Obama File: Media and Democrats Making Fools of Themselves

Obama slipped out of his teleprompter selected text when he professed that businesses would be in business if it weren’t for the government. ObamaCare is glorified at the expense of doctors when Obama describes doctors as greedy and not caring about patients – so the government must control health care.

Less than 24 hours after Paul Ryan was announced as the GOP VP candidate to campaign with Mitt Romney – he was attacked by all mainstream media and pundit bloggers – painted as an extremist. Videos viewed discussing budgeting and other important topics, one with a forum meeting with President Obama concerning ObamaCare, clearly shows that he is not an “extremist” or “radical”. Indeed, to the political left, the democratic socialists, if you are a constitutionalist that supports and defends that law of the land – you are a “radical” or an “extremist”. Some constitutional organizations are actually on the extremist government watch list.

Bill O’Reilly wrote:

So defining Ryan as extreme is an interesting scare tactic — and one that might be extended in the days to come. Here are some other positions that the committed left media consider extreme:
–If you believe traditional marriage should be kept as the exclusive standard, you are not only extreme; you are a homophobe.
–If you believe all Americans should pay less in taxes, you are greedy and an anti-poor extremist.
–If you believe the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to buy and possess guns, you are promoting violence in an extreme way.
–If you believe the government has a duty to combat overseas terrorists without giving them constitutional protections, you are an extreme anti-human rights individual.
–If you believe abortion is the taking of a human life, you are an anti-woman extremist.
–If you support securing the nation’s borders and regulating immigration, you are anti-Hispanic.
The list goes on and on. … By labeling someone as extreme, you can dismiss whatever they say. … If Ryan’s reform vision will harm Americans, let’s hear some specifics. So far, under Obama, we have a sluggish economy, high employment and record debt. Sounds harmful to me. But then again, I’m an extremist.
I guess I am as well – a constitutional extremist, probably the worst kind to a sociocrat. 
Democrats obtain supporters through its complying media networks (propaganda),misinformation and just plain lies, and fear mongering. Some Republicans do it as well, but they are not considered true “conservatives”. What we truly need in government are constitutionalists. The political club mentality isn’t relevant if its members do not comply, protect and ensure that the People are educated in the Constitution and its amendments.