Passing Thoughts: July 21st 2012

  • How can it be racial profiling when the illegal immigrants are the majority violators of crossing our borders without permission or invitation or without a visitation visa? The majority of Hispanic illegal immigrants are from Mexico – fact. Sheriff Joe in Arizona is being attacked for enforcing the rule of law, something the federal government hasn’t done in decades. The federal government’s interference with sheriffs who uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law are united as a sheriff’s posse across America and invites citizens to join in the effort to teach and enlighten Americans in the studies of the Constitution and its amendments.

  • Is it racially motivated if a minority commits a crime and justice is demanded?
  • Why are clandestine subversive Islamic training camps, reportedly numbering 35 across America still in operation since 2004? Survival and Minute Men type paramilitary groups that have been established in preparation of a possible foreign or domestic attacks have been harassed and interrupted, but when it comes to Islamic guerrilla training on US soil, no action has been taken. Local law enforcement state that citizens of America are operating the compounds within their rights. Local citizens are concerned and have reported a substantial amount of gunfire and explosions coming from the privately owned paramilitary compounds and videos have been taken of their training events that include car jacking and other violent activities that are recognized as terrorist/subversive training operations.
Racism has had its share on the American scene, but today, the cry of racism is heard when people get caught disobeying the law or committing transgressions against ethical behavior.
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar told Newsmaxthat he would support a lawsuit blocking the Obama administration from initiating its plan to grant amnesty to certain children of illegal immigrants. He stated:

You know this is an overreach by the president in regards to the privileges of Congress and Congress only.

Iowa Rep. Steve King has said he would sue the White House to block the immigration plan which affects illegal immigrant children who came to the United States before their 16th birthday. The executive order on June 15th was part of the DREAM Act that did not pass Congress – popular among Hispanics who have lived here illegally and subversive/racial groups like La Raza.