Romney and the Clandestine Video

The New York Times and mainstream media is a campaign format for Obama, as Ben Stein noted in his Ben Stein’s Diaryentitled appropriately End Times.
According to the Democrats and media, Mitt Romney is an evil man of wealth who wants to take social security away from people who paid for it all their working lives, is part of the war against women (despite being married to one), provide the wealthy (the Secretary of Treasury entered office owing back taxes to the IRS) and corporations more tax breaks (than Democrats dish out); and intends to put a bigger load on the middle class and small businesses. Yet, there are still signs across America in people’s front yards that read: OBAMA THEN OBAMA NOW. 

Somehow, a hidden camera captured some remarks at a closed-door fundraiser earlier this year and someone passed it to the media. In the video, he identifies BH Obama supporters as victims and reliant on government handouts.
Gary Sargent at Washington Post called it his contemptuous tone to nearly half of Americans. He stated it was Romney’s very bad leaked video and wrote an opinion entitled Why his Radicalism Matters. Radicalism? 
Is it radical to get a handle on a runaway budget? 
Is it radical to be realistic in that government can no longer afford its bloated bureaucracy or provide funds for foreign nations and peoples that we cannot afford? 
Is it radical that America stand on its own when it comes to crude oil? 
Is it radical that the Constitution is the basis for all legislation and acts of government – not the political agenda of politicians? 
Is it radical to be more firm against those who commit murder and mayhem in the name of religion and jeopardize world peace and the safety of people all over the world?
Is it radical to enforce immigration laws that are more lenient than the government of Mexico?
Is it radical for the United States to not “tow the mark” for other nations, and instead be a leader among nations for truth, sovereignty and a model for a constitutional republic?
How can the Democratic Party celebrate at a convention for a president that has not only not trimmed the national debt, but also raised it higher and more in dollars than GW Bush did in two terms? The US continues to provide aid to nations (Pakistan as one example) that are playing both sides of the fence in the war against Islamic fascists. Cater to the foundation of Islamic fanatical fundamentalists, the Muslim Brotherhood and allowing to operate their covert and subversive acts in the United States. A Secretary of State (and Obama) who joins the United Nations in disarming citizens around the world in the name of stopping arms traffic – yet, caters to the nations who are behind it by allowing those nations to be a part of the world assembly and its decisions. 
Like the League of Nationsthat Woodrow Wilson initiated, the United Nations should be shut down or at least removed from US soil and told to plot Global domination elsewhere. Its corruptionhas been exposedseveral times. Even Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for an end to UN corruption.
The United Nations history looks like the history of the US Democrat(ic) Party, siding with corruption within trade unions and billionaires like George Soros
Yet, Mitt Romney, a success in business, will be bad for America and is evil; ignoring his record (like not accepting salary as Governor of Massachusetts) at home and his work ethics. He stopped all business transactions to spend a week looking for a fellow employee’s missing daughter. His only drawback is that he does not have the fortitude to play the Democrat political game and stand more solidly on his plan to turn America’s economic situation around and tackle the huge national debt. If he does so with the success of his own business, I believe he could do it. The only thing I have against him is his past compromising behavior. The Constitution of the United States can never be compromised, only changed by ratified amendments, of which the 16th Amendment should be repealed and the tax system replaced – something that both sides of the political aisle have been ignoring for too long.
With all the stark reality around them, initiated by GW Bush and then further enhanced by BH Obama, the “useful idiots” who call themselves Americans are like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed manure.
The off-hand remark, as Romney later stated, “off the cuff” and “not elegantly stated”.
I say he was speaking the truth, but I would add that ALL Americans are victims of big government are some degree or circumstance.
The video of Romney making those remarks originated with the notorious leftist Mother Jonesmagazine, formerly a Hippy magazine about living the style of self-sufficiency and commune living.  As were the Hippy demonstrations of the 1970s, it has been continued and operated and supported by Marxists across America.
Romney, bless his soul, did not back off from his remarks when he was asked by reporters if – 

he was worried that he had offended 47 percent of people he mentioned in the statement.

The truth is this:
  • The tax system has not changed because there are not enough Americans speaking out, and that is because the aforementioned 47% are not the ones carrying the tax load. Instead, others are carrying that 47% portion of Americans tax load. Yes, they have money taken (without permission) from their paychecks, but at the beginning of the following year they get most of it back – some getting it all back, and thanks to the Democrats, some are getting more back than they put in.
  • Government “welfare” social programs, supposed to be designed to help citizens help themselves during financial setbacks and national disasters – not as permanent “sugar daddy” dependency of Big Government. Social Security is a program where citizens pay into it all their lives, set up like a retirement trust fund, which has been embezzled by Congress for decades. Medicare is supposed to be a retirement program so seniors can afford to receive health care – also paid into by forced removal from one’s paycheck. Both programs would have been better for citizens if it was set up into an established private investment program, and would serve the same purpose. Congress would not be able to get their hands upon it. This reformation has been proposed as an option for citizens to take. It is too late for those already receiving retirement checks or soon to do so – but it would improve the future seniors establishment of a solid retirement funding.
If the Democrats say that the 47% is “offended” – they should not be so, and take responsibility for their own lives, not demanding that government commit legal thievery in the name of taxation and distributing income as they see fit or punishing a certain sector of the population through excessive taxation to accomplish social engineering. It all goes back to the idea that promising citizens something for “free” will get them their vote (and it appears to be working for 47%). The same principle applies to illegal immigrants who procure false identification or other means to illegally vote at the election polling places. Democrats know this, as well as the GOP establishment politicians – and use that to procure votes.
Those of the 47% who think it is perfectly justified to punish the wealthy just because they have what the rest do not, is despicable and childish. Those politicians who promote such behavior or ideology do not belong in OUR government that was established with a unique and great document called the Constitution of the United States, and its amendments that make up the citizen’s Bill of Rights.
No shame upon Romney, just upon the Democrats and the 47%.
As Romney stated:

My campaign is about helping people take more responsibility and becoming employed again, particularly those who don’t have work,” Romney said. “His whole campaign is based on getting people jobs again, putting people back to work. This is ultimately a question about direction for the country. Do you believe in a government-centered society that provides more and more benefits or do you believe instead in a free enterprise society where people are able to pursue their dreams?

If the truth hurts, so be it. 
Are the Democrats and the 47% offended because it is not true, or because it is true?
What do YOU believe in?