Election 2012: Frustrating, Disappointing, and Non-Intellectual

Never fails. All the important issues that need to be laid on the table on this election and suddenly everyone are worried about income tax returns. Strange, no one has made a peep concerning the fact that the person in the Oval Office has yet to reveal proof of citizenship, proof of a legitimate social security account, and other discrepancies in the mysterious past of Barack Hussein Obama alias Barry Sotero.
This could be “racial” – the white guy has to reveal everything about his personal life and the black one doesn’t even answer to requests of US judicial courts that he or his attorneys appear in court and answer a multitude of documented allegations. I do hope they nail him when he leaves the White House. He won’t be able to hide behind his badge of office. 

How does it work that Democrats can never be considered “racists”?

We are talking about a political party whose checkered past has had members of the KKK in it its ranks.
Now it’s a crime if anyone has money in offshore accounts – according to the “lets get Romney” people. Maybe its because Romney like so many other Americans are tired of being taxed on the same money two, three or more times. Add up what YOU pay in taxes and you will see what I am talking about. It is because instead of those that operate OUR government choose not to be fiscally responsible with other people’s money, they instead just keep asking for more. Politicians are like the dependent Americans who think nothing of using up “government” funds instead of seeking to produce their own.
It wouldn’t be an issue if those very same politicians would have reformed the tax system. If there were no deductions, there would be no issues and worries whether someone is getting away with something. In addition, if the tax rate wasn’t so high and finance institutions paid a decent percentage for investments, people wouldn’t be searching for offshore banking. With a common savings account with less than 1% interest rate – who in the heck would want to keep their money in that bank anyway!

Let’s not let the Republicans get off the hook – they keep promising to do something, but continue to ignore the solution that has been sanctioned by leading economists of America. 

Not enough people have paid attention to the FairTax Act, where tax funds for government is received by what people purchase, not what they earn as income. Problem solved, arguments over – and everyone will pay, except for food and dwelling purchases. Every year, every Congress, the bill for Fair Tax Act has been put before Congress since 2002 – but they still won’t even consider it for congressional discussion.
They are not even considering the alternative of a low flat tax rate for income with no deductions and no progressive tax rate.
Is that not suspicious?
Democrats, as usual, are painting a one dimensional picture in a three dimensional world – and people are still falling for it.
That is the most scariest and disheartening reality I can see at the moment.
If those in our government would not waste and misuse OUR funds and provide a reasonable flat tax rate – this issue would not be in a sensible conversation. As usual, the blame always points back to the bureaucratic political prostitutes that are running OUR government. Politicians waste what funds they have and think nothing of asking for higher rates and make anyone who is successful in the finance world an evil person.
I would like to compare what Romney gave to charity in terms of percentage of just what he made yearly and compare it to those whining that Romney is evil because he is a successful producer. That is so Marxist and so 20th century. This is the 21st century and We the People should be too smart to fall for that old political tactic. Emotion overriding plain common sense. Most of the rhetoric I read and what I hear coming from someone who wants my vote is constantly bombarding my intellect. It is frustrating and extremely disappointing.
What exactly are YOUdoing about it?
Meanwhile …
The most disgusting political ad EVER is a cartoon-like depiction of Allen West (FL) congressman with red boxing gloves punching a senior woman and taking money.
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