White House Beer Brewery

Desperation can only be the word I can describe BH Obama’s reelection campaign.First, he asked newlyweds to donate their wedding gift money to him for reelection. This crude announcement even shocked me.
Now, his campaign symbol is beer – making him look like a regular kind of guy and going on the campaign trail in a shirt with no jacket, sleeves rolled up, trying to be a symbol of the common citizen. Friend of the middle-class and the poor, who seem to have the money to drink alcohol beverages.
For the Democratic Party, this is the age-old ploy of pretending to be the benefactor of the blue-collar citizenry, the regular, average folk.
Of course, Romney, being a Mormon, refrains from alcoholic beverages. So, I guess, Obama feels he has a one-up on him.
I certainly am not a teetotaler, yet believe in moderation and being a responsible drinker, but is the personification of being a beer drinker who hangs out in public and college bars an important aspect of the President of the United States?

I understand that people are interested as to what is going on in the White House and the daily lives of our presidents, it has been a tradition (despite the liberals booing tradition) – but it is not relevant or part of an election (reelection) campaign.

Obama has been known to work his charm among crowds at sports and college bars, even purchasing a round of beer for the folks at the Iowa State Fair. He brews his own beer at the White House; well his WH chefs do anyway, begun by presenting a brewing kit to the chef staff.
As Newsmax reported:
Brewing beer is becoming a thing that Americans are doing in their houses and garages across the country,” said White House chef Sam Kass in a video posted Saturday on the White House web site. “And the president certainly thought it would be a great idea to see if would join the American people in that time-honored tradition.”

It is true, America has several historical brewing centers across America, initiated by Europeans who came to America and brought the art of brewing with them. Unfortunately, today’s beer doesn’t have the same natural quality it used to, as in Europe. I can attest to that being there in the military and trying the various flavors and recipes. I have fond memories raising a glass of ale with British and Australian troops while serving at LSE NATO HQ.
Anheuser-Busch still imports its hops from Germany, of which I transported many bales from eastern seaports to St. Louis when I was a tractor-trailer driver. Beer is something our forefathers brought from the homeland – well, those of us who are not Native Americans. They preferred the natural buzz of Cannabis.

Wisconsin, has been in competition with St. Louis, Missouri, home of Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) has been noted for its beers, Boston as well. Several falling away into history, Milwaukee being the beer capital of this state. Lavern and Shirley TV series characters, worked at a Milwaukee brewery.
However, alcoholism is also prominent here as well.
I drink alcohol beverages rarely, but certainly enjoy a beer or two, especially when I BBQ on a hot summer day – and my liquor is Spiced Rum, sailing once in a while with Captain Morgan or Calico Jack. When I begin to get warm and fuzzy I switch to non-alcoholic beverage – and I keep my drinking at home. Traditionally, I drink a shot glass of liquor – Jack Daniels or rum – in honor and memory on Memorial Day of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the United States throughout our history.
However, does that qualify me to be a candidate for public office?
Wisconsin has traditionally been a Swing State politically. Viewing the reasons fellow Wisconsinites voted for Obama in 2008, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets votes here because he is a beer drinker. 
As the White House blog post declared: Ale to the Chief. The announcement last month of home-brew at the historical home of our nation’s presidents are three types of beer: Honey Brown Ale, Honey Porter, and Honey Blonde Ale. Of course, here in the Door Peninsula we have a time-honored locally brewed beer in honey flavors at the Shipwreck Pub & Inn in Egg Harbor, owned by the Door Peninsula Winery family folk. You can watch the brewer doing his thing while enjoying a tasty meal or sitting at the Shipwreck historical bar or out on the veranda under an umbrella enjoying the quaintness of Egg Harbor. You can even rent a room at the inn that allegedly has a youthful ghost that appears now and then.
If Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, Cherry Coke Zero or Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi will be served at the White House, his favorite beverages.
For those who may be worried about taxpayer funding, the following video makes it a point to declare that Obama pays for the expense of brewing beer. An interesting historical aspect about beer drinking presidents is at the end.
In the final analysis, while interesting, and I certainly do not have any complaints about the president brewing homemade beer in the White House for his use and guests – when are they going to address the serious issues of this Election 2012 campaign?
Maybe Obama and company are hoping Americans will be beer sodden on election day and make the same mistake twice.
Beer Brewing Video:
This subject material annoys me, for I notice how the mainstream media is making such a big deal about this, but when scandal is announced and other transgressions by this president and his czars occurs – not much is stated.
The Washington Post has an article that whines that Obama’s failure is because Republicans did not cooperate during this term – and even, hypocritically, complains that he from Day One, Obama was harassed.
Does that sound familiar?
It is what Democrats did to GW Bush. In fact, Bush administrative staff found that the previous Clinton staff had booby-trapped the White House administrative offices with things like putting super glue on keyboard keys and filing cabinet drawers. In addition, the last flight of Air Force One with Clinton and company, it was found that many items were looted from the plane. GW Bush, while advised that those persons should be prosecuted, decided to let it go and move on. The mainstream media, bias media like the Washington Post, however, did not reveal those incidents and Bush’s response.
The Democratic Party requires some serious reformation within its organization – and one of those reformed ideologies would be practicing what they preach or living the standards they set upon everyone else.I have read complaints about Obama spending too much time on the campaign trail instead of taking care of business at the White House. It doesn’t really matter. Nothing has changed (Change You Can Believe In) at the White House that has improved situations in America whether he was there or not during the last 3.5 years. It is like what Mark Twain stated in so many words: Americans are better off when Congress is out of session. This applies to present leadership in the White House.