America Can No Longer Tolerate Bungling Home and Abroad

How many times have you seen Jesus of Nazareth, whom the Christians call “Christ” depicted in some obscene or derogatory manner?
Do Christians attack homes and businesses of the alleged perpetrators?
How many times have you seen the image of Jesus the Christ in some obscene or derogatory manner and it is called “art”?
Do Christians protest? Definitely. Do they destroy buildings and murder innocents? 
How many times have you seen Jews depicted via the Islamic media and printed material?
 How many times have you seen protestors or printed Islamic material, or Islamic clerics declaring that Israel should be erased from the map?
How many times have Islamic fascists made a video of masked Muslims beheading an American (or European)?
Now, think about how many times there were retaliations against Muslims for those actions, except in the act of the “War Against Terrorism”? 

I can think of one that comes to mind because it upset me so … in a Texas gas station, just after the 9/11 attacks, a man, who was not Muslim, wearing a turban, was shot and killed by a deranged gunman, who actually thought he was being a patriot. The man is in prison, and I hope he got the death sentence. Don’t know, the media kind of forgot him and didn’t even nationalize the incident like the Columbine or Colorado shooting. Is there something in Colorado’s water?

President Obama and his partner Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, has in one paragraph condemned the violence that occurred because of some obscure film that depicts their beloved prophet in an ugly manner and then apologized to Islamic fascists who murdered innocent people. I haven’t seen it nor wish to watch it, but whatever it was, it upset Muslims. No problem.
To use as video made by somebody in a garage as an excuse to attack an embassy and kill innocent people that had no connection whatsoever to the film is unacceptable. I have been offended, mostly insulting my intelligence, with some of the videos at YouTube – but censorship is in the hands of the people. Just don’t view them and write protesting comments. I certainly didn’t feel the need to go down to Wall Street and wipe out anyone carrying a “99%” sign. Or find a nearest atheist who insults religion, but targets Christians and beat him to a bloody pulp. It’s just not civilized.
On the other hand, after two combat tours – I think war sucks, but I certainly will die to win one. Especially when it means the sovereignty of nations and homeland security – also our constitutional way of life (that our government has turned against). People with my attitude are instantly pegged “War Hawks” or warmongers.
The condescending way the issue was addressed by our President and Secretary of State is unacceptable, yet par to their record.
Islamic fanatics torture, murder, and cause havoc and dream of the fall of Israel, and then they get upset because people who are disgusted with their actions have made a video that degrades their religious icon. Meanwhile, Palestinian school textbooks depict drawings of Jews eating Muslim children and other vile things – teaching fanatical hate to  spread into yet another generation. Is it not offensive to Jews all over the world and the people of Israel, especially when they are gross and disgusting lies?
Our foreign policy is in a shambles, more so than before. In the past, we accepted friends who were as shady as our enemies were and are. During this presidential administration, our national leader and commander-in-chief publicly apologized for all actions previously made in our nation’s history that offended foreigners. He bowed before a monarch of an Islamic state, clearly setting himself up as not an equal, but a reverent servant – that is what is viewed through Arabic eyes and mindset.
We have gradually been losing respect, more so in the last four years because of not holding to what is promised, insulting or betraying loyal allies – while providing aid to foreign states who at the same time cater to our enemies. No wonder we are going into debt – funding going out with no interest, much less return of the principal.
Why should we bow down to and be tolerant to a religion that shows nothing but intolerance and whose doctrine is to either convert or kill “nonbelievers”? Christians are persecuted just about everywhere, but it is most disconcerting when the American media does the same, yet does not denounce a religion based upon hate and violence. They will instantly report something about an American militia organization and our government usually places them on a “watch list” – even if they are constitutional and law abiding; yet there still exists, and recently added to, Islamic fascist training camps right here in our homeland. By now just about everyone knows that CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a history of religious fanaticism and association with the genocidal Nazi in the 1930s and 1940s.
Where is the outcry? Why are they persecuting the beliefs of Christians and not saying much of anything against religious fanatics? GW Bush declared war against terrorism, but war should have been declared against all the true enemy: Islamic fascists-fundamentalists. Terrorism is merely a tool, Islamic fundamentalism, Wahhabism, is the underlying fanatical ideology.
The time has passed to step softly and quietly ignore transgressions. It is time to stop money flowing to those nations and long past time for the United States to be self-sufficient when it comes to crude oil. We can certainly thank our politicians for that.
Quin Hillyerwrote at The American Spectator, appropriately entitled: Obama Has Earned World’s Contempt

Under Obama’s reign of error, the United States’ most important and traditional alliances are frayed, our iffy relationships have not improved and our adversaries are no less adversarial. Worse, all three groups seem to respect us less, and those evil regimes that once feared us now seem to hold us nearly in contempt. I did a ton of research almost exactly a year ago, for a forthcoming book, about the Iranian Revolution during the Carter years. This situation this week is so eerily similar to what happened then that it gives me the chills. … Mitt Romney was right to begin again to make that case; it’s time he follows up and deepens and broadens his critique, which is very well aimed.

In addition, what does Mr. Hillyer say after watching the CNN live footage from Cairo?

These people are not just out of their minds, but out of their souls. What idiotic doofuses they are. Juveniles. If they think they are defending their “Prophet,” they are wrong: They defame, not defend, his memory by their violent tantrums. Pathetic. They really need to get a life.

As Ben Steinwrote (Ben Stein Diary):

I went to the mail box and got the latest news from the Obama/Biden campaign — oops, meant to say, “The New York Times.” Naturally, it was filled with rage against Mitt Romney There was very little vitriol against the killers in Libya, but plenty against Gov. Romney.

Nothing about September 17th being Constitution Day either.

I sure hope that the people at the Romney campaign don’t read The NY Times. It is just endless propaganda against Republicans. Nonstop. We Republicans should campaign on our own issues. Mr. Obama’s idiot foreign policy is such an issue. … I talked to a man who seethed with rage against Mr. Obama. He simply could not believe that Mr. Obama would make time to be among his Hollywood big shots but not make time to see Benjamin Netanyahu. “These are getting to be Biblical days,” he said. “The final days.”

Americans said the same thing about Bill Clinton when he was President.

The woman in the bakery told me that the days of tribulation and the dictatorship were upon us. She is looking to move to the mountains “to find refuge…” “Be careful,” I said. “That’s what Vicki Weaver was looking for and it didn’t work so well. Our refuge is in The Lord.” (I am up on Vicki Weaver because I am reading an astonishingly good book about the federal killings at Ruby Ridge called Ruby Ridgeby a writer of unique talent by the name of Jess Walter. It is terrifying.) Back to Ivano’s to pick up my grub. Then back home to read the latest about the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff. … When the killers attacked the U.S. compound, they were heavily armed with anti-aircraft automatic cannon (a very deadly weapon) and RPG’s. They were a recognizably violent group connected with al Qaeda.
The media told us it was “protestors”. Do protestors carry anti-aircraft cannon and RPGs?
Qaddafi, who had become our friend — although a cruel and vile man — was killed by the rebels so now Libya is in large measure in the hands of al Qaeda. Same with Egypt. Mubarak was no one’s idea of a great guy, but he was our pal. He kept the peace with Israel. He suppressed the terrorists. So, naturally, we stabbed him in the back. Now, we have worked to create an “Arab Spring” that has given us a fantastically more anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-al Qaeda Middle East. But incredibly, Mr. Obama considers this an achievement. An achievement? To help al Qaeda and its pals, the Muslim Brotherhood, take power in the most populous Arab state? To help al Qaeda take over in oil rich Libya? What are they talking about? I hope Mr. Romney will not let himself get pushed around by the Obama smear machine.
I see that at a rally today in Virginia, his speech was derailed by a lone Obama heckler asking, “Why are you politicizing Libya?” That apparently rattled Gov. Romney badly. The answer, should it come up again, is, “Because this is a democracy. We debate big points of foreign and domestic policy, especially during election campaigns. The failure of the administration to stand up to Muslim thugs is a big issue. Apologizing to terrorists is a big issue. The failure to protect our diplomats is a big issue. The failure to stand up for free speech is a huge issue. We are supposed to debate those things. If you don’t like that, move back to Iran or wherever you came from.” … We didn’t apologize to the Russians when people in the USA made anti-Communist remarks. We didn’t apologize to Hitler when people in America made anti-Nazi remarks. Why do the Muslims get this special apology treatment?  The time of tribulation has not yet come for us all, and God bless that brave Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, who was murdered and had his body dragged through the streets by people we put in power. God help us when Judgment Day comes.

The Bunglers in Washington need to go back from whence they came: Obama in Chicago as a community organizer and Hillary back into cheating investors. 
The Secretary of State would have been fired or at least told to resign, if we had a responsible president.