Obama File: US Funding Enemies of the Free World

Whichever political party is in the majority, it seems they just cannot fathom common sense. It is so easy to spend taxpayer dollars – money we do not have.
Let’s discuss the present situation with Egypt.
The US government is preparing to add $450 million to the national debt ($16 trillion and counting) to back the Muslim Brotherhood that is an organization derived from the Jihadism that has kept aggression in the region for decades, and longer. Indeed, they are here in America protected by a false front organization called CAIR.

Those that operate OUR government have pledged a $1 billion total aid package to Egypt by May of 2013, which includes the added amount mentioned above. In addition, Egypt will receive $375 million in financing and loan guarantees for American financiers who invest in Egypt and $60 million for Egyptian businesses. There are American businesses failing and unemployment has steadily remained dismal, and a senator(Republican) is complaining that wealthy unemployed have collected their legal amount of unemployment checks they paid into.

While Obama has snubbed Israel on more than one occasion, it seems he is partial to the Muslim Brotherhood. No wonder thinks he is a closet Islamist, and recent proof has even shown he is a closet homosexual, rather a bisexual. Secretary of State Hillary Clintonhas made the arrangements and received a pledge by Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi that the peace treaty with Israel will continue to be honored. The Brotherhood’s past record proves differently. In the last meetingwith Egyptian Foreign Minister and Hillary Clinton, he implied that Israel was in violation of the treaty.
The Muslim Brotherhoodhas openly stated its objective to destroy Israel, the Brotherhood Supreme Cleric, Mohammed Badie stating that a jihad was required (June 14th 2012).
The Hamasterrorist group is a wing of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine, changing its name in 2011 to The Islamic Resistance Movement. The Muslim Brotherhood has never condemned the actions of the Hamas, instead endorsing it as “resistance” to Israel.
The Brotherhood regime now in control of Egypt has promised the Western world that they are adopting “democracy”. Sheikh Yousef Qaradawi explained that their “democracy” is within the confines of Sharia Law. No theocracy can be a democracy in any terminology.
Morsi’s government has arrestedChristians for speaking out and against Muslim activities, one of them sentencedfor six years. A member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Wagdy Ghoneim, formerly an imam in California until he was arrested in 2004, stated:

If anyone tells you that he is a liberal, tell him directly that he is an infidel.

That is why it astounds me that the Hollywood crowd stick up for these Islamic fundamentalists, when if they take over – they will be the first to be arrested and beheaded or hung. Their lifestyle is an abomination.
Morsi has stated, in November 2004:

Quran established that the Jews are the ones with the highest degree of enmity towards Muslims … there is no peace with the descendants of the apes and pigs … free the land from the filth of the Jews.

These are the people that OUR government is sending OUR tax dollars to, folks.
Therefore, this is the situation

The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies won the elections in Egypt, Tunisia and Somalia. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. In Yemen, the Brotherhood’s Islah affiliate is the strongest party as the country undergoes a transition. The Brotherhood is the major force behind the rebels in Syria and the Brotherhood is gearing up to destabilize Jordan. The Sudanese regime says it is instituting full-blown Sharia Law and if it doesn’t, the Muslim Brotherhood’s affiliate may overthrow it. The Brotherhood suffered a major setback in Libya’s elections, but it remains a potent force in that country. … At one of Morsi’s campaign rallies, a cleric proclaimed, “We are seeing the dream of the Islamic Caliphate come true at the hands of the Mohammed Morse” and “the capital of the Caliphate and the United Arab States is Jerusalem”. Morsi nodded.

American tax money is going to Egypt where Morsi is in power. Why hasn’t Congress blocked this? At a time when the United States is undergoing a terrible economic crisis, that money requires that it remain and be used within the United States – used to slow down the national debt and get our economy back on track.
Obama has made and wants to make more cuts in our military, all the while funding our enemies – the enemies of the Free World.
If that isn’t enough not to vote for him, what on Earth would change Obama fans’ minds?