Romney File: Mitt Romney Needs to Emulate Ronald Reagan

Mainstream media has long ignored the complaints of their nonobjective news reporting – intertwining their Op-Edswith supposedly factual and complete news. Not saying that opinion columnists are all cut from the same cookie cutter – some actually do their homework and present reputable sources; just as some citizen journalists in the Blog World do. 
The political “Left”, progressive democratic socialists, answer such accusations with disdainful and sarcastic remarks. Brooke Baldwin at CNN would be a good example, as the MRC audio track demonstrates, transcribed below:

“[C]omplaining about the media did not help Bush One. He lost his bid for re-election,” noted Baldwin on Monday afternoon’s Newsroom, who compared Paul Ryan’s claim of media bias on Sunday to Bush’s 1992 rant. So Ryan hitting out at the media won’t help Team Romney?

We have never witnessed a more brazen and complete attempt by the media to decide the outcome of a presidential election,” Bozell wrote. “For 25 years, the Media Research Center has been documenting liberal media bias daily.  During that time, we have covered seven presidential elections including this one.  We have never seen it this bad.”

The media decides, especially in primary elections as to who qualifies to campaign for public office by not providing equal airtime and ignoring those they do not favor. In the case of Ron Paul, the most coverage he received during the primary election was segments dedicated to making him look like a “radical” or just a kook. An example would be NBC with co-host Savannah Guthrie promoting a member of the Kennedy family into Congressional campaigning, stating:

a new generation has stepped forward.

The media did not care negative publicity was published when Bush ran for election; but this president is afforded a certain amount of publicity protection, in some cases outright “Blackout” of important news concerning the Fast & Furious scandal that is still being investigated by a congressional committee. ABC, CBS, and NBC have ignored a major news outbreak where, over the weekend …

57 previously unreported guns used in crimes by Mexican cartels

It was known that ABC had an excerpt of the Univision September 30th report posted at their official website. The media had, during the Bush II administration, published calls for his impeachment – but says nothing about BH Obama refusing to fire Attorney General Eric Holder or convince him to resign.
Ben Steinat American Spectator stated that the media hated Ronald Reagan, yet he won a landslide victory because he consistently presented himself as to who he was – a likable, sincere, servant of the People. 
It would have been a smart thing in Romney’s campaign that he studied that election 1984 debate between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan – both who did well in the televised discussion. Reagan had specific programs and goals that he relayed to the People: (1) strong against the Soviet Union’s bully attitude, (2) win the Cold War (that included tearing the Berlin Wall down and unifying Germany into one, free state; (3) increase defense spending to deter aggressive actions, (4) cut taxes, (5) provided a list of specific budget cuts; and (6) appeal to America’s patriotism.
The media is against Mr. Romney, the depict Mr. Obama in a different manner – how wonderful he is, a great family man, cool, he cares, et cetera. 
It may be true, in part (what part is yet to be determined); however, his record as President of the United States clearly indicates he is and never was the man for the difficult tasks required of that office.
The problem, as far as some voters, which include myself, about Mitt Romney: (1) he has catered to liberalism under the guise of “moderate” as Governor of Massachusetts, (2) pushes the fact that he is Mormon, rather than pushing for constitutionalism; and (3) has, in an attempt to please everyone shifted his ideology and political stance too often.
Of course, as Mr. Steinnoted:

We know what Mr. Obama is and what he stands for:(1) He is for apologizing to the rest of the world for our freedoms of speech and for our power and prosperity.(2) He is an indolent President who has not even submitted a budget for three and a half years;(3) He loathes the oil and gas sector of the society.(4) He wants to make as much of the country as possible dependent on the federal teat.(5) He unequivocally believes in unilateral nuclear disarmament.And so on down the line of jejune left-wing thought.So, we know that about him.

I wonder how he will present himself in debate tonight. I know Mr. Obama will be prepared to teleprompt his political propaganda, tuning in on any negativity against his opponent, while conveniently ignoring the issue of why important issues have not been resolved, or at least a step toward repair, during his administration and what is his “lessons learned” plan? There are not “lessons learned” because his policy is not like Harry S. Truman: 

The buck stops here!

He, and his progressive cohorts and “moderate” Republicans who play the progressive game towards American-style socialism, apparently fail to realize that what, if any, plans about our economic woes and other issues is going to work. 
It is obvious that in the last three decades, their policies and attitudes have led us to the path we are walking now – yet, never stopped to think that an alternative, common sense solution was required. How about using the Constitution of the United States and its amendments as a guideline? These matters were consistently brought before Congress and the president in office of the time by Ron Paul since 1984! Yet, he is a radical, a crazed maverick, a Libertarian fool. Dr. Paul will be retiring after this campaign is over. Who will pick up the banner and carry it to the finish line?
Certainly not Mr. Obama OR Mr. Romney – unless Mitt actually sees that a moderate is not required, but constitutionalism and a common sense business policy replaces the mistakes made over the past fifty years that lead to this chaos. Mr. Obama is too deep in debt to socialist benefactors and the trade unions to ever change; especially since he actually believes in that stuff – despite his charade. 
Honest and truthful research has shown that his entire adult life has been a charade.
As Ben Stein pointed out, Mr. Romney needs to emphasize and declare without compromise:

(1) I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am unequivocally a Christian. I respect all peaceful religions and I respect those who do not choose to believe in God. But I am and always will be a Christian.(2) I believe that the greatest gift that God has ever bestowed upon mankind in the last two millennia is the United States. I will never apologize for the USA, especially not on the soil of despotisms and murderous regimes — but really, not anywhere.(3) I believe that the first duty of the President is to defend the United States of America. I will not disarm either unilaterally or any other way. This world is too dangerous a place for unilateral disarmament and I do not trust our adversaries enough to disarm. A solid, unquestioned defense is the cornerstone of the edifice of a free people. That includes a defense against ballistic missiles and I will not allow the ill-informed mockery of my opponents to keep me from defending America.(4) I am horrified at the suffering of so many Americans in the current economic downturn. I will work night and day to get us out of it. I will urgently search for ways to deregulate where deregulation is strangling the economy. I will not take our country off a tax cliff or any other kind of cliff. I will have the smartest people in the nation comb every corner of the budget to find savings in our spending. If necessary to protect defense spending, I will consider revenue enhancement measures.(5)I will not beat up on and mock and belittle the businesses that make this country run. Man is a difficult creature, but I will not demean all of the tens of millions who work for corporations as evil and soulless as my opponent does.(5) I will be the President of all of the people. I will encourage those on relief to have self-respect and dignity by getting them off in a compassionate way of the public dole. A working man or working woman is simply a happier human being. The aged and infirm of course must not be denied care and support.6) I will regulate Wall Street strictly. I have many friends on Wall Street and they helped me immensely in my career. But Wall Street behaved abysmally in the period leading up to and including the 2008 Crash. I will make sure they can never do that again, and if they do, I will make them pay for it.(7) I will never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon to threaten Israel or anyone else with.(8) If we make mistakes that cost the lives or safety of Americans, we will admit it immediately and not cover up the truth(9) We will not use money paid by taxpayers to do favors for companies with powerful friends in Washington but no meaningful prospects for employment.(10) I am unequivocally for life.(11) I will never compromise the retirement security or health care of older Americans in any way, shape or form.(12) I will not do the kowtow to the teachers’ unions.Well, you see. That’s a beginning. Let’s have an idea of who he is:He is more of an American and less of an internationalist than Mr. Obama is.

That is why, despite voting against him in the primary election, my vote is going to Mitt Romney
If I voted for Ron Paul in November, as I did in the primary election – my vote would be wasted, because any votes for Ron Paul would possibly cause Obama to win. It is with great reluctance that I do so. Maybe some day, voters like me will not have to choose the best of the worst in elections. I believe Mr. Romney is a better person that GW Bush, the latter ignoring domestic issues while demonstrating strength in foreign affairs. Mitt Romney certainly has a better VP candidate – Paul Ryan
One thing is certain. If America is not going to fall deeper in a national debt they presently cannot correct too soon, and other unsolved problems resolved; Mr. Obama cannot possibly continue to be President of the United States. That is just regarding his presidential record and not the fact he chooses corrupt and inept politicians to positions in the executive administration. More inept than whom GW Bush chose to head FEMA.
The problems are clear.
What We the Peoplerequire are common sense solutions, based upon the fact that previous ideologies and politically motivated plans have failed – drastically. We already know what those issues are and should be past the point of finger pointing and insisting that our elected officials fix it.
Mitt Romney’s victory in Election 2012 will renew my faith in the majority of my fellow Americans ability to make voting decisions based upon facts on hand, despite the progressive bully politics and condescending media.
Here are recent transgressions by Obama administration:

And this is what worries voters when it comes to Mitt Romney: