State of Our Union: Declaring Independence 2012

Terry A. Hurlbutwrote a great editorial entitled Dependency Nation?
Investors Business Daily crunched some grim numbers concerning national debt and American dependency upon government. The truth is that America became such a great nation because its people were highly independent in many ways; but that seemed to fade away as the Pioneer Spirit faded simultaneously at the beginning of the 19th century.
In the 1920s-1930s, Marxist ideology began to slip into mainstream America who primary theme was that people who are wealthy are evil and that they become rich by stealing from others. This distorted view was further enhanced by greedy speculators and big money financiers and businessmen who bought their way into the political world via corrupted politicians who no longer acted like statesmen For the People and By the People. The Big Government politicians’ power strengthened by a growing number of Americans who believed that only government could maintain the American way of life, and as each national and congressional election passed by – people began to become dependent upon political promises.

FDR and Congress who initiated a program that was supposed to be a retirement fund that every American paid into, a scheduled retirement plan that would help senior citizens initiated social programs and called a “trust” because those payments made by citizens were only to be used for social security. Of course, initially, the program had to use federal treasury money in order to pay out for folks who qualified under the new “retirement” program. It was not long before income tax would be automatically deducted from each paycheck of working Americans. As time progressed, the tax code, in an effort to make the tax system seem better, became more complicated. Various deductions were allowed under certain conditions and the progressive rate was invented based upon the myth that the wealthier Americans weren’t paying their share. If they were not paying their share it was because of the deduction system, when if there was a flat tax rate that everyone paid without deductions – that problem would have been solved immediately. In addition, the IRS would not be spending money trying to retrieve tax dollars and stay ahead of the deduction game. Because the tax rate is a percentage, the wealthier would automatically pay more at a flat rate. The problem with the income tax system is that there will always be people who find ways not to declare income. A flat tax on consumption, a system set up by our newly formed government is the best way to collect taxes. People make whatever they want in various ways without government intrusion and pay taxes when they purchase something. Food and home purchases would be excluded in being taxed in the consumption system.

Medicare is another social program based upon a certain amount taken from paychecks of Americans during the working lives and receives medical benefits, like insurance, at the age of 65.
A combination of congress stealing from “trust” funds, fraud, and waste factors have cause an economic problem with those two major social programs.
The amount of people on some sort of welfare program has been on the rise, especially in the last ten to twenty years. Social Security and Medicare is not included in the welfare scenario because taxpayers pay into it all their working lives to receive later when they retire. Because Congress over the years have not managed the Social Security program properly, people paying in today are theoretically paying for recipients now. There are people who actually angry with the generation that is collecting social security now (who paid all their working lives) – thanks to politicians lying in their propaganda Big Government mythical tales. If those people who point fingers to the wrong people would use common sense, they would know that Congress is responsible for managing social programs and put the blame where it belongs, it would be an easier step towards reformation.
In addition, social programs have escalated to the point that government is involved in things that the Constitution give Congress or the President no power to control.
Some people are forced to request government assistance during a bad economic period we are now undergoing. But there are too many, especially in the Generation X group that actually believe it is their constitutional right to get government handouts – courtesy of the people who actually pay taxes.
Another frightening statistic, which points toward another problem in the area of immigration, is:  
43% of those who come into this country are still on welfare 20 years later
So why were they allowed to come here if they had no prospects of securing employment in order to NOT be on welfare; and for those who were uninvited – why hasn’t the federal government sent them back from whence they came and fined those who have allowed them to procure employment?
The national debt and rate of dependency run simultaneously and continues to get larger. Presidents often get the blame for most of it, but it is Congress that drafts the bills for big government legislation – the president can only be blamed if he/she does not use the veto power of the executive branch. The president can be blamed for Big Government, its cost and unconstitutional powers, which results in a costly bureaucracy that depreciates the liberties of the American citizen.
So the reality is that politicians wouldn’t pass Big Government and intrusive bills if the People didn’t ask for it.
Dependency became a civic virtue, as Hurlbut wrote.
If you depend on the government, no one expects anything of you. They expect it of those who “have all the money.” Soon the idea took hold that those who “have all the money,” stole it. No one says that out loud (except for Karl Marx and those who learned from him). But that’s what Barack Obama, for one, means by “they have to pay their fair share.” . . . His Agriculture Department runs ads on TV, and posters in American consulates in Mexico, saying, “Eat right! Get your food stamps!” Now he’s letting some States (like New York and California) let people collect welfare when they won’t even try to work or find work. (When resting in bed counts as work, the system is now gaming itself.) Why might he be doing this? Probably to make sure that the dependent voters outnumber the non-dependent voters. When over half the voters depend on the government, they’ll vote to keep the gravy train running, every time.
Once upon a time, when Americans were proud and independent, it was shameful if one had to request government assistance – and when forced to they made great efforts to get back to independence again. Today the attitude is – government must provide what I cannot or will not produce. Let the “greedy rich” pay for it. They have been successfully brainwashed and are now dependent useful idiots for the democratic-socialist political entity who wants their votes.
Karl Marx wrote:
From each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need.
Such a system punishes those that produce and rewards those who do not.
Education is the key to success in life – in many ways, but importantly in a financially stable career. Few Americans have savings accounts anymore, and why should they when the interest rate is less than 1%. Why bother? We can thank the government once again and those who corrupt the system through the Federal Reserve Bank. Government has taken over financial systems. If they fail, for whatever reason, they are bailed out with taxpayer funds – and borrowed money government does not have.
Politicians cry about business leaving the United States and/or from state to state. They blame the evil corporations, when in fact they are leaving because they cannot afford to stay in business because of cost here. Everyone has read about France’s economic situation, a nanny-socialist state – many businesses are leaving. Wouldn’t you if 75% of you income went to the government. Who wants to work for the government like an indentured servant?
What can We the Peopledo?
  • Start tailoring your life to free yourself from the yoke of government.
  • Vote only for those politicians who are going to actually reform government, not increase its size and scope.
  • Stop paying attention to political TV and radio ads – do some homework and get the real info on issues and background on those asking for your vote.
  • Do not vote for any politician/candidates to be president, senator or representative that has dependency on their agenda. Insist that they be constitutionalists above any political club entity.
  • Stop being envious of successful people, that is for naïve schoolchildren and Marxist brainwashed useful idiots. It does not belong in any nation – especially in America. It is an ideal set up to use emotion to get people to follow Marxist idealism. Remember, you cannot be successful by being a high-school dropout and not further your employment value by attending a college, university, or trade school. Young people must decide what is their best interest (which usually is what they are inclined to do best) – and seek to gain knowledge in that field in order to succeed in that career choice. For people who want wealth – you have to work towards it through education, perseverance, and ingenuity. Instead of being envious of successful people, look at what they did to be successful – and apply it to yourself.
  • Above all, be a person of integrity with good character and values. If you have children or planning to have children (hopefully in a stable platform like marriage) – be a role model for your children and always keep in mind that no one is perfect, but we get points for trying. A strong family unit means a better community. A better community creates responsible people who make a better nation. Those values do not have to be based upon any specific religious moral value, it stands upon the foundation of the international golden rule.
  • Keep track of politicians, even those you voted for (especially those you voted for). The Founders stated this for good reason. We the People are responsible to ensure that none among us corrupt or dissolve our rights and liberties clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States – and that should be the foundation of whom and why we elect those Americans who know their sole purpose is operating OUR government.
To provide an example of how propaganda – outright lies – can unjustly hurt an opposing candidate, check out FactCheck.orgthat reveals the lies in the ad about Joe Soptic who blames the wrong people for the tragedy in his life. I am sure he made money to provide his edited “testimonial”. Here is a summary:
  • Mitt Romney was not at Bain Capital when GS Industries went bankrupt.
  • Bain Capital was one of the few companies that tried to save GS Industries from bankruptcy.
  • Mr. Soptic’s health care policy did not cover dependents because Mrs. Soptic had health care coverage through her own employer. She lost her job, then lost health care coverage in 2003. She died of cancer in 2006.
Do your homework, fellow citizens.
I do not know how you feel like being made the fool or attempted to be made a fool – but that is just what Obama and his Marxist friends (“Progressives-Liberals”) are doing. The only way the Democratic Party is going to truly be close to “democracy” is that they reform in a drastic way. They have allowed corruption and socialism fill their ranks since FDR. It has become so bad, it is more visible now, partly because the People have the power of the Internet and fast communication. Unfortunately, not fast enough for those politicians who are continually slipping in items in bills going to the floor for vote that have nothing to do with what the bill is for, hoping that no one will notice it before it passes. It is pathetic when a congressperson votes “Yes” or “No” on a bill before thoroughly reading it. That person does not need to be in OUR government. If they do not show up for voting – they should be fired. We the People provide the funds for their salaries. They vote benefits for themselves set aside for employees of the government, never meant for elected officials. It is absurd to pay any person in public office (elected) retirement benefits. They can use their social security or any private investment fund they pay for. Limited consecutive terms will help in getting rid of that unconstitutional benefit. No government employee should receive better benefits and wages than the civilian counterpart that helps pay for those wages. That is just economic common sense.
There are people who have been unemployed for so long they have given up hope and lost confidence.
Obama and company can no longer put the entire blame upon GW Bush – he was a senator at the time and part of the Congress that created the problem and refused to fix it.
Mitt Romney was not my choice to be the candidate to run against the Obama machine; but if We the People keep vigilance and show stamina in retaining our principles – we can prevent Romney from trying to please everyone and stick to what must be done. Obama had his chance and he has made a bigger mess than when GW Bushwas president.
Let us make the next 4th of July truly an INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration. Let us help ourselves and help others help themselves – let us provide a hand up, not a handout. That is the motto for Homes for Humanity, which helps people obtain the American Dream of owning their own home. However, they must work for it and maintain it in order to keep it; that is the reality of life – not false utopia that our government has painted in the last 50+ years.