Taxes Upon Taxes and More Taxes

For example. If the system be established on basis of Income, and his just proportion on that scale has been already drawn from every one, to step into the field of Consumption, and tax special articles in that, as broadcloth or homespun, wine or whiskey, a coach or a wagon, is doubly taxing the same article. For that portion of Income with which these articles are purchased, having already paid its tax as Income, to pay another tax on the thing it purchased, is paying twice for the same thing; it is an aggrievance on the citizens who use these articles in exoneration of those who do not, contrary to the most sacred of the duties of a government, to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens. Thomas Jefferson – letter to Joseph Milligan, 6 April 1816

For all the talk about Democrats seeking economic solutions by raising taxes, the Republicans have shown too many times their hypocrisy. When the Republicans gain majority in Congress – they never take advantage of it to institute true government reform. It is because they are just a lesser evil in the political establishment that has permeated the hallowed walls of our capital buildings in Washington, DC for far too long.

Excessive taxation…will carry reason and reflection to every man’s door, and particularly in the hour of election.
Thomas Jefferson
We the People – with the power of the vote – are the initial blame. Which means American society must fix it self before it expects its government to reform.
Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree.
Thomas Jefferson, 1782
Taxes are to be raised and the alleged “limit government, size and scope” political crowd that makes up the establishment of Republicans – Republicans are advocating sales tax on Internet sales, detracting why people shop the Internet instead of driving to a store for purchase: to save money.
Several Republican governors are pushing for Internet sales tax on purchases from online retailers, which include the successful Amazon and eBay, in order to compensate for their state’s irresponsible spending. It is a testament that it is government, too much of it, that makes our lives miserable and creates inflation. Indeed, here in Wisconsin we had a tax crazed governor, Jim Doyle, who raised state fees 38% – title transfer costs were $45 increased to $69.70. All during a severe economic depression. 
Despite Governor Scott Walker‘s success at curbing spending, he has not even attempted to rescind all of parts of the biggest tax hike in Wisconsin history that Doyle and company instituted in the amount of $1 billion. In addition, Governor Walker did not advocate rescinding the unconstitutional state law that forces private businesses to enforce the smoking ban law whether they want to or not – in restaurants, taverns, and motels/hotels. Before they had sectioned off their businesses to non-smoking and smoking sections or rooms in the case of hotels and motels; but this wasn’t good enough for those who seek to control other citizens’ lives. Private property rights took another step towards nullification in our constitutional republic, formerly so.
The way our Constitution’s framers used the term, a right is something that exists simultaneously among people and imposes no obligation on another. For example, the right to free speech, or freedom to travel, is something we all simultaneously possess. My right to free speech or freedom to travel imposes no obligation upon another except that of noninterference. In other words, my exercising my right to speech or travel requires absolutely nothing from you and in no way diminishes any of your rights. Contrast that vision of a right to so-called rights to medical care, food or decent housing, independent of whether a person can pay. Those are not rights in the sense that free speech and freedom of travel are rights. If it is said that a person has rights to medical care, food and housing, and has no means of paying, how does he enjoy them? There’s no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy who provides them… So-called rights to medical care, food and decent housing impose an obligation on some other American who, through the tax code, must be denied his right to his earnings. In other words, when Congress gives one American a right to something he didn’t earn, it takes away the right of another American to something he did earn… Three-fifths to two-thirds
of the federal budget consists of taking property from one American and giving it to another. Were a private person to do the same thing, we’d call it theft. When government does it, we euphemistically call it income redistribution… Income redistribution not only betrays the founders’ vision, it’s a sin in the eyes of God. I’m guessing that when God gave Moses the Eighth Commandment, ‘Thou shalt not steal,’ I’m sure he didn’t mean ‘thou shalt not steal unless there was a majority vote in Congress’.
Walter Williams
And, who is leading this new taxation? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is scheduled to deliver an address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August. I am sure he won’t be talking about raising taxes. 

Anyone who’s ever filed a tax return or visited the Department of Motor Vehicles understands that government does two things well: spend our money and waste our time.
Ed Fuelner

Another factor in this movement is something that people don’t usually realize – when government taxes something, it usually gains control in other ways. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom against the tyranny of Big Government and democratic-socialists. 
Every time we talk about these taxes we get around to the idea of ‘from each according to his capacity and to each according to his needs’. That’s socialism. It’s written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what’s happening to him.
T. Coleman Andrews
Presently, states can only impose sales tax on businesses located in that state. Customers who purchase merchandise from another state do not pay that state’s sales tax.
Using the sociocrat “fairness” rhetoric, Governor Christie, who is grossly overweight, joins other greedy politicians who join Democrats in the belief that instead of producing a responsible budget, the citizens must continually pay more in order to meet the demands of their irresponsible spending.
Four years of an economic crisis has definitely caused suffering across America and problems for state governments. Many governments earnestly have been seeking positive solutions that are viable and based upon common sense, Governor Christie is one of them. But this Internet issue is an example of how politicians refuse to reduce their budgets in lieu of stealing more money from taxpayers. Worse, many governors when campaigning for office pledged NOT to raise taxes.
Bills being pushed in Congress to allow states to collect online sales are troubling, and not simply because of the $23 billion it could raise in new revenues. The Internet sales tax would dissolve the physical nexus standard for tax collection, allowing tax administrators to reach well across their borders for new revenue. We’ve grappled with states burdening non-residents with their tax codes once before – it was called taxation without representation.
Politicians refuse to tighten their belts in budgeting, but instead continually insist that the rest of America tighten their budgets so the politicians can continue their spending habits. It is a path that leads to nowhere except financial disaster. Imagine if American workers could go to their employers and tell them that their spending has increased for whatever reason and demand an increase in wages and salaries? That is exactly what those operating our government, federal and state, are doing – but in this case they have the power to not ask for it, but take it.
The collection of taxes which are not absolutely required, which do not beyond reasonable doubt contribute to the public welfare, is only a species of legalized larceny. The wise and correct course to follow in taxation is not to destroy those who havealready secured success, but to create conditions under which everyone will have abetter chance to be successful.
This is why there is such a big movement to go to the flat tax system, where politicians will be forced to budget according to the amount of taxation received, as well as rid Americans of the tyranny of the IRA and a tax code system that cannot be increased without a two-thirds majority vote in Congress. In addition, citizens will not have to spend money just filing a yearly set of forms in order to comply with the tax code – for in a flat tax system, there are no deductions, and if the income tax system continues, a one-page form that does not require “tax experts” to fill out and charge you for their service.
Think about it. Call your senators and representatives and let them know We the People are sick of their shenanigans and irresponsible behavior in operating OUR government.
Think Constitution. Think constitutional republic. Think responsible legislation and government operations. Think freedom and liberty – freedom of choice and the private property rights.