Memo to Mitt Romney and Members of Congress

The importance of who is serving in Congress is just as important as who serves as President. Too often, politicians brainwash Americans in that it is solely the president’s fault for what goes wrong in government – leaving themselves off the hook. Not true.
If Mr. Romney sticks to principles and the Constitution of the United States, he can achieve what no other president has since Ronald Reagan, and even he could not achieve all he wanted because of the People and Congress. The people, who did not understand the importance of not having a big government, and Congress, ignoring the important issues that would reinstate America as a Jeffersonian republic. 
It is obvious that BH Obama and friends cannot and will not do what needs to be done to get America back on track. Thus, the ball is in the court of the GOP establishment’s pick: you, Mr. Romney.

If Mitt Romney can, with the help of Congress:

  • Increase access to domestic energy resources, reducing drastically foreign oil need.
  • Streamline the permitting process for energy exploration and development.
  • Eliminate regulations destroying America’s coal industry.
  • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Remove the parasitical trade unions from government employment and consolidate federal agencies, dissolve some, and align compensation of federal workers with same jobs of the private sector.
  • Provide more effective educational institutions by reducing federal government control.
  • Focus upon job training programs that are in alignment with available opportunities that will reduce the number of Americans on welfare.
  • Reduce the amount of illegal immigrants taking employment from American citizens as well as securing our national border.
  • Stop unfair trade practices of countries like China and reduce debt to those countries by reducing government spending and improving fair marketing and fair trade, as well as getting a handle on the powerful Federal Reserve banking cartel.
  • Open new markets by reducing obtrusive and unfair trade practices for American goods and services.
  • Return free enterprise and encourage return of Reaganomics.
  • Reduce non-discretionary spending.
  • Cap and force government budgeting.
  • Reduce taxes and reform system drastically via individual and corporate tax reform as a flat tax with no deductions or a consumption flat tax that leaves income earned to the privacy and liberty of the individual.
  • Repeal ObamaCare and consider a viable alternative in terms of regulations and catering to special interest, rather than We the People. An alternate system would supposedly cost less, but still be in control of the government; which the Constitution does not allow.
  • Return private property rights and never allow eminent domain to be abused ever again.
  • Stop the red tape and remove government from private sector that is under the limitations of power by the Constitution of the United States.
  • Reduce the need of military presence in other countries, close down a portion of overseas bases without reducing America’s ability to react to any aggression. However, Mr. Reagan established that there is peace through strength – it also means we cannot be distrustful to our true allies.
  • Reduce foreign aid and only keep that which helps other nations who suffer from natural disaster, not self-inflicted economic wounds.
  • Request that Congress review its regulations and legislation and that all future legislation be passed only after being examined for its constitutionality.
  • Demand that Congress do what it expects from the office of the President of the United States and reduce congressional terms to a limit of two consecutive terms and that no elected official in government receiving any retirement benefits or compensation other than yearly salary while holding political office.
  • Delegate issues to state governments such as marriage issues and abortion; no more federal funding of government controlled abortion clinics and programs.
  • Choose truly constitutionally-minded judges as justices, not an arm of the political establishment in Congress and the White House. The Constitution need not be “interpreted” or compared to foreign laws, but applied to what it means and why articles and amendments were created according to the Federalist Papers and the language within the Constitution.
  • Find a way to encourage the media to be objective and unbiased without government control or transgression of freedom of speech. Let the media know that the “innocent until proven guilty” clause exists for a reason. Encourage journalistic educational institutions to instill a code of ethics for journalism that ensures accurate and truthful reporting instead of bias and manipulative use of the media.
  • Dissolved the “hate crime” laws and encourage state governments to do the same, thereby the judiciary will focus on the alleged crime and not what a person thinks or believes.
  • Reduce or dissolve the agency using taxpayer funding for National Endowment for the Arts – which should not be the concern of federal government, but funding from private sector support and charity.
  • Work at dissolving HUD or a complete reform with far less expenditure, for its not government power to provide dwellings at taxpayer expense.
It is harder to correct mistakes and bad policies than it is to provide preventive measures. These reforms will take a long time because our nation has moved away from its original republican purpose for a long period.  It is time to seek results because the finger pointing stage of the arguments, thoroughly addressed over several decades. The American people do not want finger pointing, but results; because the fault lies in both sides of the political aisle even though it is different levels from political entities. The American people already know there is a serious problem with our federal government, as well as some state governments – it is time to find a viable solution and return to a constitutional republic for which our nation was created.
Compromise cannot be tolerated when it comes to the Constitution of the United States and its amendments. We must remember that the Declaration of Independence was a prelude to the Constitution and the Constitution is never outdated because its articles can be applied to changing situations.
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