Obama File: Will the Propaganda Go Away if We the People Ignore It?

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To be ignorant, one can be forgiven because they know no better; if they are eager to learn. However, there is a fine line to the margin of stupidity and viewing the recent polls, if they can be relied upon, it certainly indicates there are too many “useful idiots” still in America, citizens or those pretending to be. It is behavior and attitude that befits a Banana Republic, not the Republic of the United States.
Stupidity has no excuse, because the facts are laid out, but people move from ignorance to believers of any propaganda an entity or person can imagine.
I refer to the NewsMax report that Obama’s negative ads and Harry Reid’s unsubstantiated claim that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years (I wonder how much of Reid’s income goes to charity compared to Romney?) is apparently being believed by some Americans because Obama’s percentage points have risen against Romney. the only way that sort of campaigning will end is when enough people protest and just plain ignore negative ad campaigning. The People already know the system is broke – fixing it is more important than pointing fingers, and useless if the same type of people that broke it are continually elected.

According to NewsMax:

Three national polls released in the last two days show President Barack Obama opening up a seven to nine point lead. A new Fox News poll shows Obama ahead 49 to 40 percent, the biggest spread since Romney secured the Republican nomination. A CNN/ORC International poll shows that among registered voters, Obama leads Romney 52 percent to 45 percent and an Reuters/Ipsos poll also has Obama up by 7, 49 to 42. . . . Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has repeatedly claimed that a source told him that Romney paid no taxes for a decade. An ad by a pro-Obama super PAC also seeks to link a Bain investment in a steel plant that eventually closed to the cancer death a woman married to one of the workers who lost his job. In the ad, Joe Soptic recounts how he lost his job, his healthcare, his family’s healthcare and then his wife to cancer. However, The Washington Post, in a fact check of the ad, reported that Soptic’s wife died in 2006 when Romney was governor of Massachusetts. She had her own health insurance after the plant closed but later lost it when she left a job due to injury. The Post awarded the ad four Pinocchios, its measure for untruths.  
In other words, folks … the only way the Democratic Party wins is by lying or changing information to match their rhetoric. Seriously, Obama, despite high unemployment rates has been painting roses amid a garden of weeds – and there are people that still believe him and his cohorts in Congress?
Pelosi doesn’t say much for the voters in California who keep her in Washington. She has the record for putting her foot in her mouth more than any other politician to date – yet, there she is, Majority Speaker. It is hilarious to watch her pose herself on every thing President Obama says, jumping up like a lovesick schoolgirl in enthusiastic applause. It reminds me of the famous footage of a German woman in the 1930s wildly rooting with crazed eyes for Adolph Hitler the hero that saved Germany. Or staged footage of Russian Soviet women wildly applauding Josef Stalin. And that is another thing – in past fifty years, at least, everything that the Democrat Party has accused the other party or independents of – they themselves were in the process of or had committed the very same act or unethical behavior they are usually falsely claiming. They have the media, mainstream, to help them along.
Once again we are hearing or reading that the GOP are closet Nazi. The other way around would be more believable, as Walter Williams pointed out.
Of course, I would be naïve if I thought there wasn’t some element of corruption in the GOP camp – but it pales in comparison. Unfortunately, the GOP resorts to using the same sort of political tactics (negative ads, for example) – instead of just relying on the truth. It should be beneath them to do so – but they still do it at a lesser degree than the DNC.
Every time a Democrat says something, in accusation, against another politician – it suddenly falls on the person being accused, ridiculous or not, to prove innocence. 
I guess innocent until proven guilty only applies to Democrats. And even if the facts are present, the media would declare innocence.
The only thing going for Obama, since his record is a shambles, is digging up imagined or something that may look negative against his opponent. He cannot stand upon what he has accomplished because he has spent his tenure blaming everything bad on the last administration – hoping that voters will forget that he was a voting senator in Washington that voted for those “bad” things; that is when he showed up to vote. He was too busy preparing to become President of the United States, groomed and manicured by the Chicago political machine that is reminiscent of the JFK election year. Only this time, old Joe Kennedy was using his mob contacts; but instead the powerful arm of the American Socialist and Communist factions embedded within our universities and community centers (Does the term community organizer ring a bell?).
There was plenty of facts and evidence against Obama’s mysterious past and years where no one knows about him, even at places where he stated he had been; and further damning was his associates who supported him to run for public office from lawyer community organizer to State politician to Senator of the US Congress. All moves that were conducted quickly considering the normal time it takes to move to the Oval Office. Even after finding out he has had more than one social security and the question as to whether the number he now claims is indeed his. Those could never reach full investigation or due court process because Obama and company has spent millions to suppress it or reconstruct false documents. If anyone is suspicious they are dubbed a “racist” or some other derogatory word that is supposed to intimidate that person or persons to back off and keep quiet.
So when I read that Obama is moving forward with MORE percentage points rather than LESS – I begin to wonder about fellow Americans – too many who are like ostriches with their heads in the sand thinking that no one can see them.
After showing that Romney did not accept a governor’s salary and other personal character factors … are we led to believe that:
The CNN poll found that 64 percent of all Americans, and 68 percent of independents, think Romney favors the rich over the middle class, while 63 percent think Romney should release more tax returns than he has already made public. The number rises to 67 percent among independents.
The Reuters/Ipsos poll found that nearly two-thirds think the country is moving in the wrong direction. Just 31 percent said the country was moving in the right direction, the lowest since December.
Well, I guess Obama can thank his loyal supporters in the media – for according to them, he can do no wrong or very little. Surprisingly, the Washington Post spoke against Obama’s Healthcare premium claims.
Only media entities like Newsmax has said much about Obama’s welfare decision to be “clearly illegal”. A slight squeak from CBSand a “clear contempt for the Constitution” from FOX News, whom Obama hates/fears.
Demonstrating their favorite use of fear as a tactic – and proving that there are too many who believe it: MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Alter, guest on The Ed Show, stated that if Mitt Romney is elected President “a lot of people will die”. Memo to Alter: Many people die every day, whoever may be president. So why has Congress not started impeachment proceedings – since the President does not listen to them and overrides their authority?
Romney the Angel of Death – c’mon, democratic-socialists can do better than that! 
Do we sense a bit of desperation here on the part of the DNC?
Alterused to be a columnist and senior editor for Newsweek.
The most outrageous political ad comes from ABC and Obama Super PAC.
Using Sandra Fluke, a useful idiot, welfare is my right generation, (it used to be embarrassing to have to accept welfare) who believes that taxpayers should pay for her supply of contraceptives has also become a star in the campaign to paint the GOP as enacting a “War on Women”. No one has claimed she does not have the right to use contraceptives – but not at taxpayer expense; pay for your own Sandra.
Wisconsin is a big farm state, and with the BS slinging around, the crops should be good next year. That is if the government does not collapse from bankruptcy; or the movement going on overseas does not ruin the American dollar.
It would be better to have a tried and proven free trade, business-savvy executive for president than a community organizer who believes in Marxism whose past life still has too much mystery.