We Need a "Wise and Frugal Government"

“The sum of good government” …

A wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. Thomas Jefferson

Some Americans do need government assistance especially in these trying economic times, because of natural disaster. In America’s past, when it comes to social programs made available to help people help themselves, it was degrading and/or embarrassing to be forced to do so. This is no longer true for a couple of generations have grown up under the impression that social programs, entitlements, are their right as citizens of the United States. Worse, those that have come to America illegally also believe it is their right to use social programs that should be afforded to US citizens only. Thus, the sum of bad government is brainwashing the people into thinking it is the government who must provide what we should ourselves, and still others believe they have the right to legally steal, through the government, from those who are successful in life because they made the right life choices.
The reality is stated clearly in National Review:

Some people do need government assistance, of course, but most Americans do not see themselves as powerless in the face of forces beyond their control. They have goals and ambitions. They don’t need help from the government so much as they need obstacles removed, and institutions reformed so as to facilitate rather than frustrate or threaten their plans. In making the case that America is on the wrong track and in need of new leadership, it will be tempting — sorely so — to emphasize the incumbent’s failures. But it is crucial that Republicans point out that the obstacles and dysfunctional institutions standing in Americans’ way precede Obama, even if he has in some cases made them worse and in others failed to do anything about them. This account will be more plausible for voters than one that implicitly or explicitly blames Obama for everything bad in American life, or that could be read to suggest that rolling back the Obama years (and thus returning to those of you-know-who) would simply fix everything. As much as it is said that the election is a referendum on Obama, the American people will not deliver a mandate to a negation. [This week] in Tampa, Republicans have a singular opportunity to demonstrate what they are for. It should not be wasted.

It is clear that Mitt Romney is a good family man and practices family values in which he advocates. Despite becoming wealthy through his own endeavors, he still contributes great amounts of money to help others help themselves in terms of charitable organizations. The Sociocrats do not mention this; only whine about what percentage of Romney’s wealth is paid in taxes (or falsely saying he paid not at all) – not mentioning that because income tax is a percentage, at any percentage rate, he still pays much more than most Americans. This is especially true for those Americans who are forced to pay taxes out of their paychecks, but get it back yearly in a tax return, or at least most of it.
Romney’s personal character cannot be stained without lies from the Democrats. 
Romney Needs to Earn Trust
However, Americans who are supporting Romney are doing so reluctantly because of his past indecisiveness and fortitude in principals versus public opinion, trying to please everyone. That is where constitutionalism in government comes in. A constitutionalist politician must abide by the principles of natural law provided within the Constitution of the United States and its amendments in order for our government to be successful in several ways. When the United States was established under those principals and natural laws, much of the world was impressed and our nation became a responsible role model for all to follow. Today this is no longer true, and all based upon the fact that we have slipped away from those principles of a constitutional republic and have chosen a different path, and not a path that has not been taken by other nations – but clearly will end the same way.
Despite the worry about Romney’s ability to get America back on track, many are willing to take the chance for they feel they have no choice, the alternative being another four years of Barack H. Obama
We the People may point to political corruption, demagoguery, and selfishness of those we elect or others elect; but in the sum of all facts and truths. It is WE the People that have allowed this to go so far onto a road to self-destruction, therefore, it We the People who must let those who wish to hold public office or who are holding public office to tow the constitutional line. Reformation can never take place until we reform ourselves, awakening to the truth that in order to be truly free, with liberties granted from natural law and that prescribed by the Founders, we must no longer ask the government (fellow Americans) to do what we can do ourselves. It has come to the point, since the days of FDR that people want to know what politicians will do for them that overrides the importance of being self-sustaining whenever possible and that success in life cannot be obtained by federal subsistence checks. 
This is what Star Parker discovered, and has tried to awaken Americansto the fact that political entities and individuals have enslaved Americans with social programs and promises not kept and cannot keep. Through her efforts as founder and president of CURE and columnist at Townhall, she has awakened Americans to see what is really going on behind the political scenes. In her book, Uncle Sam’s Plantation, she clearly demonstrates what political entity is using the emotions of racism and minorities in general to achieve their long-term goals of big government. Star Parker may be able to help to change government for the good in her endeavors of running for Congress in the state of California.
True history of traditional American political parties, Democrats and Republicans, clearly demonstrate who has traditionally promoted freedom. However, since Ronald Reagan left the political scene, the GOP has not stood by the principles that made them successful, stand for truth, natural law, and the Constitution of the United States. It has one major thing in common with the political opposition: the GOP establishment, elite, want a world-order government. It is why the general membership of Republicans, especially the establishment powers, has not tended to the reformation required. Major issues like the unconstitutional control by the bank cartelcalled the Federal Reserve and the repeal of the 16th Amendment that authorizes an unfair and intrusive tax system that puts government in control of the earnings you work for. Despite the rhetoric coming from the Democrats that people of wealth and their corporations are evil, they are financed greatly from them as well trade unions. Unions have worked their way into government becoming a major part of the economic problem and cost of government; as well as being taskmasters over the people who have a right to work wherever they qualify, and not because they must belong and pay to a union.
These points are the reality – not the rhetoric, the lies and misinformation coming from the political establishment.
The time for reformation was yesterday, but we must work diligently at this until We the People reform our ways of thinking about government and those operating it remember who put them there and why: natural law and the Constitution of the United States. For the People and By the People – these are not just words or values we can no longer ignore for the United States to survive. 
And as far as the media – they must report objective news and discover untruths no matter where it comes from.

 It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford