Obama File: Slinging BS Everywhere But Where it Belongs

During elections, military personnel stationed in the US and overseas is allowed to cast ballots early – up to 35 days before an election so as to ensure they exercise their right to vote.
During the Election Year 2000, when the media and Democrats were whining about “chads” – a delivery of vote ballots shipped from overseas never made it to Florida – it disappeared and not one media entity covered the story to investigate what happened to it. It was votes of men and women serving overseas exercising their right to vote – and wasn’t able to. 
When people cheat during elections – they need to be behind bars for a while, some a long while.

It is a fact that the majority of military personnel vote conservative/Republican/Independent; and the Democrats know this. Latest chicanery reported by Investor’s Business Daily:

The administration showed its true appreciation for military service when, on July 17, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in that swing state to strike down part of the state’s law governing voting by members of the military that gives them extra time to cast their ballots. … While Democratic groups say the military exemption is ‘arbitrary’ with ‘no discernible rational basis,’ military groups say federal and state law in fact recognizes the need to give military personnel extra time to vote. Considering that Ohio voters can cast early ballots up to 35 days before an election, the military extension imposes no undue hardship on other voters. The National Defense Committee, a veterans organization, notes that ‘for each of the last three years, the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program has reported to the President and the Congress that the number one reason for military voter disenfranchisement is inadequate time to successfully vote.’ An administration that constantly talks about voter disenfranchisement appears unconcerned that a study by the nonpartisan Military Voters Protection Project found that in 2008 less than 20% of 2.5 million military voters successfully voted by absentee ballot. In 2010, participation shrank to a scandalous 5%. … Supporters of the suit claim the Democrats aren’t really trying to suppress the military vote, just give others the same access to polls that would be open anyway. … The problem is the Obama administration has shown a disregard for military voters who, studies show, tend to vote Republican. … Of course, this reluctance to promote and support military voting — while dead voters are allowed to remain on the rolls and cast ballots, and while the right of felons to vote is championed — has nothing to do with the fact that John McCain won 54% of the military vote in 2008 or that a May 2012 Gallup poll showed Mitt Romney pulling 58% to President Obama’s paltry 34%.
In regards to Harry Reid’s unfounded allegations against Romney stating the Mitt did not pay taxes in the last ten years – he had already submitted 2010 tax returns that showed he not only paid taxes but also gave a substantial amount (more than Democrats who are whining) to charity. Like folks from Missouri say: “show me” – Mr. Reid and Pelosi. Their political platform is weak, so they rely upon other measures to hide the truth.
Arnold Ahlert has a good take on that subject:
Senator Harry Reid called attention to himself last week, accusing Mitt Romney of not having paid taxes for 10 years. … If Harry wants to look at someone who is in violation of the law, the nearest mirror should do the trick. Americans need to ask themselves which is more important, Mitt Romney’s missing tax returns — or the Senate’s missing budget? The Senate Majority Leader has refused to pass one in more than three years, abandoning his primary responsibility as a leader, and violating the Constitution in the process. … In other words, it is still all about the economy, no matter how hard weasels like Harry — along with his fellow weasels in mainstream media — try to divert our attention.
Burt Prelutsky can always sift out the absurdity:
Liberals are always eager to ban guns, but even after the Oklahoma City bombing, you didn’t hear them talk about banning fertilizer. That’s probably just as well because sane people would have then been forced to point out that manure doesn’t kill people; people kill people. One of the creepy things about liberals is that they only wish to discuss actions and inevitable consequences when the actions can be traced to conservatives. You never hear them reprimand parole boards, which are nearly always comprised of social workers, psychologists and other college degreed morons, when one of the felons they release murders or rapes another victim. You never hear liberals blaming people like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama, for bringing on the financial meltdown by insisting that home loans be given to people who couldn’t come up with a down payment, all because they knew that the votes of those new homeowners could be so easily bought and paid for with the tax dollars of the solvent.
Let’s face it. The Democrat (democratic-socialist) Party relies upon scare tactics and propaganda. It is the only thing going for them. Fortunately, more voters today are wising up – well, maybe this election. 
If the voters had performed their homework in election year 2004, we would not have a clown that operates three-ring-circus chicanery from the Oval Office. 
I keep reading about, mostly in the chain email clutter, that Michelle Obama spends a lot of taxpayer money recklessly. One example was given that she had purchased a dress/coat for the Olympic Games that cost $6800. But did she actually use taxpayer funding or did it come out of her own bank account? People who pass chain email around do so constantly without any source to back up the claims made in them.
Like voters – when are they going to learn?