Fair Tax Act: It Should be Top Priority on Every Candidate’s List

The FairTax organization has a strategy called The Connie FrancisStrategy – and it is nonpartisan. It is an organization advocating the Fair Tax Act. The site also has a calculator websiteso you can see the statistics and figures of how better America would be with consumption tax system instead of an income tax – as well as the government.
All Americans, whether their ideology or interests are in the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, or no party; all American citizens should get involved and insist that Congress pass a true tax reform legislation that will repeal the 16thAmendment that should have never, ever been introduced as an amendment to our Constitution.
There has been much discussion and controversy over this proposed tax system and misinformationconcerning it as well. One website that has recently caused question of its objectivity, Factcheck.org released misinformation. A press release and letter followed by the FairTax organization.
Soon after Election 2012 is over and the holiday season ends, citizens will once again suffer the tribulations of an unfair and intrusive tax system that require citizens to fill out complicated forms and whose employers, throughout the year, are unpaid tax collectors.

Politicians complain and point fingers about what a mess the economy is in and other issues, but continue to make the same mistakes in operating OUR government. As Albert Einstein rightly stated:

The thinking that we are has brought us where we have already been. In order to go somewhere else, we must think in a different way.

The strategy is to recruit 3,000 new FairTax supporters across the nation in 435 Congressional districts to pressure those in Congress who are running for office, as well as the presidential campaign offices to promise to rid Americans of the unfair tax system and the intrusive and hated agency known as the IRS.
The House Ways & Means Committee members are an important target for this endeavor. The key “battleground” states are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
If change is going to be initiated and followed through – it is We the People that need to get the ball rolling and make 2012 the year that income tax disappeared, replaced with a consumption flat tax. Just changing the tax code to a flat tax will not solve major problems – and still keep the IRS in its unconstitutional power of operation.
Write or call your congressional members and tell them – yesterday was the day this should have passed Congress, and contact the presidential candidates and tell them that putting the blame on others is done, America needs action.
Economic experts have endorsed it – so what are the politicians in Washington and state legislators waiting for?
It is time they earn their paychecks.