Is GOP Softening Their Stance on Illegal Immigration?

Let’s discuss the “lesser evil” in choice of presidential candidates: Mitt Romney.
I guess evil is not exactly the word to use, because Romney’s character is respectable and at least there are not any gaps in his personal history or record of bad associations. Let’s just say the best of what has been made available – and who the media and political elite has approved and made their poster boy. 
However, We the People are in dire need of a president who will lead the congressional charge to solid, truthful and useful reform.

Romney’s consideration of legal immigration reform instead of just enforcing the laws that the past three administrations ignored is questionable and worrisome – different than what he alluded to in the primaries. I guess once a fence rider, always a fence rider – and why I did not vote for him in the primary election.

Linda Chavez wrote at Townhall entitled GOP-Style Immigration:

Romney told a Univision audience that he supported immigration reform and told a group of Latino elected officials that he’d “staple a green card” to the diploma of every immigrant who earned an advanced degree. … Republicans still appear to be appeasing immigration restriction groups rather than considering what’s good for the country.
America needs more highly skilled workers, but a Republican amendment to grant 50,000 STEM graduates that failed in the House this week would simply have replaced one set of available visas – so-called diversity visas that made available the same number of visas to applicants from countries that contribute few immigrants to the U.S. pool – with another. Worse, if fewer than 50,000 STEM graduates applied, the visas would not be re-allocated to other classes of applicants as diversity visas had been, thus reducing overall immigration. At the heart of intransigence on immigration is one basic misconception: high-skilled immigrants are good for America, but low-skilled immigrants harm the country. … But those “unskilled” workers actually have skills America needs. … Those jobs do not always pay well, especially in industries that have low profit margins, which is why many American-born workers shun them. And those who might be expected to fill the same niche as low-skilled foreign workers – American-born high school dropouts, for example – aren’t very attractive to employers. … high school dropouts from the U.S. have already demonstrated they lack the very attributes that low-skilled immigrants have in abundance, including initiative and discipline.

Ms. Chavez seems to overlook that presently we have a record number unemployed, which means illegal immigrants (aliens) are taking jobs that American citizens and legal immigrants should be filling. She also claims that deporting illegal immigrants of 11 million would be –

…a disaster equivalent to a neutron bomb wiping out a major city. If 11 million people suddenly disappeared, millions of homes and apartments would suddenly go vacant, which would destroy a housing market already on life support.

Ms. Chavez claims that the GOP ideology on immigration, illegal, is a myth; but it is backed by statistics that she did not present. She has written bias columns before when it comes to Latinos in America, and indeed had been guilty a few years back of hiring housekeeping persons that were here illegally. And, it is also suspect when she praises softening of the GOP “rhetoric” when she states:

It’s good that some in the GOP are softening their rhetoric – but the party will have to do better than offering a plan in a few thousand more skilled immigrants If they’re serious about fixing the problem.

Chavez is off the mark and not within bare facts and statistics. Maybe she longs for the days when she hired cheap labor, taking advantage of illegal immigrants who will take jobs that other Americans do not want. The problem today is that illegal aliens have jobs that unemployed American citizens want, for one, construction work that pays well, if you are a citizen. The GOP, if true about softening their stand against those who break our immigration laws, only do so for one sole purpose – Latino vote. Yet, there are Latino American citizens that are against illegal immigrants being allowed to stay. For one thing, what makes them better than they who abide by our immigration laws and endured the myriad of paperwork to become citizens of the United States. They certainly do not expect Americans to learn their language, but instead take the initiative to learn theirs, all the while keeping their personal, ethnic, and family traditions while proudly adopting American customs and traditions. This is what millions of immigrants before them have done, and they and their ancestors have been good for the United States.

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  1. Keith Lehman says:

    NOTE: Linda Chavez was not chosen to be Director of Dept of Labor because at the time she employed an illegal immigrant … so she is bias in whatever she wrote.

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