We the People Must Insist Upon Real "Change"

For those who intend to reelect BH Obama and for those who are not sure, consider this:
Due the age of four Supreme Court Justices and one possible announcing retirement after Election 2012, the next president will have the opportunity to nominate five Justices to the Supreme Court.
Remember this: Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to pass socialist policies and legislation, as well as counter the 1911 Supreme Court decision that income tax was unconstitutional, was because he had “stacked” the Supreme Court with advocacy-political justices.

Of course, another important factor is the number of members of the US Congress who ignore constitutional law and violate their oaths of office by passing legislation that does not meet the benchmarks of the articles of the US Constitution in regards to limitation of powers.

For those voters who are advocates of the Second Amendment, this is an important issue; however, it is an issue for ALL American citizens because freedoms and liberties are at stake. This is not an insertion of a Fear Factor tactic, but based upon facts and previous events. Examples – (1) Amnesty in some form could be justified by the Supreme Court and millions of illegal aliens will have the right to vote, (2) private property rights will be further violated and sanctioned by the Supreme Court if contested, and (3) the North American Union, which Bush administration stated did not exist, and the Obama administration continues could dissolve the sovereignty of the United States.
Those examples could be the beginning of policies and legislation that will change America, for the worse, in the near future.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, infamous for denouncing the US Constitution  as a model for other nations to follow in an interview on an Egyptian television station. During the next presidential administration there will be at least four vacancies: Justice Ginsberg will be 81 years old. Justice Antonin Scalia, 78; Justice Anthony Kennedy, 78; and Justice Stephen Breyer, 76.
We already know what happened when the case came before the Supreme Court concerning Obama’s health care legislation – the only thing accomplished was that it was decided that ObamaCare would impose increased and new tax in the guise of “penalties”. Yet, the fact that government is going to penalize Americans if they do not accept government’s decisions controlling private and personal health care choices. The only way to defeat this ultra-expensive, useless, and unconstitutional program is to obtain a two-thirds majority vote in Congress and the president signing a repeal. Despite Romney’s plan to exchange ObamaCare for his own, which defeats the advocacy that government does not have the constitutional authority to mandate or control an individual’s health care. What is required is that government provides legislation that protects consumers of health care insurance. Gouging by medical institutions, like hospitals that cause the rise of health care costs; as well as repeal the 16th Amendment. Stop imposing legislation that straps employers with huge costs, which will enable them to be able to afford to pay more into employee health care insurance costs and small businesses to providing their employees with health care insurance benefits.
This is the major reason why I did not vote for Romney in the primary election – in his own state he merely took ObamaCare and changed it – but still passed into legislation a state-controlled health care system that has had close to the same results as Americans will soon experience in the near future with ObamaCare. RomneyCare, ObamaCare, or whatever name is tagged – it is still beyond government’s constitutional limited authority. Romney is a person with good character, but his past record demonstrates that he spends too much time trying to please everyone instead of sticking to the Constitution of the United States. His immigration law policy is a good example. His policy is that only legal immigrants should be allowed in the United States and illegal aliens removed at the expense of those employing them. Taxpayers should not be paying for programs that correct problems of not enforcing immigration laws as well as politicians using illegal aliens as a voting base. Certain politicians are “crying foul” when it comes to voter ID – they want to continue to receive votes from non-citizens who vote illegally through fraudulent means.
So now We the Peopleare stuck, once again, with a “lesser evil” when it comes to growth of government power and furthering the United States into a model nanny state that brought Europe to its knees economically, as well as allowing Jihadist immigrants to seize control of aspects of their infrastructure.
America has gone beyond the crossroads between a socialist nanny state and the republic that was created by Founders of the United States and architects of our Constitution and its amendments. However, we are not beyond redemption. It is up to the people.
Do We the Peoplewant false security and supplemental income paid for by other citizens – in exchange for fading liberties and freedoms?
Do We the Peoplewant to live by the rules of tyrants in Washington, DC or by rules of the Constitution of the United States?
Do We the Peoplewant to give up our earned wages to a government who has no limit as to how much they can take?
Do We the Peoplewant America to emulate other nations under socialist democracy and experience mistakes made by other nations past and present.
Do We the People want the United States to be the model for a constitutional republic?
The People make a nation, not government. Government is an entity established on behalf of its People, faithfully adhere to principles and rules set forth for that purpose, which our Constitution has established limits of power to that government – for important reasons.
We have forgotten what those reasons were, listen to those who convincingly state that those reasons are outdated.
Americans have failed in their duties as constitutional citizens in the past decades. We have allowed slick politicians and their political clubs to play shell games with our freedom and swindles against our nation’s economic stability. Recently the blame has been put upon Wall Street, when the true blame is who the People vote for and why. Elections are nothing but political games to be played behind closed doors, and those types of politicians rely upon Americans with short memory, who do not ensure they have the knowledge of constitutional law, and those who will trade independence for collective government power.
So, while we may justifiably blame our woes upon the political system that has developed away from constitutional law, and in turn blame those that have accumulated wealth that provides employment for the rest of the population – the gist of the problem is We the People.
For it is We the People who have allowed corruption to escalate and the Constitution to be violated. People that will trade their liberties and individuality for political self-serving promises do not deserve a free nation. Unfortunately, those that do must suffer along with them.
I fear for my son’s future. I feel I have left him a legacy that he and his fellow citizens may not be able to correct. Indeed, his generation knows more about sports figures than who is representing them in government. They know more about video games than they what is in the Constitution and what it means. They are voting for politicians who insist upon making decisions FOR them, from cradle to grave. Too many Americans are comfortable with that and too many Americans will not admit it.
We the People need to “change” ourselves and OUR government back to who and why it was established. This revolution must be armed with the articles of the US Constitution and its amendments, and our votes – against the manipulating media and the corrupt politicians who care more for their supremacy and power than the purpose for which they were elected.
If President Obama had either stabilized the economy and reduced spending, as he promised, I could understand why some Americans would vote for him to be reelected. But the plain truth is that he not only didn’t succeed in stabilizing the economy, he raised the national debt level higher than Bush did – which he chastised Bush for in Election 2008. Now in Election 2012 it is Wall Street’s fault that the economy hasn’t improved and tries to downplay the increase in national debt and his political party’s runaway spending. In the area of responsibility of foreign affairs, Mr. Obama gets an “F” – for various reasons. 
If Mr. Romney can be as successful in boosting the economy as his success was with private business, the United States will recover; however, he must be constitutionally minded when it comes to domestic and foreign policies. 
Americans are “war weary”, and I understand that. However, the war against Jihadism (Islamic fascism) is not a war that free nations can lose or even compromise. If we are weary of war, then we must have leadership with the intention of winning it. Negotiations have been tried and concession only makes things worse. Indeed, our foreign policy has created more enemies than friends in the past couple of decades. 
Our early presidents and Congress knew that the United States was not economically in shape to support any foreign affairs that would involve our nation to take sides in the conflicts occurring in Europe. When the Barbary Pirates demanded ransom and tribute in order for American trade to continue, at first we complied. It was realized that paying bullies to be allowed free trade in that region of the world was not only beyond the budget of the US government, but was wrong. For the first time we sent troops and our navy to correct that problem. 
Today, we face Barbary Pirates again, in a complex situation, this time involving those who use religion as their basic recruitment tool and fear as their weapon. Aggressiveness threatens many nations of the “free” world. In the past, as well as the present, we have disposed of one tyrant and replaced it with several others; too often our foreign policy is based upon “our enemy is our friend if they are an enemy of our enemies”. The outcome has never been as planned – so why do we continue such a policy? 
We need to become a strong defensive nation, so strong that aggressors will think hard before rattling their swords. We need to “talk softly and carry a big stick” (T. Roosevelt), yet using sanctions and minimal talks with rogue nations. We need to continue to support Israel as long as they strive toward peace and stability in that part of the world. Israel has the right to be a nation of people who should not be forced to give up real estate to those who seek to dissolve their nation and destroy their ethnic and religious sovereignty. We must be cautious as to who we consider allies, yet not be an “island unto itself” when it comes to foreign affairs.
We need to reduce our interference with other nations and focus upon fine tuning our domestic affairs and return the United States as a model of a constitutional republic for others to follow. We need to stabilize our economy, and then consider helping others that justifiably require our assistance. 
The United States needs to deliver an ultimatum to the United Nations assembly, and provide them notice that their corrupt organization will not longer use American soil to meet nor use US taxpayer dollars for their anti-American, anti-freedom policies. Our leadership needs to totally dissolve the concept, funding, and bureaucracy of the North American Union and the “Faith-Initiative” agency that are unconstitutional and threatens sovereignty and separation of the affairs of church and state. GW Bush initiated the latter, but BH Obama has continued it. Taxpayer funds should not be used for charity for that is a private sector issue – that includes foreign aid that provides funding for people in other nations. To provide clothing, supplies and other essential aid that include Americans who volunteer to help other nations in a time of natural disaster, is a good thing. Providing funds to a foreign government with the intent of welfare of foreign people of that nation should not be conducted with taxpayer funding. 
There is much to do in terms of getting the United States back on track to be a constitutional republic because of the length of time it was allowed to occur. The rewards will justify the efforts.