Election 2012: Addressing the Real Problems

Mainstream media may ignore Ron Paul, however, just because he lost the primary election does not mean he has to quit. He is using his knowledge of the constitutional system, which the media and political chicanery has replaced. With the majority of Americans complying, they have allowed the media network, TV political ads, and the will of the political establishment to dictate who wins in the primaries. The popular vote is important in the primary election, as it is in the national election, however, the delegates play a major role in choosing candidates or rather establishing who is to represent a political party in the final vote.
Ron Paul delegates a working diligently at inserting a wedge into the formation of the official GOP platform, like restricting the power of the Federal Reserve, enhancing constitutional rights of individuals over the collective, and opposing the role of US military forces in foreign lands. Romney has been “toning down” the platform’s language, when in fact it should be regressing back to the party’s formation in the format of a Jeffersonian republic.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is the platform committee chairman and was quoted by AP/LA Times:

This is grass-roots democracy, I think, at its finest. The 112 delegates should be passionate but civil, recognizing that our goal is to have a united Republican Party.
The “unification” he is alluding to is what the GOP party establishment dictates. Mitt Romney is a GOP poster boy in that he is not adamant towards a strict constitutional administration.
A political platform provides a clear statement as to where it stands on issues and its core theme. Technically, it is a sales pitch if the platform looks good on paper, but the candidate often does not adhere to the platform – as what happened in the case of GW Bush and BH Obama.
The sad part is that voters rarely read the platforms of the DNC and GOP as part of their voting decision process, and there is no excuse because it is easily accessible on the Internet. Americans find chatting and other activities on the Internet is more important than culling information so they can be better informed, responsible, and knowledgeable voters. Instead, they stick to the tradition of listening to the rhetoric and watching negative ads that only discuss what is wrong with the opposing candidate instead of discussing how they are going to solve the problems and address the issues.
Ron Paul has consistently claimed that the expanding government debt and inevitable financial collapse is more threatening than Islamic fundamentalists are.
To show you that some of the members of the GOP are as far off as their political opponents, there were some who wanted to put a tax increase into its official policy statement. Tax increases will not solve the issues concerning government debt, and our government’s history proves that Congress increases taxes instead of budgeting funds, and when they get more funds, they just spend more. If government income was more fixed, as the private sector, then they would be forced to budget – like the private sector.
I am sure this applies to you – in the last four years I have had to re-budget according to money in and money out several times. It is because the cost of living continues to climb (fuel prices are pushing near $4 again), yet I am receiving less than I did before during the same period. For some, their income remains fixed while costs continue to soar. Either way, it is difficult to maintain a constant budget or even a comfortable one. That also means, if you dollar is not going as far as it used to, you have to pay down any debt as soon as possible in order to get back on track. Which brings to mind the cost of insurance: If you add up the insurance that we require and are required to have by law – you would be astonished how much of your income goes to insurance companies. Insurance is unavoidable: home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, et cetera.
One of the ideas of ObamaCare, and the only one I could find that made sense, is that if Americans could pool their insurance obligations and had more choices their premiums would be reduced. An example is when I was in the limousine service. I owned my own limo and paid 25% to a dispatch company to obtain clientele. State required that there must be at least $25,000 medical insurance for every passenger (nine passengers) and other important insurance like on the vehicle itself because it was what I made a living. I connected with an insurance state pool and my insurance rate reduced markedly – and it was with the premier insurance company, Lloyds of London at $1,800 per year back in the 1970s. That sounds like a lot of insurance cost, but I was driving a late model Cadillac stretched limo with full coverage and $50,000 per person medical coverage. I made good money despite high cost of maintenance, 25% dispatch fee, and taxes. The key word is taxes. If you research economic history, government primarily causes financial problems in America. 
For example, the US Postal Service is a constitutionally mandated responsibility for Congress – but it is going bankrupt. Here are the main reasons:
  • US Postal employees are governed by trade unions.
  • Bureaucracy increases, efficiency decreases.
Some would say that it is the competition (i.e., United Parcel and FedEx) – but that is a cop-out. If you do not believe that, take a package to the local post office and see how long you have to wait in line. Competition is ALWAYS good for the customer.
I have gotten off track here, but you can see that the crisis we are experiencing today has been long time coming. Government has only patched things here and there instead of fixing issues; and their efforts are fruitless because they do not use the Constitution and its amendments as the foundation of what they legislate and when they form policies.
This is what matters and this is what candidates should be discussing and making clear just what they are going to do about it – whether it be a senatorial, representative, or presidential candidate. Congress is the key to all issues, not the president. The only time we should blame the president is when that person does not use veto power and abuses authority. It all has to do with complying with the oath of office.
That will not happen until We the People demand it and choose our elected officials based upon a common sense standard – sitting on the foundation of constitutional law and its limiting powers.