Todd Akin and Other Political Nonsense

From its inception in 1999, Lighthouse Journal (Lighthouse Patriot Journal) I have promoted objectivity and truth in the media, as well as transparency, constitutionalism, and integrity in our politicians. I have diligently worked at establishing integrity, something that is important to me.
I have been extremely disappointed, as many Americans have been and continue to be as our nation slips away from the roots of our Constitution.
Last month is a prime example that media is more concerned about supporting the Democrat Party rather than be objective and forthright in their news reporting – neutral in their reporting, no matter what their personal political views are.Those personal opinions (personal political loyalties) belong in the opinion columns, not integrated within the news reporting that people depend on for accurate and unbiased information. Let the readers decide – the media has been making too many decisions beyond the scope of the intent of the First Amendment.

Opinions (Op-eds) are opinions and are under the umbrella of the First Amendment – being that people have a right to their opinion. However, that right does not mean that opinions cannot be based upon fact, or truth misrepresented, or untruthful statements about a person’s character, which amounts to defamation of character, that is against the law. Politicians and media do it all the time with impunity – as well as bloggers who seem to pleasure in defaming someone whether it be true or not or just based upon conjecture.

That is the case with Todd Akin, a Missouri career politician, who has not only suffered for a remark being taken out of context by the media, but also losing GOP establishment elite’s financial support.  It is true that Mr. Akin should have worded what he said differently (maybe) – but it is done and he apologized for his wording not his stance on open-house abortion paid for by taxpayers.
How is it that Democrats cry “foul!” when someone states that abortion is legal murder, yet will insist that a murderer not be executed because it is more humane for that person to rot in prison at taxpayer expense. It is because of these hypocrites that those on death row will be in prison awaiting execution for up to 15 years. I believe the record is 26 years. Why wait so long? Appeals are in order, and with the new DNA process (if administered and used in trial proceedings properly), it is unlikely an innocent person will be executed today. Appeals should only extend a death sentence for one year, plenty of time for a person to receive a legal appeal if it is warranted.
There is not much of any appeal time or stay of execution for unborn infants. Mr. Akin is pro-life and includes that abortion is wrong even for health reasons. I for one disagree with that, but with the stipulation that it be between the family and doctors in deciding whether an infant live or its mother. I have absolutely no qualms about a women deciding to get an abortion because of conception from a rapist. Indeed, I believe that rapists, whether they murder their victims or not should receive the death sentence (using DNA evidence), because if they do not kill them physically, the certainly kill them mentally. It is as despicable as murder. Todd Akin also opposes embryonic stem cell research which has created a big business on aborted infant tissue. I have mixed feelings about that.
Despite all of the laid out views of Todd Akin, made quite clear, the media, the leftist bloggers, and even the GOP bosses pounced upon him.
But it is not the first time that Todd Akin made a remark that angered some people that the media diligently used. In June of 2011, Mr. Akin objected to NBC’s removal of the words “under God” from a video clip of schoolchildren reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He stated that:
NBC has a long record of being very liberal … at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God. Two days later he was forced to apologizesaying: he did not mean that all liberals hate God. He only meant that liberals have a hatred for public references for God. The next day, he apologized again, stating his statement had been directed at the political movement, Liberalism, not at any specific individual. Well that is quite conceivable. It is like all Republicans are not true conservatives and constitutionalists, some are what we call RINOs. Where was/is the outcry for that conception and belief of what I just wrote and what others say?
However, let us look at his political stance on issues, rather than pinpoint upon one topic. Let’s review the issue of his remarks and his record. In the same month the statement was made Kevin Horrigan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote:

For nearly a quarter of a century, we had him mostly to ourselves. He was that little barbecue joint that nobody else had discovered. He was a secret fishing hole we didn’t have to share. We never knew what he would say next, but whatever it was, we knew that there was a good chance it would be ridiculous.  There was never anything as outrageous as the magical women-don’t-often-get pregnant during “legitimate rape” claim that now has him in hot water. But if he started talking about Sunday blue laws or the evils of sex education or the dangers of the state licenses for day-care centers or any of the other social issues that came before the Missouri Legislature in the 1990s, Todd would safely go off the deep end and only the Akinmaniacs would notice.

Then the author begins to denounce Mr. Akin’s religious beliefs as a Christian:

In 1984, he’d attended divinity school, emerging with the idea that God had a special plan for the United States and that he was supposed to be part of it.

Then the author pastes in his personal view about homeschoolers and again persecutes Christians:

Akin knew something that none of the other candidates had yet figured out. West St. Louis County and St. Charles County had become chock-a-block with evangelical churches, many of whose congregants were home-schoolers. Todd and Lulli Akin home-schooled their six kids. Lulli Akin was a home-school activist and organizer.

In an age where people cry that schools are too crowded and the education system’s woes can be solved by just adding more taxpayer dollars – and catering to the Teachers’ Union, which adds up to more expense – this author is against homeschooling. It is a good system if worked out properly and one of the parents can afford to stay home and perform such important tasks. Homeschool result statistics have proven they are far better than the public schools that our government operates – and shouldn’t.
Then the author makes fun of those who serve in military careers and again homeschooling, adding in that Missouri politicians pledge allegiance to Boeing:

Akin did diligent work on the Armed Services Committee, where seniority eventually brought him chairmanship of a Navy subcommittee. Todd was an Army veteran, but he liked the Navy. Three of his sons had attended the Naval Academy — home schooling worked! — and become Marine officers. And because all Missouri politicians pledge allegiance to Boeing, he especially liked aircraft carriers because St. Louis-built F/A-18 Super Hornets fly off their decks.
It was on social issues that Todd really shined. He voted against the school lunch program. He voted against the school breakfast program. He called the morning-after pill a “form of abortion.” He voted against funding autism research (evil vaccines!). He voted against the minimum wage. He called student loans “a stage-three cancer of socialism.” He questioned the need for the Voting Rights Act. He said “the heart of liberalism is really a hatred for God.”

Out of context in statement, and political liberalism may not out rightly claim hatred for God, but they certainly do not want that deity mentioned and stricken from the records of our Founders who did. A leading example of what the political liberals are advocates of, it is repressing religion, primarily Christians, proven in the actions taken and the reactions of the audience at the Democratic Convention. As an afterthought, the convention decided to insert God into the political rhetoric – after all their demagogue, FDR, mentioned God. They did and it was received with loud booing by the liberal audience. Looking at the Democrat Party, platform and record – it is always against Christians, and always trying to take God out of the picture – even the Mosaic Law (Ten Commandments) which except for Commandment #1, it is gist of what the Constitution and our civic laws are about.
To demonstrate how one has to sift carefully when researching, that article mentioned above was the “source” given at the Wikipedia entry of the Todd Akin biography – the source for the following Wikipedia statement:

In his early years in Congress, Akin brought back earmarks to his district, voted to raise the debt ceiling, voted for off-balance-sheet wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voted to create the unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit.[20]

Horrigan should have referenced On the Issues, as well as the person or persons who wrote the Wikipedia entry.
To some, Mr. Akin would be a radical – while others a might zealous – but voters in the last twelve years seem to like what he stands for and represents. Certainly, he impressed some women, despite accusation of hating them – a new ploy by the Democrats depicting Republicans as women haters.
When Akin stated that pregnancies rarely result from “legitimate rape” – it translate to a fact: of all the women who get abortions, few of them do so because of rape; or putting in a different light and more simply: more women obtain abortions for reasons other than rape. Whatever the wording, the gist of the statement stands out. He apologizedfor the wording and the misunderstanding, not for his views and political stance.
The Democrats are panicking, and this sort of nonsense proves it, for they stand a chance, a big chance, to lose majority in Congress, despite their character assassination and despicable TV ads and radio announcements – or blogger crap want to-be citizen journalists. One blogger, complete with political prop photos made statements against Mr. Akin thus:
  • Todd Akin denies treatment to child incest victims. Strange, recent indications show that Hollywood [Top Hollywood Director Believes Incest is Acceptable] and other mainstream progressives are turning toward the advocacy that incest (between brother and sister) is okay as long as they are in love along with gay marriage. No wonder they despise Christians and abhor the use of the word God.
  • Todd Akin Wants Fewer Rapists Penalized.
  • Todd Akin will decriminalize rape.
  • Legitimate rape victims rarely get pregnant.
The finale: Todd Akin calls this Legitimate Rapesuperimposed upon a staged picture of a woman being raped.
It does not take much research to denounce these accusations.
Anyone sticking up for Todd Akin is also under fire(pun unintended).
Distorting the truth and misinforming readers is NOT part of the First Amendment – and certainly should be ignored until such sources just fade away in the garbage heap where they belong. It is more difficult when it comes to mainstream media – people still watch it and sponsors still run their ads.
Meanwhile, Romney and Ryan have wisely stayed out of the argument. On my stance: I am not warm and fuzzyover the Republican choice of Mitt Romney, but like the record and stance of Paul Ryan. He has stood up against Obama and company in Congress in getting a handle on national debt and insisting upon a sensible congressional budget – but has done more than complain by providing solutions. The only candidate that could truly blow Obama out of the water is Ron Paul, but Americans did not pay attention, and haven’t paid attention since 1984. He has been consistent on insisting that the Constitution be the basis for decisions and policies of OUR government. The GOP bosses abhor him and are afraid of him. After all, they want to appear to be “conservative” but certainly do not want anyone to rock the boat of the USS Status Quo, despite USS Americabeing steered into the shoals of destruction. The GOP, for the most part, is the lesser evil (on record) than the Sociocrats. It is the same between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.
It was not expected that BH Obama would be able to turn the country around 180 degrees when it comes to national debt, the economy, and other issues in just four years; however, the four years is just about over and progress is null. Unemployment is as bad as it was when FDR ran the show, who did not initiate the Great Depression, as Obama was not president when it started. It began decline toward the end of Clinton’s administration and continued to decline through the Bush II years. The national debt has increased more than it did the Bush years – and that was the gist of his campaign speech to convince voters he was the man for the job; well, he wasn’t. For a man who allegedly taught constitutional classes, he certainly ignores or is ignorant of its content. For a man who promised unity and happily ever after, he instead has furthered the social gap in several areas, especially the racial divide. Maybe he had good intentions, but his socialist ideology has not worked in history, and will not work better than the founders form of government – with no model government to go by other than classic ancient wisdom, the idea of the republic and democracy, as well as innovative ideas of the period in history known as the Enlightenment Age. We have failed to stick to that wisdom and that is the gist of what has become serious problems, and the founders warned us about such a thing happening as time progressed from the birth of our nation.
It is time for someone to step up to the plate and play ball, instead of complaining about the other team. The People want to know what the plan is to fix it. As Winston Churchill stated:

Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

The United States is failing horribly in several areas.
My biggest surprise, and also provides a sense of disbelief, is that the media is stating that Obama is leading (in the polls) by a slim margin. For a person who blamed everything on the previous president and whose record is so terrible, it scares me to think those polls are accurate and honest. The media should be ashamed for their bias and support of someone whose job performance is so poor. Obama’s supporters should be ashamed for not being responsible and accepting reality instead of being swayed by propaganda and false promises. The forty-seven percent who are supporting Obama and not supporting those politicians who have diligently tried to reform the tax system should especially be shameful. It is selfish to continue to expect others to pay for their bad choices in life and watch the national debt climb towards bankruptcy.
Obama promised “Change” and those who voted for him failed to get the details. The only change he has been striving for and succeeded where other sociocrats presidents (and congressional members) failed is a democratic socialist state. We can only look across the Atlantic Ocean and see how well THAT works.
There will be no change or fixes until politicians quit doing the same things that got us into this mess, and blaming Wall Street for it all is despicable (and ignorant). No politicians that are constitutional and determined to fix what is broken will be elected if Americans keep voting for the same reasons that Obama got into office and bad presidents and congressional members before him on both sides of the aisle.
The GOP disavowed Todd Akin for his public statement, but never disavows or kicks out any Republican member who does not adhere to the Constitution and their oath of office.
What is wrong with that picture?