MRC-TV: Newt Gringrich Fed Up with Media

NewsBusters: [Brent Baker]

“I’m frankly, fed up, with the one-sided bias,” a frustrated Newt Gingrich asserted on Sunday’s Meet the Press, citing two blatant examples. First: “Where is the outrage over overt, deliberate racism” in Vice President Joe Biden telling a black audience “if the Republicans win you will be ‘in chains’”? …
Seconds earlier during the roundtable, NBC News eminence Tom Brokaw maintained Republican opposition to abortion is antithetical to full rights for women. “I think this is the century of women,” he asserted before fretting “there is even among some Republican women out there” the view that the “party doesn’t quite buy into that yet.” He contended “the social issues are very important to women. It’s their bodies, their lives, they feel that it’s not entirely embraced by the Republican Party. That’s my own judgment.”

These same people who say “their bodies, their lives” have no qualms about punishing citizens who use tobacco (outrageous taxes), want government (and themselves) to tell people what vehicle to drive, what food to eat, and are the kind of people who are always coming up with laws that will conform the People to their way of thinking and/or lifestyle. They are collectivists in a republic that stands for individual freedom, freedom of choice, and property rights.

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