9% after deductions. They said he “didn’t pay enough”.
Now let’s wipe away the propaganda about this whole affair.
First: Anyone who knows the rudimentary mathematics know that percentage rates work in a manner in which percentage of a person making $20,000 per year and a person making $20 million a year, the latter will be paying MORE in terms of dollars because that is the way the percentage system works. Isn’t more dollars what government is after?
But that is not good enough for Big Government, they need to “punish” the productive people who help the economy and produce more jobs and opportunity by increasing the percentage rate against them. Actually, corporations should not be taxed (in an income tax system) only individuals (those operating the corporation). In addition, no one should have to pay taxes for investments and things like savings accounts. Why? Because the money used for investing has already been taxed! The greed for more money because of uncontrolled and irresponsible spending has caused all of this — not the corporations or any other entity politicians blame. THEY are to blame.
If any politician wants to complain about anyone not paying enough taxes, then they better get started in reforming the tax code. It is something long overdue, and requested by many Americans. The main reason is because of the power of the IRS – a hated and feared entity of our government who turns against the republic in favor of a socialist nanny state.
Secondly, nothing showed that Romney declared any deductions that were not legal – they were all allowed within the tax code system. So which means to any common sense individual – the tax code system needs reformation if they think it isn’t “fair”. But the people only think this because they have been brainwashed by the democratic-socialist of America for so long they actually believe it.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
Joseph Goebbels, propaganda chief of Nazi Party, Germany

So, if the democratic-socialists in OUR government think the tax system is unfair – CHANGE IT! Isn’t that the political rhetoric of the Obama crowd – “Change We Can Believe In”?
If the tax system is not to be changed from income tax to consumption tax, then it should be a flat tax from 10% to 15% that cannot be changed without two-third majority vote in Congress (like an amendment), which should really be inserted into the 16thAmendment so then it would require not only a two-thirds majority for a flat tax increase, but also ratified by the states. Included in this reformation would be that no deductions would be allowed. Plain and simple and to the point. In this way, the government will be like the real world out here where people have to survive life – they will know how much they are to receive and budget accordingly.
How can any political individual or entity complain about legal deductions when the deductions are legal within the tax code system they insist upon keeping?
Hypocrisy, folks, drips from the very walls of the DNC headquarters and spouted constantly by pundits and media that go along with the DNC socialist agenda.
To be frank, I want politicians who think like statesmen (and stateswomen) – and intend to save our Republic, and I don’t care what political club they belong to. Saving our republic would mean to adhere strictly with constitutional law. If there are actual discrepancies or needed changes or additions – use the amendment system and either rescind an amendment or make a new one. Using executive orders and privilege is not acceptable.
And when it comes to constitutional elected officials, the Republican Party is not living up to its name, so named because way back when our nation was founded and the founders were working at what government system should be implemented, it was decided that the republican form was best, not democratic, not monarchical, not socialist – a Republic. The founders knew, because of their classical education, that democracy didn’t work in Greece because pure democracy is literally mob rule; whereas a constitutional republic is ruled by law – laws established to protect freedom and liberties for ALL. That means that if a minority insists upon certain liberties, that liberty or liberties cannot transgress against the liberties of other citizens and vice versus. Plain and simple, the way the founders designed it.
The founders limited the government’s power for a reason, and separated the powers for the same reason – to prevent someone or some group to control government to the point it no longer was in the hands of the People. Plain and simple. The way the founders designed it.
We had a saying in the military, which seemed to apply to many things, an acronym which the military enjoys using: KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Something that those who operate OUR government have failed to follow, as well as have killed the good old American know-how: common sense, whose concept we can thank Thomas Paine for.
And in related news … According to the New York Times and the CBS News Poll, polls of opinion of how Obama is handling the economy has shifted from 30% to 55% who disapprove. Romney has been improving his campaign by actually providing points of action as to what he intends to do instead of dwelling upon what Obama has not performed or performed poorly; which helps voters in making decisions.
In the case of Obama, he can only mask what he did not do, inflate statistics in his favor, and continue his deceptions. It is the only thing he has going for him.
Maybe American folks are finally saying: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.
It’s time for earnest reform and we need strong leadership who values constitutional law and intends to abide by it, even if it takes Congress the first year of the 113thCongress session to go through legislation passed against constitutional limitations of government and either change them or repeal them – getting OUR government on the right track back to the Republic for which our founders successfully formed and intended to be maintained in that fashion.
But that can only happen if We the People do our part.