Another Excuse for Govt to Repeal Second Amendment – As if They Needed Any

No sooner that I wrote an article about people being tagged as belonging to “hate” groups, another mass shooting has occurred, this time in my state of Wisconsin.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, August 6th, 2012:
the gunman was striding into the wide-open Sikh Temple, bent on killing as many people as he could. Then came the shots, ripped off, according to a weapons instructor who lives nearby, “as fast as you can pull the trigger.” By the time the shooter was done, six people lay dead or mortally wounded in what Oak Creek police said was being treated as a domestic terrorist incident – if so, one without precedent in Wisconsin. . . . Within three hours of the mass slaying at the five-year-old temple, built on S. Howell Ave. to accommodate the Milwaukee area’s growing Sikh community, a task force of federal, state and local law enforcement officers was gathering on the scene.

A police officer who was aiding a victim was seriously wounded and taken to Froedtert Hospital. He received wounds to his chest, abdomen, neck, face and extremities, according to the Milwaukee Sentinel.

NBCand ABCalso reported the incident, which announced that the death count was seven when arriving on the scene. ABC declared that the shooter, shot dead by police on the scene, was a “white supremacist” or “skinhead”. NBC  reported that the shooter had 
“some kind of radical or white supremacist views”, but was apparently not a member of any kind of radical organization. His past run-ins with law enforcement were described as minor
According to NBC and ABC, this information came from FBI, but it did not. Once again, the media injects its own opinion or summary without facts – never just sticking to the facts. There is no proof that the person was a “white supremacist”. Just because he was bald? As bad as assuming that Sikh folks are fundamentalists or terrorists. The media has become a major culprit in delivering misinformation – and they are never called to the carpet for it under the law. Freedom of Speech does not allow made up information, misinformation or just plain lies. Common sense has been dead for too long.
The shooting is considered by officials as “domestic terrorism” – although they also stated he belonged to no radical organization.
How does that work?
A lone domestic terrorist?
A “skin-head, White Supremacist”?
Or just an insane person?
Chapter 6 of my book, Phenomenology of World Religions, posted in condensed version at my blog Veritas et Theologium, provides a brief description of the Sikh religion – a religion of peace, founded in Pakistan and northwest India.
After the 9-11 attack, a gunman attacked a Sikh man in a gas station in Texas, and news reports later revealed that he had thought the man had been a Muslim (still no excuse) because he had a turban. Sikhism has nothing to do with Islam and people of India have worn turban style headgear for a long time in history, and still do today, mostly in Punjab, India. Of course, Indians have immigrated here and have built for themselves temples so they can practice their worship. During the year 2001, there were three other incidents of Sikh people being attacked in United States. Unjust and uncalled for. Despicable to say the least.
Outside the Beltway also provided some details about the shooting incident and that the gunman was 40-years-old and a military veteran, obtaining information from CBS News.
Obviously, this is now called a “hate” crime, a redundant description since common sense tells anyone that this person didn’t like people of the Sikh religion.
Once again, this is more “ammunition” (pun not originally intended) for the “sky-is-falling” anti-firearm and anti-Second Amendment people. Just two days after the shooting incident in Colorado, two Democratic congressmen quickly inserted an amendment to ban magazines and later another bill to put a restriction upon ammunition. I guess, in the eyes of Big Government, allowing citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights would be moot if ammunition was not accessible. Despite repeated proof of truthful statistics and facts, these anti-firearm kooks insist that we would all be safer if firearms were only allowed for law enforcement or military personnel. In Sweden, after required military training, they are required to take their personal military equipment that includes a selective fire firearm (with magazines) home, to become part of the home militia defense system that can react quickly. The crime rate there is markedly lower than other nations – even those with strict firearm control and banning laws.
This, and all incidents like it, is a tragic and disgusting act. To me, people like this gunman, who choose places where people are not either able to or think they do not have to defend themselves – is an act of evil cowardice. In this case, the perpetrator was shot and killed by law enforcement officers; thereby saving taxpayer funding in a trial. Death sentences, when delivered, take too long – some appeals lasting up to 15 years. In international law, condoned by the Geneva Conventions, a saboteur or person who commits such crimes as in Colorado and Wisconsin can be executed on the spot which they have committed such crimes. Of course, this would be martial law. If the person is part of a group or national entity that is an enemy of a nation, through acts of war, if such person is captured they are only allowed a military tribunal, and when found guilty executed as soon as possible. Our government, under the pretense of martial law has abused this in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where citizens were forced to surrender their firearms they kept at home – the place they require to defend. Some of those firearms were never returned and in one incident, destroyed on the spot. Those US soldiers and local/state law enforcement that committed that crime against  the Constitution of the United States had every right to refuse such orders or carry them out because everyone who enters the military swears to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States – which includes the Second Amendment. While some felt guilty after the fact, no one was reported to have questioned the order given concerning taking firearms from law abiding citizens. They were then at the mercy of looters and rapists who had firearms and other weapons. What disgusted me is that Americans, during a time of disaster, would use that tragedy to commit crimes against fellow citizens – despicable crimes. That is a time for humans to become compassionate towards their fellow humans during such a disaster; not become a predator against them. Isolated incidents is one thing, but there were too many Americans involved in looting and other heinous crimes.
While the death penalty will not necessarily stop such people as the gunman in Colorado, Wisconsin or those during the Katrina disaster, at least they will not add to the overpopulation of our prisons (the highest rate in the world at 25%) and put to sleep just as any mad dog would be. Even with the advent of execution by lethal injection, administered to animals on a daily basis across the nation – people are still against the death penalty.
Praise should be given to the Oak Creek police department for they responded to the first 911 call within three minutes! I believe this quick response saved further deaths. It would have been better if someone within the temple had access to a firearm or licensed to carry one.One of the men in the temple, a person not armed, lost his life trying to overcome the shooter to prevent further deaths and injuries.
While the mainstream media immediately designated, via the local police assumption, as a domestic terroristincident, the FBI declared that this was not so until further investigation was conducted. Once again, the media inserts information that has not been verified all in the name of sensationalism. The local Milwaukee newspaper provided better coverage than the mainstream media.
Whatever be the case, this is a crime of “hate” according to media; which all such crimes are some form of dislike toward their victims – so the name tags given by the political left is moot.
Sikhs have been persecuted through the ages – in their homeland of origin and elsewhere in the world; yet they remain a peaceful religion.
This incident has been too soon after the Colorado shooting, and it makes angry at the shooters because they have not only indiscriminately taken innocent life, but have fueled those who insist upon taking means of defense from law abiding citizens under the law of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Such mad-dog humans should be dispensed with on the spot. I have no sympathy towards such people who prey upon unarmed and innocent human beings for whatever insane reasons they come up with.
According to the report, about 3,000 Sikh families live in southeastern Wisconsin mainly in the Milwaukee area.
Between those that use this crisis for political purposes to strengthen their political agenda and the evil people that commit such horrific crimes, I am frustrated.
As the former Chief of Staff stated when Obama first became president, declaring one the political platforms of the democratic-socialists:
Never let a serious crisis go to waste.
Enuff said, for now.