Omega File: Islamic Fascist Subversion in US

We read about Islamic fundamental infiltration within the infrastructure of the United Kingdom, France, and other places in Europe; and don’t realize that this infiltration of supporters of Islamic fascists here in America has been ongoing for at least ten years. Yet, those that operate our government refuse to crack down on such organizations and adhere to the policy of “If your not with us, your against us”. The War Against Terrorism (Islamic Fascism) has been termed the Long War, and for good reason. It is difficult to defeat an enemy whose members are religious fanatics (I.E., Imperial Japan: 1930s to 1945), it is difficult to fight an enemy that wears no uniform and can perform clandestine operations with ease; and it is difficult to defeat an enemy when citizens of America refuse to believe there is such subversion and the political progressives who are pushing for a democratic-socialist America accuse people, even with documented proof, are accused of McCarthyism

For example, Michele Bachmann is blowing the whistle on congressman Keith Ellison and other Muslims who are tied with anti-American Jihad organizations that are working from within our government. We can thank the benevolence of GW Bush for the power of CAIR(Council on American-Islamic Relations) – also known as the “Muslim Mafia” (based upon a book) – and its Islamic associates growth (like Muslim Brotherhood) in America continue to arise. Despite the FBI knowing there are at least 35 Islamic “training camps” in the United States – they are still operating. The agenda of these individuals and groups is global theocracy– creation of a world Islamic state. Our Constitution and our Republic is in danger as these subversives work quietly without interruption to make it so. The Crusades have returned in the modern world, with new tools and new objectives.

As Sharia Unveiled revealed how infiltrators are arriving in America and recruiting from our own fellow Americans:
The most obvious peril arises from terrorist infiltration. Terrorists identified as al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iranian agents continue to enter our country via Mexico as illegal immigrants.  Yet, almost a decade ago the present writer and others published analyses of the danger posed to our country’s security by such infiltration.  If these agents were not bent on doing us harm, they could easily enter our country via normal ports of entry.  The fact that they disguise themselves as Mexicans and try to sneak past our border guards is a very good indication that they are here on jihadist missions and know that if they were to try to enter the USA via normal channels, they would be identified as wanted terrorists.  Once in the USA, they easily disappear into the American Muslim community, undocumented, untraceable, invisible and unstoppable. The problem on our southern border has grown only worse since then, with continued jihadist entry via Mexico and the new alliance between Iran and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.  Expert witnesses reporting to congress have indicated that Iran has active agents, both Hezbollah and Iranian government operatives, in the USA:  sleeper cells awaiting orders while conducting surveillance in preparation for future attacks.  While some pundits are convinced that Iran does not plan to attack the USA on its home front, the operative word that they ignore is “yet.” Iran has successfully laid the groundwork for future terrorism inside the USA with Hezbollah and other Iranian terrorist agents primed, ready and invisible.
Less obvious, but no less perilous, is the quiet, gradual and peaceful infiltration of Muslim operatives and their supporters into our social, legal, educational and political systems under the guise of legitimate democratic activism in the form of the Divestment movement, the  BDS movement, the “One-State Solution” proponents, lawyers implementing “Lawfare,”  those who seek to legitimize Sharia law, and a host of socio-political organizations including “Jewish Voice for Peace” and other “Peace and Justice for Palestine” groups
. . . . But there is also the long-range battle for American hearts and minds.  From Harvard to high schools our education system has become the target of Arab revisionism.  Decades of Arab oil money pouring into our universities and colleges is now well documented.  That oil money’s influence goes well beyond the university classroom.  Saudi and other Arab largesse has targeted universities with Title VI federal funding, funding which supports university outreach programs that teach our children about the beauties and blessings of Islam. A Saudi-owned publishing house in New Mexico churns out curriculum supplements which are aggressively marketed to public and private school teachers from kindergarten to college.  Using a well-honed strategy of deceit and tactic of serial lying, this mendacious material not only demonizes Israel but also whitewashes Muslim history by purging it of its jihadist imperialism, and exonerates Islam by ignoring the religious and gender apartheid inherent in its doctrine of Muslim and male supremacy.
While McCarthy took things over the edge when attempting to clean communists from the infrastructure of our society and government, the gist of his investigation was justified. Joseph Stalin had been sending infiltrators and obtaining American citizens as spies and contacts all through the 1930s and into the 1950s. It didn’t slow down until Stalin died and the new regime operated the Soviet Union with different (and more subtle methods) views on several issues.
The Obama administration has further alienated Israel and has discouraged or downplayed the importance of Israel as our ally. Obama, while visiting nations in the region where Israel is located chose to bypass Israel. From Palestine to Pakistan – there are Islamic fascist recruits and ongoing subversion projects operating as I write this article.
Much of this information was brought up front in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation as a good source.
In Chicago, the communist political organization is running strong, and so are Islamic ties to organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood. Using deception, Islamic fundamentalists will continue their efforts, and as their numbers increase, so will their power – until they will not be stopped from achieving their agenda. They use existing Western institutions in order to recruit converts. This is occurring mostly in our colleges and universities, as the progressive democratic-socialists have done for the past two decades (at least). Any investigations that reveal evidence has been met with cries of racism and profiling activities.
Many Americans are outraged and expressed their fear and vulnerability. What the Jihadists have revealed.

GW Bush and more so, BH Obama have invited Islamic subversives for a White House visit and the administration is apprehensive in dealing with them legally; despite that subversion and traitorous acts, and especially covert and acts of sabotage are indeed against the law. Freedom of religion is an important liberty; however using the sanctity of religion for socio-political agenda, violent acts, and subversive activities against the United States Constitution and its form of government does not have the right to exercise their faith in any particular religion whose agenda is aforementioned above.