Jeffrey Lord Finds Perfect Description of BH Obama

During the Great Depression, swindlers came out of the woodwork like cockroaches, looking for an easy buck. They called these people’s operations: Flimflam, and since most were men, “Flimflam Man”. They say that our steady unemployment rate has reached the Great Depressionnumbers and with the incredible national debt, a heavy recession with it; some economists are saying it is worse than the Great Depression or soon will be. And that is worldwide, like the Great Depression, not just the United States in some degree or another.
Definition of flimflam:
  1. Trick or swindle: an attempt to cheat somebody.
  2. Deceptive talk: talk that confuses or deceives.
  3. Cheat somebody: to cheat somebody.
Also a film title (Flimflam Man) starring George C. Scott

“The Flimflam Man” starring Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro.

As Jeffrey Lord wrote on the same topic entitled Obama’s Jobs Flimflam at the American Spectator

1.7 million illegals suddenly added to job pool – but the unemployment rate drops?On a nice, sunny day the President suddenly appeared in front of the carefully assembled White House press corps to announce that he was granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants. After running through his highly controversial reasoning — critics hotly charged that he was wrongly using an executive order to end-run Congress for the sake of election year politics Over the next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization. … as the Pew Research Center noted here, using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, somewhere around 1.7 million new workers were abruptly dumped into the U.S. job market. Remember the kerfuffle over Neil Munro? The Daily Caller reporter who angered the President by trying to ask a question about all of this? The President claimed he was being interrupted, then kept reading — and finally finished, stalked back to the Oval Office with Mr. Munro’s lone voice echoing as the President’s back receded? To refresh, take a look here at this clip from Hannity in which the clip is replayed and Munro is interviewed. … If the Obama administration announces in June that 1.7 million new workers are being added to the American workforce. Then announces in September that only 114,000 jobs have been created in September — how can the unemployment rate possibly drop? …

It all comes to the point that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens and those immigrants who came here legally who WANT to be citizens – not just come here with the attitude (joining subversive organizations) they are taking back alleged stolen real estate. The Obama administration has not only turn their head on enforcement of our immigration laws that the last three presidents did – but he is putting them at the head of the line for employment!
And, his flimflam is not strictly about the truth of the unemployment issue:
  • His administration insisted that the attack upon our embassies and death of our ambassador was a spontaneous event caused by irate demonstrators – when in fact, it was an orchestrated terrorist attack centered around the anniversary of September 11th. His administration did not ensure that security was stepped up to be prepared for it – thus, Obama lied and people died. (if we use the same mindset that Democrats used against GW Bush)
  • Fast & Furious – another cover-up buried in lies, pointing fingers elsewhere, with three national security officials finally admitting they were briefed – contradicting Obama and friends. Violent crimes committed 11-28 with a death toll of over 300 including an American Border Patrol officer (Brian Terry). Obama lied and people died.
  • General Motors has come to realize that Obama is bad for business. They want the government to sell 27 shares. Now, if anyone out there knows about different forms of government, which type of government takes over private sector business? Chavez is a clue (Obama/Clinton buddy). The government refuses to sell, reports Wall Street Journal, because it will be $15 billion out of taxpayer funding. Joe Biden is busily covering up this fiasco. To our knowledge, no one has died from this endeavor.
  • ABC News reported that Lockheed Martin and its defense contractor will not be announcing layoffs until AFTER the November presidential election. It is because of Obama’s defense budget cuts that will take effect on January 2nd, 2013. So do not blame that on Mitt Romney – if voters are wise enough to elect him, as an alternate best of the worst scenario. However, he may surprise everyone, I hope. It does not make me feel “warm and fuzzy” when he makes remarks he did concerning the illegal immigration issue recently. Anyway, the White House is demanding that Lockheed violate the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, called WARN. (Isn’t government folks slick about acronyms? – too bad they are not as intelligent in other areas). The F35 fighter-bomber tactical jet is the most awesome in the world, and like Reagan stated (not direct quote): We must be strong in defense and strong in policy if we are to have peace. 
As Jeffrey Lordstated: This president has problems telling the truth. (also Jeremiah Wright said the same thing).
Not only do the true statistics and figures demonstrate how inept this president is, but his lies are catching up with him – along with the actions of his corrupt/shady Cabinet and department heads.
I hope history books mention the descriptive word for this president: The Flimflam Man. A president who didn’t qualify even to be a Senator of the US Congress. A politician whose whose adult life has been molded to appear something it is not, backed by Muslim money and Chicago corruption. 
I hope even more that Americans wake up, those that have Obama banners at their homes and stuck on their cars, and realize that this man is not good for America. Some people still believe he is either a Muslim in a closet or not a legal American citizen – or both. 
But regardless, there has been enough on him with his unconstitutional actions to add to the pot to have held impeachment hearings two years ago. If this was a Republican (or independent) president, it probably would have occurred in the first year. Remember the movement for impeachment proceedings against GW Bush over the Patriot Act? (of which I am not fond of myself) …
What a shame. 
An important milestone in American history of an African American becoming President of the United States, who could have finally healed and removed racist scars upon American society, a proud symbol of success for a group of Americans – has instead divided us further.
That part truly makes me sad, for I am tired of racism from both sides of the skin-pigmented fence.
We need to think like Americans. Americans that come from all walks of life (and not whine because another  American is wealthy), varied ethnic backgrounds and cultural diversity who have established American traditions like Thanksgiving and other valued customs. If we do not think of ourselves united, then how can we possibly believe our nation will last?
We need to think as Americans did when this nation rose up among mighty nations and became the greatest nation in the world. Independent, respect for other folks/ rights and liberties as much as our own. 
America was so great that people flocked here by the millions to be a part of it, to make their own American Dream comes true. They came not because they believed they had the right to professed stolen real estate, or because they were on this continent first (they are Spanish hybrids, so that isn’t true either). Aztlan is a long dead ancient society. Besides, who wants to bring back human sacrifice. It is custom for immigrants to adopt the language of the nation they immigrate to, not expect that nation to adopt their language. Our schools should offer languages of choice – rather than just Spanish. Frankly, I would have liked to learn Latin (better and formally) in school, the basis of Spanish and Italian languages. However, like French, it has its limitations, despite being the diplomatic language when our Founders were living. German used to be offered as a choice once upon a time. 

Our Melting Pot system is what made us great. Our unity is what made us great. Our loyalty and support of the Rule of Law incorporated within the US Constitution and its amendments that made America great. Reform our family structure and society values, as well as the people that operate OUR government; and we can be role models for a constitutional republic once again – maybe it will rub off upon other people in other nations.