Obama File: Communist Background

While the Democrat Party is beyond the scope of foreseeable reformation, the Republican Party does not represent what it was formed for as far back as Thomas Jefferson and those who believed in the Constitution, its amendments, and the concept of a republic over other forms of government.
The following video is an example of how corrupt and far from what the founders created when they wrote and approved the Constitution of the United States and its amendments. Indeed, the American Democrat Party has gone from what was written in the Declaration of Independence to convincing the People that they must be dependent upon the very government that has caused more problems than fixed; and all because those we elect (both Democrat and Republican) are not constitutionalists and believe that government control of our lives is key to success.
Trevor London is the speaker in this video who performed extensive research about Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Sotero. While Mr. London is from New Zealand, he and others from that region in the world, including Australia, realize how much influence the United States has upon others – its demise would be catastrophic and affect the free world. Mr. London was a speaker at America’s Survival Convention in Washington, DC and his speech should wake up Americans as to what is really going on. Setting aside the controversy over his place of birth, BH Obamahas been groomed by communists, socialists, and social radicals to get where he is today. The Democrat Party has progressed toward what it is today since the 1930s, when so many Americans were jobless and desperate and were willing to not only listen to another form of government, but strengthened the infiltrated communist organizations sponsored by Joseph Stalin. Despite this fact, Franklin D. Rooseveltstill treated the Soviet Union as allies under the philosophy: “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Despite warnings from Sir Winston Churchillabout trusting Stalin, Roosevelt adopted some of his political platforms in terms of socialism, and even affectionately called him “Uncle Joe”.
From that point of time there were “jumps and starts” towards democratic socialism and until recently, those who were involved with our government were closet communists and/or socialists. Joe McCarthymay have taken the steps toward sifting out communist infiltrators from our government, but when he took it, too far he afforded Democrats the chance to denounce his political philosophy that has since been called “McCarthyism”. However, history tends to reveal truth after a time, and long after McCarthy’s death, there is evidence that he was correct more often than not. McCarthy’s downfall was that he did not adhere to ethics and constitutional law – thus he graduated toward draconian actions.
The Democrat(ic) Party has long used racism as a tool to gain power; yet their political entity has a long history of racism, once the political organization that sponsored and/or had members within their political establishment, slavery and after the Emancipation, the KKK. It was not until the 1960s, under the pressure of Republicans in Congress that a Democrat president Johnson did the right thing in terms of civil rights and signed the act into law – of course, he had taken and present Democrats take that as their accomplishment. In addition to the Civil Rights Act, President Johnson also increased the unconstitutional power of government that FDR and company initiated in the New Deal, in policies and legislation.
Please watch the following video because it is truth. As Ronald Reagan, who left the Democrat Party for those reasons mentioned above, stated: Democrats tend to know a lot about what isn’t so.
In addition to communist infiltration and the advocacy of socialism within the DNC, Obama and others have association or affiliation with Islamic fundamentalists – allowing the infiltration of Islamic fascism in America and allowing terrorist training camps to continue to operate. They are all tied together. Keep in mind that the Soviet Union had terrorist training camps who trained “liberty fighters” in the name of communism that initiated what is going on today.

For the reasons stated in this video and national security, all political candidates running for federal government in the Congress or White House should undergo a complete background investigation before being eligible to run a campaign for office.