Election 2012: Following the Money and Voter Fraud

Yes, follow the money trail. Rush Limbaugh has stated this for a long time. Robert Williams, co-founder of the Wall Street Daily and hosts Wall Street Daily Insider constantly investigates using what he calls Political Intelligence network. An expert on technology and small-cap stocks he has uncovered disturbing details as to just how corrupt OUR government really is. Capital Hills requires a thorough cleaning out. He is concerned that one of the political parties is about to rig the 2012 election. Mr. Williams is also a leading financial analyst for a private corporation that Forbes listed in the top 50 corporations list, as well as an analyst for a major academic institution. He has been featured in books like Trade with Passion and Purpose by Alexander Green

Here is some information you may find interesting:

  • Rick Perry, Governor of Texas: from an annual salary of $7,200 he built a fortune now worth $2.8 million.
  • Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House made $2.85 million on a new highway.
  • Jared Polis, House of Representatives, Colorado banked about $375,000 on the passage of ObamaCare.
  • Tom Lantos, House of Representatives, California, now deceased, bought Boeing at $5 a share and was worth $11 million when he died.
  • Carolyn Maloney, House of Representatives, New York. Her home is worth about $25 million thanks to a new subway stop.
  • John Kerry, Senator, Massachusetts. Married to a rich heiress, he also banked $225,000 when ObamaCare was passed.
  • Robert Torricelli, Senator, New Jersey made $70,000 in 24 hours on an IPO.
  • Barbara Boxer, Senator, California, infamous for her fight against the Second Amendment, earned 200% in one day on Avenue A.
  • Maurice Hinchey, House of Representatives, New York, quadrupled his net worth in four years and now worth $727,000.
  • Spencer Bauchus, House of Representatives, Alabama, traded his way to $50,000 during the financial crisis.
  • Jeff Bingaman, Senator, New Mexico, earned 378& in one day on Avonex.

Now you know why special interest groups have so much power in government. Following the money will also lead to voter fraud … It pays to be a politician.

    Voter fraud is at its all-time high in election year 2012 in states like Maine. Democrats have used dead people as voters as far back as the Lincoln administration. Democrats are fighting against a voter ID law because they will not be able to use illegal immigrants as voting base. Voter fraud has occurred on both sides (GOP) of the political fence, but the Democrats hold the record. However, leftist media only reports fraud occurring on the side of the GOP. Like Salon, Huffington Post, et cetera. The big difference is that the GOP cleanse house when fraud is found – Democrats try to hide it or deny it or use the ACLU.
    When the voting system is in the process to secure the integrity of the ballot box, in steps in the political left, like the ACLU filing three lawsuits seeking to overturn a new Florida law to thwart voting fraud. Despite proof of enlisting dead people to vote, Democrats still whine. Honesty is not in their political rule book.
    If you want to see the mentality of an Obama fan, Democrat mouthpiece (foul mouth-piece) – watch Sarah Silverman video, actually funded by a Jewish organization! Friends, John Adamsand other Founders were correct – when society becomes corrupt and immoral, government follows suit – and no nation can stand under those circumstances.
    Project Veritas (Latin for Truth) exposes the Obama team’s corruption.
    If you want to learn more about voter fraud and how to fight it, read Heritage Foundation website. Read also about Obama Campaign’s Organizing for America and its voter fraud campaign.
    Voter Fraud, Discover the Networks
    The Fact of Voter Fraud, Cato Institute
    Folks, the danger is real and it must be stopped, yesterday.
    Remember this: The only people concerned about showing photo ID with name and address to vote are part of the corruption in our political system that does not want to safeguard the integrity of our ballot box.