Letter of Grievance: Wisconsin Career Politician

Representative GareyBies
RE: Letter of Grievance: VA Benefits, Property Rights and Freedom of Choice

One of the most important parts of my job is communicating with my constituents and being responsive to your comments and concerns. …

That is a false statement because over the course of about two years and three communique to your office, you have NOT responded to any of the issues I presented.
Yet, I consistently voted for you in every election.
You are a chair for the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, yet the only person who responded to my issue concerning disability benefits that I have been fighting for since 1994/1996 was followed up by the office of Senator Ron Johnson, US Senate – for whom I will continue supporting and voting for because he is truly a representative For the People.

The two major issues of my concern was the fact that in 1996, the US Congress passed a law that combined military retirement benefits with disability benefits. So, even after a long battle and the VA conceded (despite documented evidence in my records during US Army service) that as of 2009 I was to receive 30% disability compensation. However, because of the legislation passed in 1996, which disability was deducted from my retirement severance pay issued in 1994, which monthly checks will not be mailed until March of 2016. Retirement compensation and medical compensation are two different issues, but government, who always cut in the wrong places, decided differently.

During the course of action to receive those benefits, I received no communication or help on this matter. In addition, the state of Wisconsin owes me unemployment from August of 2012 to February 2012, in which the 20 hours I was working in the Curative program was eliminated due to cutting funds. The Wisconsin Unemployment Office stated that I could not receive benefits because the Curative program was a government work program. So I had NO income from August of 2012 to February 2012 when I received my first Social Security check. I had to request SSI benefits earlier than age 65 because of my 30% disability, which penalized me $200 less per month. Combined with no disability compensation monthly benefits and no unemployment weekly checks – I was in economic straits.
The second issue I presented to you had to do with Wisconsin “Smoke Out” law where government dictated to private businesses whether they could allow smoking within their establishments or compromise by initiating a smoking section and non-smoking section. It was clearly a transgression against private property rights and freedom of choice. No government should be involved with issues and concerns that involve those rights because it is the individual private property owners who determine whether they allow smoking at restaurants, inns, motels, hotels – property that is owned by private person or persons. To set a legal age for smoking is a good thing. To mandate laws that transgress private property rights is unconstitutional and against all ethics of good government, a limited government.
On that issue, you sided with the Democrats, and at that time, Governor Jim Doyle. I truly thought that Governor Walker would rescind the draconian and unconstitutional law against property rights – but he did not, and neither did you. I supported him because he finally put Wisconsin on board as a constitutional state by pushing Second Amendment rights; however, he did not rescind the “Smoke Out” law of the progressives that believe that government can dictate our private lives and choices. I also supported Governor Walker 100% in the fight against labor unions and their power within local, state, and federal governments in regards to government employees – which has been one of the major causes of state government and federal government not being able to budget and reduce deficits.
Your advocacy and sponsorship of restricting phosphorous in fertilizers, tobacco products to minors, underage drinking, and increased jail and prison time for drunken drivers are commendable. You fail in the area of property rights and communicating with your constituents. Maybe it is because you were unopposed in the last election?
The state of Wisconsin unemployment office owes me compensation from August of 2012 to at least January of 2013. The reason for not providing it to me was bogus. A fellow employee was getting unemployment while still working at Curative (Sunshine House), on the same work program, while I received nothing. When the program had to make cuts due to federal budget cuts of 2011-2012, I had to leave the program with no employment available and an unemployment office that was uncooperative; as well as a representative of the state assembly who does not address issues or communicates with his constituents.
On November 6th, at the voting poll location, I will write in a candidate rather than vote for you, and have, in the last six months campaigned against you. You and Governor Walker have failed to rescind intrusive and unconstitutional laws signed by former Governor Jim Doyle, initiated by his cronies in the state assembly.
Limitation of government power and intrusion upon the rights of citizens under the US Constitution includes all state governments and their constitution. A constitution is rules of law, and government must use its powers within those limits and govern by the rule of law, not the rule of men. Government uses taxpayer funding to support abortion because “women have the right to make judgements concerning their own bodies”; yet smokers, using a legal product, are not afforded those rights. I cannot disagree that smoking is not healthy over a long-term period, but it is the choice of We the People to make – not government busy bodies. Yet, those who use tobacco products are not afforded those rights. It is not conclusive in studies that “second-hand smoke” harms anyone. Most smokers are polite when it comes to non-smokers. I do not believe in open season on unborn infants, women getting abortions for reasons other than rape, for example. But a portion of taxes I pay goes toward government controlled abortion programs. The time for government, those that operate it, to be selective when it comes to rights and liberties is coming to an end.
That issue that government took upon itself opened a “can of worms” – and now government is attempting to dictate what we can eat and how much. Special interests, a minority, have power in the government, but in a democracy, it is the will of the majority that presides. Too often in the claim of “rights” have citizen groups of a few have dictated and transgressed the rights of others (majority). That practice must end. The Founders were extremely concerned about property rights because of what they experienced under a tyrannical government of the colonies from across the seas. Today, we have tyrants from our districts who think that government has the right to make choices for us, when God gave humanity freedom of choice (with acceptance and responsibility of its implications) from the very beginning. It is “natural law” as described in the Declaration of Independence, for which was a preliminary to the US Constitution and its amendments.
The draconian “Smoke Out” law must be rescinded, and the responsibility towards veterans and the unemployed (paid for by unemployment insurance tax) must also be honored and attended to.
I might add one last issue. Taxation is for the collection of revenue to support the operations of the people’s government – not to be used for social engineering and punishing a certain sector of the population.
You should be ashamed, Mr. Bies. Democrats are noted for their hypocrisy and intrusion upon individual liberty – too often you have just stood by, and in some cases agreed with them. Moreover, in light of hypocrisy, you advocate health standards, yet obesity is the major cause of heart disease – you recently were named “Friend of Family Medicine” and American Heart Association named you “Legislator of the Year”. With your political stance, it is surprising you have not pushed for laws against obesity, where Wisconsin is made up of more obese citizens among other states. That advocacy and draconian law is no different than enforcing government and special interest will upon privately owned business. If a business allows smoking or no smoking, it is the right of customers to not visit or use that establishment. Private sector dictates such things – NOT government. America citizens require from local councils to federal legislators, politicians that adhere to the rule of law and that rule is US Constitution and its amendments. It is not the type of government you advocate or administer because property rights are fundamental to other rights, which is why individualism is better than the collective.