Important Notice: Stop ObamaCare Congressional Funding

It is budget time in Washington, and while Congress passed the March 2010 health care law despite majority public opposition (taxation and legislation without representation) and continues to stop this expensive, useless, and unconstitutional program – majority of Congress is still not paying attention.

This week the House of Representatives is intending to pass, with apparent bipartisan support (thought Republicans were against ObamaCare?), a six-month budget that will include full funding for the Affordable Care Act that should never have passed in the first place.

Dr. Barbara Bellar, Illinois State Senate Candidate

The Tea Party Patriots have stood against this unconstitutional legislation and continues to do so, despite RINOs within the Republican Party (why are they still members?). It demonstrates that the Republican Party, as an entity, is not on board with constitutional limitations of power.

The message to the politicians is simple: In order to represent the majority of constituents, no member of Congress should be approving any budget bill with funding for a program that is intended to be rescinded by 2013. It would be putting money into a program – and wasting it. Money that our government doesn’t have.
Call your representatives and senators, or email them, your activism is important and has been successful in the past.
The vote is today or tomorrow. No time to waste.
Remember those who do not represent the majority of constituents in the next election. It is time to remove legislators that do not abide by the limitation of powers of the Constitution of the United States – especially when the Supreme Court does not recognize it in their rulings.
Click to call your representative now, unless you already know he/she will be voting against funding of ObamaCare. If they are – call them to praise them.

Video – ObamaCare Summed Up in One Sentence. You will love it.

The speaker in the following video (linked above) is Dr. Barbara Bellar, candidate for Illinois State Senate, District 18, campaigning against Obama’s Chicago political machine. If you are a constituent in her district, please support her at http://electbellar.comor send checks to support Citizens to Elect Barbara Bellar at P.O. Box 557766, Chicago, Illinois 60655. See also: Investors Business Daily about Dr. Bellar.