Reflections: Political Reality

Whether we wish to accept it as reality and deal with it, or leave it to the endeavor of others, politics affects each of our lives in some form or fashion. To think that politics is too distasteful or boring (like some view history) is to not exercise or provide the opportunity to participate in a cherished liberty. There living elsewhere who wish they had that liberty.
The truth is that by having an attitude, as aforementioned, you are putting actions and events of your life in the hands of others – fellow citizens as well as politicians, who are more concerned with what affects them and/or the zeal for advantages of power. I feel that Americans have fallen into a state of apathetic coma since the assassination of JFK, when we began to realize that Dorothy was not in Kansas any longer.
Not everything is set in stone, black in white. Some things fall into the gray areas, despite what the political establishment wants you to believe.
Dwelling on the past is not healthy or helpful in dealing with the present. Yet sometimes we must look back to see where we are heading, reflect what brought us to the present.
In that respect, one can see the importance of historical knowledge, what was successful before can continue to be successful. The gist of the major issues and problems today are because we have fallen away from solid and wise values, common sense, and constitutional law.
The Constitution of the United States and its amendments, written in clear and concise articles, applied no matter how civilization may progress in terms of technological advances and increased knowledge not known in the past. It provides wisdom and foresight in dealing with the present and the future.
Tyrants cannot be successful if a society does not allow their foothold. The Founders were correct in that if a society’s values (and morals) degrade, so does the republic degrade and fall into ruin.
We were a model of how a republic should be.
It is time to return to that state of mind – from coast to coast, border to border and into the hearts of every American citizen and those who wish to be. Values, morals, and common sense, never to perceive as “old school” – the Golden Rule not be outdated; for when it does, society is only fooling itself and falling into the grip of selfishness and susceptible to tyranny.