State of Our Union: Obama Admin and Media Suppress Truth

Malia Obama, Mexico City; Getty image
Email has circulated through the chain that addresses the issue of President BH Obama sending his daughter on a spring break from school to Mexico – at taxpayer expense. This is the president who, as a candidate, complained about expenditures of the GW Bush administration, which he has far exceeded; although his inauguration did not cost as much as President Bill Clinton. This particular news worthy item was shelved and ignored by the mainstream press.
It can be found June 5th2012 web edition of Edmonton Journal.
It can be found at Snopes, where it was collected via email entitled Malia Obama traveled to Mexico in March 2012.
The incident, reported by Politico,disappeared off the media net and leftist media (AFP and Huffington Post, i.e.) had scrubbed a report about  Malia Obama’s school trip. The story was removed from sites that didn’t want to paint a negative picture of Obama’s personal expenditures using taxpayer funding. BuzzFeedreported that Politico altered their original story to remove certain details. According to Snopes:
Rachel Smolkin, Politico’s White House editor, confirmed that they removed the information after talking to the Obama administration, citing safety concerns.
Really? Safety Concerns?
With 25 Secret Service agents – how much security is required? And, why remove articles and information about it – after the incident occurred?
Safety issue my butt … they knew that it demonstrated that this president looks upon himself as a monarch who can spend money on his family on taxpayer’s expense – during a severe economic crisis where people are struggling to keep their homes and will be under the yoke of more taxes from this administration and his cohorts in Congress – as well as ignore constitutional law.
Hey, after all, we are told, we have to give him a break – he’s the first “black” president. Any bad publicity is considered “racism”. Meanwhile, he takes “useful idiots” for a ride toward national bankruptcy.
A special thanks to Joan B, Illinois for providing heads up on this subject.