Federal Scandals and American POW Still Prisoner Since 2009

Barack H. Obamathinks that if the bad economy and worsened national debt is ignored it will go away, well at least in the voters’ minds. However, the economy, at all financial levels and social classes affect too many Americans. The media elite, the DNC Press, must believe the same and downplays the various scandals that arise – for example, the Homeland Security Lesbian Scandal. Indeed, one of the culprits has resigned– something that the Attorney General should have done a year ago. Others went on leave.
Those rumors will prove to be truth as the lawsuit ends with judicial decision, while the Feds move to strike lewd details in the court proceedings. Meanwhile, the press hails the president for his White House home beer brewery.

Moreover, while all this is going on, Bowe Bergdahl, a US Army soldier continues to be a prisoner by Pakistan Islamic Fascists. Twenty-three years old from Idaho, captured in June of 2009. Captured as a PFC, he now is a Sergeant, promoted in absence. Like Wake Up America wrote: No soldier left behind. NPR shows that American support is strong … but the mainstream media is not pushing the commander-in-chief to boost efforts. I mean, “He” found Obama bin Laden, didn’t he? I would be demanding that the Pakistan government help in the search more diligently.

Bergdahl tried to escape, but was recaptured three days later. Americans might remember, but it seems the government has forgotten. Recently hope has arisen with recent Taliban conversations who may come to an agreement concerning the release of Bergdahl.
You can keep up on the latest news at Support Bowe.
Mr. President: Bring Bowe Bergdahl home!