Election 2012: Mitt Romney Chose Paul Ryan, Wisconsin as VP Candidate

Mitt Romney has chosen his VP candidate to run for the White House Election 2012 – Paul Ryan (WI). Ryan is a seven-term congressman who has experience and has been rallying for budget-cutting plans. He is a candidate that searches for solutions, rather than complain how the problems happened.
Personally, my first choice was Allen West, who has shown he is not intimidated by the Press or Democrat hecklers or afraid to speak the truth. A retired colonel US Army, he has first-hand experience what the troops deal with; a benefit in terms of advice for a commander-in-chief who has no military experience on issues of national security and securing our borders.

On some of the pros of Paul Ryan, he is an intellectual who does not want to just use negativity against Obama, but show the voters that in order to seek true reformation there must be those who will provide alternate answers that previously have not worked. How much of this influence will help Romney, if elected, remains to be seen.  My main concern with Romney is that in the past he has been more attentive in trying to please everyone than doing the right thing – and instead of seeking other ways than government being responsible for private sector health care, he developed the “Romney Care” system. The other con against Romney is that he just doesn’t want to repeal ObamaCare, but seek an alternative. An alternative would be just as unconstitutional as ObamaCare – compromising the Constitution when it should never be compromised. Limited powers of government were instituted for a definitive reason, but in the past 50-100 years, we have gradually pushed away from those clear guidelines and foundation of good government; and that is what the major problem that led to the myriad of problems today. That and our sovereignty, has been jeopardized for other things.

Paul Ryan has been called the architect of the Republican plan to kill Medicare.
It was a great choice by the Romney PR folks to choose the USS Wisconsinas the place to announce Paul Ryan as VP candidate for 2012 in Norfolk.

True to form, the Obama lefties are heaping scorn on the selection of Paul Ryan as VP nominee by Mitt Romney. The Democrats are attacking Ryan over his budget proposal, saying, “It will end Medicare as we know it.”  The Democrats did that in raiding Medicare funds for Obamacare.  Medicare was already broke. The raid only made it worse. . . . That said, Romney made a good choice — a great choice in fact. It was a real indication to grassroots America that the Romney camp is willing to finally engage on the big issues that matter most in this election. It’s not quite enough to say that Obama has failed, we know that. Incumbent presidents should not win reelection with persistent unemployment over 8 percent and a staggering $16 trillion in debt. Clearly Obama needs to be fired. But what are you, the Republicans, actually for?  . . .  I can’t wait to see his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.  Ryan will mop the floor with him.  And, he will take the debate to the Democrats and their failed policies. The campaign has to be a referendum on Obama’s tenure in the White House.  The lying personal attack ads only serve as diversions from a discussion over the real issues: the economy, debt and jobs. There are poll indications that the attack ads are backfiring on Obama.  By all rights, they should. With Paul Ryan on board, the GOP can provide its vision of restoring the American Dream with sharper clarity. Read more on Newsmax.com: Grass Roots Must Unite Behind Paul Ryan

 I am proud to say that two of those selected on the VP choice list are from Wisconsin: Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.