Muslims in Britain: Milking the Welfare System Dry

Sometimes it just seems that this world is too mad – in terms of insane.
Soren Kern reported:
Muslim immigrants with more than one wife will see an increase in their social welfare benefits beginning in 2013, when reforms to the British welfare system come into effect. Although polygamy is illegal in Britain, the state effectively recognizes the practice for Muslim men, who often have up to four wives (and in some instances five or more) in a harem.
If polygamy is illegal, why are British taxpayers paying for all those wives.

Something else to consider that is only understandable because Americans must pay for illegal immigrant welfare – why should British pay for people who come to United Kingdom not to assimilate, but to subjugate?

They are doing the same thing Mexicans are doing here in America. I am not talking about legal citizens or legal immigrants, but illegal immigrants, who initially break our immigration laws, then break another by obtaining false documentation; and then have the gall to protest about their rights, cry “racism” and all the while promoting a movement called Reconquista. In addition, saying that they have the right to acquire social welfare benefits at legal Americans’ expense. They weren’t invited and they came when they knew it was illegal to do so. Get their welfare benefits from their Mexican government, where their loyalties lie anyway.
One would think with the unemployment so high that the federal government would be actually enforcing laws they created – immigration laws. And in the process, make the employers who hire illegals pay for the cost of deporting them with a stern warning to never return unless they properly apply for visa status like everyone else.
Back to Britain …
Currently the state pays extra wives in polygamous households reduced amounts of individual income support, in addition to the normal amount received by the husband and his first spouse. Under the new rules, however, the extra wives will be eligible to claim a full single person’s allowance (despite being married), while the original married couple will still receive the standard married person’s allowance. The changes are part of wide-ranging reforms to the welfare system that are being implemented by Prime Minister David Cameron’s coalition government, which admits that it wants to treat extra wives as single so that the state will not officially be recognizing polygamy as it is under the current system.
Politicians that circumvent laws and promote Big Government spending should be fired, wherever they serve. Slowly the Islamic immigrants are taking over our valued ally. America’s turn is coming at the rate we are going.
Over the decades, we have gradually succumbed to the mistakes Europe has made, thinking that democratic-socialism is the key to all of our troubles – never realizing it is the root of a nation’s troubles. Our republican system was working fine, created by men who worked it out and thought it carefully – with a system that would last. But when a crisis occurred, like the Great Depression, it provided a window of opportunity to get the people to actually want a nanny state; instead of realizing that the cause was not because there were not enough social programs, but government corruption and over legislation.
This especially became evident when President L. Johnson passed his Great Society legislation – and from there things accelerated from bad to worse to devastating.
Back to Britain’s polygamy welfare problem …

Details of the changes were revealed in a 13-page legal briefdated July 19, and published by the library of the House of Commons. The document states: “Treating second and subsequent partners in polygamous relationships as separate claimants could mean that polygamous households receive more under Universal Credit than under the current rules for means-tested benefits and tax credits.” . . . In September 2011, a British newspaper exposé on the subject found that the phenomenon of bigamy and polygamy — permitted by Islamic Sharia law — is far more widespread in Britain than previously believed. The rapid growth in multiple marriages is being fuelled by multicultural policies that grant special rights to Muslim immigrants, who demand that Sharia law be reflected in British law and the social welfare benefits system. . . . The exposé shows how Muslim men can take a new spouse from anywhere in the world, father any number of children with her, and have British taxpayers assume responsibility for this family’s upkeep and care. . . . Muslim men also cheat the system by bringing brides from abroad as nannies for their children, or as nurses for a sick relative. After the bride’s one year visitors’ visa expires, she then disappears into a tight-knit local Muslim community and is then entitled to receive welfare handouts. . . . The United Kingdom also recognizes polygamous marriages in which both parties, before they moved to Britain, were resident in a country where the practice is legal. Since the 2008 change the former Labour government made to British law, a Muslim man with four wives is entitled to receive £10,000 ($15,000) a year in income support alone. He could also be entitled to more generous housing and council tax benefits to reflect the fact that his household needs a bigger property. . . . A separate investigative report describes how Muslim women suffer as a result of polygamy. It quotes a government social worker who is active in Muslim neighborhoods as saying: “The first wives get depressed because they are so ashamed of their husband taking a second or third wife. Many wives have been here for years, but have never been allowed to learn English or even go out of the house alone. They have no one to turn to for help.” …  Baroness Flather wrote: “Under Islamic Sharia law, polygamy is permissible. So a man can return to Pakistan, take another bride and then, in a repetition of the process, bring her to England where they also have children together — obtaining yet more money from the state. We cannot continue like this.” More recently she said: “Why are they allowed to have more than one wife? We should prosecute one or two people for bigamy…that would sort it out.”

I say: Deport them all. Polygamy is illegal, so why drag this scenario out when it is clear that Muslims in Britain are milking the system. It is like America – the government MUST enforce its laws.
Meanwhile in America: Criticizing religion, specifically Islam, may soon be illegal – another notch against the First Amendment and our government’s hypocrisy.
Islamic groups want laws passed against criticizing Islam – yet their doctrine dictates violence and other means against “non-believers” of Islamic faith. So, what they want is no one to contest their agenda to dominate the world, in which Islamic leadership has proclaimed publicly over and over again, and they can use hate speech and actions against any religion other than Islam. As a website clearly shows, the UN have attempted to make such international laws and at the same time, Islamic infiltration into judiciary and legislative branches of governments have pointed toward Sharia Law or some form of it, which would further advance the aforementioned agenda. Meanwhile, Christians and Jews are being persecuted and purged from even places like Iraq, where GW Bush told us was to be a model nation of his “nation building” program – that has obviously failed; along with other Middle East nations like Egypt and Syria clearly point out.
Media has blacked out documentaries that show the truth concerning doctrine and policies of Islamic fundamentalism, such as PBS – which should no longer receive taxpayer funding because of their bias nature in programming.