Never Vote for Community Organizers or Lawyers

Record proves that “community organizers” have no business sense  or even common sense.
BH Obama has preached that the “rich” should pay for everyone else, including his spending sprees. Here are the results of Obama (and Congress, let’s not give him ALL the credit) using taxpayer dollars on shaky business ventures:
Green Energy and Department of Energy: Price Tag = $34.7 billion. As a candidate Obama stated …
We’ll invest $15 billion a year over the next decade in renewable energy, creating five million new green jobs that pay well.

Four years later and after boasting almost 60,000 jobs were created, the cost to taxpayers was $578,333 per job – with no apparent return to the US Treasury, except income tax from income earned that the ten “green” companies that were provided funds failed. The loans, as publicized with Solyndra, a solar-panel company, went bankrupt in August of 2011; thereby forfeiting any payment back to the government for its loan.

Here is a list of some of those companies (NewsMax):
  • Abound Solar used $70 million out of $40 million from DOE loan, filed Chapter 7 on July 2nd 2012.
  • Solar Trust planned building world’s largest solar-power plant with DOE $2.1 billion loan guarantee if they raised private capital. Solar Trust filed Chapter 11 on April 2nd.
  • Enerl, electric car battery company, got $118.5 million DOE grant in August 2009 and filed for Chapter 11 on January 26th, 2012.
  • Energy Conversion Devices received $13.3 million in tax credits to update its Michigan factory and hire 600 people. It filed bankruptcy in February of 2012.
Total cost to taxpayers is $3.4 billion.
In Obama’s present campaign strategies, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital business enterprise is criticized and Romney painted as some ruthless mogul. Yet, Bain Capital used private capital, not taxpayer dollars for still thriving companies such as Staples and Sports Authority.
If BH Obama had any character he would have chosen not to run for second term, and truly should have resigned because he failed in 98% of his campaign promises – and his only major success was an unconstitutional social program that nationalizes health care – what We the People did not want and/or cannot afford – ObamaCare. In addition, this executive administration is rife with corruption and ineptness because of poor choosing of federal agency and department chiefs, as well as poor policies handed down from the Oval Office.
No more community organizers or lawyers for public office – choose candidates with business sense, common sense, and dedication to constitutional law. It would also be good for someone to understand foreign policy and have respect for America. Our leadership should not apologize for past mistakes, but ensure that those and other mistakes do not occur. We certainly do not need executive leadership that bows down to socialism and other nations, but instead leads America with dignity and respect.
Can Romney fulfill those requirements? 
He certainly has business sense. 
Will he stick to the issues and address them?
Or try to please everyone instead of just doing the right thing, like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
Firm leadership that stand upon the Constitution as their guideline and whose agenda is to make the United States a role model once again instead of following the footsteps of fallen civilizations and national political philosophy that has proven in history to fail economically as well as deprive one group of citizens to appease another group.