What Made America Great in 1778 Will Make America Great Today

The major difference between “conservatives” and “liberals” is that conservatives mind their own business. Liberals tend to think they must dictate how others should live their lives within their own, often misconceived, perception of how to live, how to raise children, exercising their rights and liberties according to the Bill of Rights, et cetera. They believe that collectivism is far better than individual liberties, and they have listened to their liberal leadership’s untruthful rhetoric and propaganda lies for so long they actually believe it with no question or even using common sense to examine its worth.

Liberals now, in the political circle, call themselves “progressives” – not realizing or simply refusing to acknowledge that this particular progression is leading America into a Nanny State – American-style democratic-socialist nation that will end up as other nations who have mistakenly tried that form of government, thinking it was better.

While not perfect, our constitutional republic has a record of being the best, but that best is no longer visible because Americans have chosen collectivism with its false promise of economic security, and truly believe that they deserve entitlements that other citizens should pay because they make more than they do. There are Americans who think that the majority of Americans of wealth either inherited it or stole it. It is what class warfare, or for a better term, class envy is all about – a tool that socialists have used successfully in other nations. By the time they figure out that tyrants have been lying to them just to initiate or preserve their power – it is more often than not, too late. Many Germans who believed in Hitler to improve horrific conditions of the global Great Depression certainly found out too late what the consequences would be. I was deeply disturbed and shocked when a local newspaper quoted a local woman who stated she would vote for a communist in order to improve her life.Our biggest woes is because we allowed our government, those that operate it, to do so outside the bounds of the US Constitution and even suggest to do away with part of or most of what the Founders created. 
The major problem here is that too many Americans have fallen away from that which made America great – pioneers with the resolve to build a better life for their families, great inventors who relied upon hard work and ingenuity to invent wonderful things.
In a communist state, there are not incentives for such people, for everyone is forced to be the same, live the same or that which the state dictates. That local woman should ask someone in a former communist state if Marxism is so great. Immigrants who came here with visions of what America once was, are shocked at the attitudes, the laziness, and people willing to believe or be loyal to entities that have only one agenda- power for themselves and their comrades. Individuality and individual freedom, and respect of other citizens’ freedoms and liberties is what made America great. Hard work and obtaining the knowledge required to be successful in many occupations and lifestyles is what made America great. In other words, We the People made America – not government. Indeed, our Founders created a government bent upon that very philosophy – but somewhere along the line, we have allowed ourselves infiltration by Marxists and our children brainwashed into thinking differently than what American Founders discovered and initiated. We have allowed our virtues to fall by the way, our family nucleus become dysfunctional, and common sense fall by the wayside. We have come to think that our success solely relies upon those that operate our government, replacing real heroes among us with political demagoguery.
I am stubborn in thinking that there is hope for America, and I still have faith that most of us will see the error of our ways and make the changes accordingly. We the People must ensure that those we elect are in the same vein of thinking of our Founders with an agenda to return this dysfunctional government into what and why it was created: to be a constitutional republic. The Rule of Lawis the key, not the Rule of the Mob – that entity of minority that seeks majority at all costs and any means available to ensure their power. They claim to stand for democracy, but that is just another lie because democracy is based upon the will of the majority – not special interest groups, powerful politicians financed by those that seek power as well – and people who think their rights supersede the rights of fellow citizens.
I certainly understand why some people refer to this generation as the “ME” generation.
If we want reform in our government, we must reform ourselves, as a society and return those values that made us great in the first place – and those cherished and obtained through sweat and blood to reach that objective. That requires that we rebuild the strength and importance of the family unit and coordinate with our community without dictating to others how to live, honoring property rights and freedom of choice.
That is a major part of the American Dream – not seeking more entitlements that will bankrupt the United States into a Third World nation; much to the delight of our enemies.
Mr. Obama is not capable of achieving those goals. We the People must ensure that the next Congress performs what they were voted for and are paid for. Mr. Romney should win, but he must work toward the goals that work to solve problems, not create more – and adhere to the principles and Rule of Law that the Founders created.