If You Believe Homosexuality is Wrong – You are Hateful

An example that if someone believes that homosexuality is wrong, is part of some sort of anti-gay “hate” group is emphasized in a Tennessee political report. This is something that does not belong in politics because it is a private sector personal preference. The article was at NewsMax.
Tolerance is one thing, but homosexuals must realize that many people, mostly Christians – do not approve their lifestyle and they are perfectly free to believe so without being painted as a hateful person or forced to go against their beliefs.It is part of freedom of religion. Yet Islamic fundamentalism dictates violence and wrongful actions against non-believers, who are NOT pegged as belonging to a “hate” group. Muslims often put homosexuals to death in Islamic nations. But not Christians. So why not pick on the Muslims who believe that instead of Christians who believe it a sin, but living in a free nation know that other people can choose not to believe. People are afraid to say anything against Islamic doctrine that is truly hateful and violent because they are afraid of repercussions. How is that a “free” society?
Most Christians do not want any harm directed toward homosexuals, they just don’t believe their values meet their standards and certainly do not want their children influenced or sexually approached by such people. 
What the hell is wrong with that?
Homosexuals have equal opportunity rights when it comes to jobs and other aspects of public society, but that has not been good enough – the rest of the population is expected to provide them with special privileges and disregard the rights of others. 
Homosexuality is not an ethnic group, it is a group of people who have a certain sexual practices – and those practices belong in the privacy of one’s dwelling with consenting adults. But we have had this issue rammed down all of our throats, and frankly I am sick of being tagged as hateful just because I believe it is an unnatural sexual practice and disgusting. 
I recognize their rights, but keep their sex in their private life and out of mine.
It just ticked me off that a person running for public office who doesn’t believe in “same-sex marriage” and supposedly “anti-gay” is called to account. But it is clear why. He belongs to the Democrat Party and they are deciding what to do with this “turncoat” who is not afraid to reveal his personal beliefs.
I am sick of whiners. Stick to things that are important and what will help ALL Americans – quit being the generation of “it’s all about me”.