Union Boss Gives Speech at DNC

The Democrats’ National Convention is revealing much about how corrupt the party is.
BH Obama’s and Joe Biden’s buddy, Richard Trumka is the AFL-CIO union boss. That in itself is not condemning. In 1999 Trumka was alleged to have been involved in a money-laundering scheme when he was treasurer of the AFL-CIO. He refused to testify.

Trumka has taken the Fifth Amendment both before a Congressional committee and court-appointed election monitor, but remains in office despite a 40-year old AFL-CIO rule calling for removing of officials taking such refuge.

A few years before that incident, the widow of Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, shot in the back of the head and killed while leaving a work site near a UMW strike, charged Trumka and other United Mineworkers union bosses in a $27 million wrongful death suit. After four years, UMW lawyers settled in 1997, two days before the judge was to rule evidence in the criminal trial. Violence and corruption is the norm in union history, and on September 4th, Trumka and Biden were watching the DNC in Biden’s private suite. The next day, Wednesday, September 5th, Trumka spoke in a speech to the convention.

Frank Trumka, Big Boss, Big Money
The Democrat Party and Obama have overseen Labor Board rulings and perks provided for union power over American workers within the ObamaCare legislation. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ 2012 platform is full of promises to oppose Right to Work laws, government-sector monopoly bargaining reforms – no private entity has the constitutional right to oversee employment within the federal government or state government. Obama and friends are also against laws to protect workers’ right to a secret ballot in unionization campaigns. Secret ballots are for the protection of voting workers, for in the past with no secret ballot, union workers readily identified who voted “No” – and you know what happened then.
A former federal prosecutor, Charles LaBella, warned about AFL-CIO and its union boss, Richard Trumka. Big Labor is behind Big Government – Obama and friends.
Remember when it didn’t matter to Democrat voters about associates of BH Obama in 2008? One would hope it matters in 2012. Can they not see the result in the past four years?
Yet, there are signs in local communities, two of them quite big, in the front of homes that read: OBAMA THEN, OBAMA NOW
Obama and Big Money

It is not only disgusting, but frightening that there are that many Americans so blind to truth, who would readily see the Constitution trashed and everyone’s liberty gone because of false government promises.

Unions, like Teamster Local 974 have funneled union member fees into political action committees, as found out by Dylan McHenry, Ford technician in Minnesota. He has received free legal aid via National Right to Work Foundation.
Big Money from unions is pouring into campaign treasury of Obama and friends.
Hypocrisy is the descriptive word.
It is time to remove unions from government business and afford workers a choice whether they want to join a union or not. That means, among other things, secret voting ballots and stiffer enforcement of law and penalties against union illegal actions.
Unions have not noticed that the era of Al Capone is long gone – and so is the need for unions who have helped ruin our economy and the employment work force arena. Like Big Government, they are unwanted in a constitutional republic.
Workers are waking up, however they need our support in ensuring that union-paid politicians are not elected who belong to the same party that is forever attacking free enterprise and chasing corporations overseas.

No Obama – No Unions in OUR government – Election 2012