Obama File: Obama Lied, People Died – Hit the Road Barack

Hardly had GW Bush been in office for one week, after his staff had to clean up and repair vandalism performed by the Clinton staff, the media and democratic-socialist congressional members were zeroing on in perceived and half-truth accusations.
What a different atmosphere in the case of BH Obama. Hardly in office for 90 days gets miraculously chosen for a Nobel Peace prize, a president who has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in a never-ending war. The Obama Nation mob can do no wrong, and when any wrong is reported it is quickly shelved with no follow up – a dark contrast to the myriad of calls for impeachment of GW Bush.

I already reported the farce called the VP debate that occurred last week, a circus side show starring Joe Biden whose only tool was ridiculing his opponent, and trying to get his political adversary riled up enough to make mistakes with false accusations, bogus statistics, and continual interruption with rude remarks. The so-called “mediator” was not neutral and asked questions as stupid as Biden’s answers.
However, behind the scenes, as Mark Baisley, Townhall, pointed out – he pissed off Hillary Clinton – throwing her and her administration under the bus through his remarks of pretending that Obama and he were unaware that any extra or special security was required at the embassies. Records show that was as big of a lie as the Obama administration figures of unemployment.
Townhall, October 15th 2012, Mark Baisley: And Now He’s Ticked Off Hillary

I am imagining that Hillary Clinton is spending a great deal of time with close advisers and political strategists this week.  … An inevitable gunfight has been building between the Chicago Democratic machine and the Arkansas Democratic royalty for weeks now.  And President Obama can thank his short-sighted Vice President for expediting the inevitable shootout to begin at the same time as early voting. President Obama has escaped disaster time after time with scandals and cover-ups that would have taken down the cleanest Republican president.  The abuse of the National Labor Relations Board in an attempt to force Boeing to place its 787 plant in union-controlled Washington State left no chinks in Obama’s armor.  Bribing Lockheed Martin with covering of legal expenses if they will postpone required layoff notices until after the election does not seem to have raised a single liberal eyebrow.  Even invoking Executive Privilege to withhold information from Congress regarding the murders of an American Border Patrol and hundreds of Mexican citizens has not shaken the President’s loyal following.

Obama lied and people died. Why, instead of preparations of reelection is there not impeachment hearings being held – overdue by six months to one-and-one-half years – enough evidence of cover-ups and corruption, but apparently too fearful of being called racists, not to mention that liberal-progressives have the majority plus a cadre of RINOs who call themselves “moderates” in Congress.

But while the yellow-tinted, main-stream media is blatantly positioned on the side of the Democratic Party, they did not count on having to choose sides between Barack and Hillary in the final days of the 2012 presidential election. … The State Department’s mission now includes promoting the agenda of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community worldwide. … (See http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2010/06/143517.htm) …After softening up the militantly modest sensibilities of Islam’s religious police through messaging, supported by Madonna’s indecent exposure tour, the Obama Administration got down to some thoughtful personnel deployments.  In an apparent act of altruistic hope and change, the State Department dispatched a gay man as Ambassador to LibyaWhat could possibly go wrong?
The murder of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans took place just three months after Stevens arrived as America’s Ambassador to Libya.  In response to this horrific act, the Obama Administration and Clinton State Department jointly concluded that Libyans must simply have become impulsively emotional over a YouTube video called The Innocence of Muslims (see the trailer HERE).  After all, it was produced by a Coptic Christian who lives in California, USA. …The State Department even created a television ad (linked HERE) to calm down Muslims who may be prone to violence as a result of the YouTube video.  They paid Pakistani television outlets $70,000 to play the ad, which features both President Obama at the White House and Secretary Clinton saying, “Let me state very clearly that the United States has absolutely nothing to do with this video.  We absolutely reject its contents.  America’s commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation.”  One week later, the Coptic Christian filmmaker was arrested in California. …The Obama-Biden team seems very willing to let Hillary Clinton become the scapegoat for their poor handling of foreign affairs and for covering up the real story of a loyal American left shamefully vulnerable by a president who blows off intelligence briefings daily.  Secretary Clinton will not take the fall for this president.  And if Bill Clinton chooses to weigh in on behalf of his wife this month, Mitt Romney will walk across the finish line on November 6.  In the worst timing for an administration up for re-election, a dithering media may actually choose to investigate the truth – out of not knowing what else to do.

In Islamic nations where Sharia Law is paramount – being guilty of homosexuality (and adultery) is punishable by death. Did anyone think that the fact that the US ambassador to Libya being “gay” had anything to do with his death? Other embassies were attacked, personal, public property destroyed or looted – but only Libya ambassador, and a couple of his staff was killed. Not only does that present a question mark against the White House claims of what really happened, but the fact that it was an attack by a trained militant group, not spontaneous demonstrators that hit the embassy in Libya and elsewhere. The US video may very well have been part of the reason – but I firmly believe, after reviewing evidence and Mr. Baisley’s article was that Stevens died because he was gay.
As in the years that led up to the First Crusade of the medieval period in history, the Islamic leadership and its lieutenants are for conquest and religious domination under Sharia Law whose doctrine is reform to Islam or die. Many who have read the history textbooks created by bias writers of history believe that the Christians started the Holy Wars that launched the First Crusade. The Western Church (Rome) responded to the request for help by the Eastern Church and the Byzantine Empire that was crumbling under the conquest-driven hordes of Islamic warriors; and that conquest was so successful it reached Spain and southern France. The saving of the Holy City of Jerusalem and Christian pilgrimage sites was secondary and used to inspire recruits to join the army sent to stop the flow of Islamic conquistadors. It is true that Pope Urban had called for a Crusade, but the initial reason was to answer to the response of help from the Byzantine Christians and stem the tide of Islamic conquerors that endangered Europe.
That is the truth.
Any consequential crusades after the first in 1095 were for securing the holy city of Jerusalem and various other reasons with promise of riches from loot to the Christian warlords sent there. As far as atrocities, there were accounts of such on both sides, but historical documentation indicates that the Christian Crusaders enacted the first account of atrocity and genocidal acts.
The background concerning what has been called the War on Terrorismor the War Against Islamic Fascism is no different in terms of what and who started the modern-day Crusade we now are experiencing – whether one chooses to accept it or not. Wahhabi using the name of Jihadis the true enemy and what the war is the proper terminology; terrorism is only a tool of that jihad movement.
Much has to be performed in regards if there is to be earnest and honest reform of our federal government – which is not exclusive to the White House, but most importantly Capital Hill’s Congress.
The last four years has shown that Obama and his crowd do not have the right stuff, so it is time for another, fresh, new team to lead our nation as well as work at serious reform in Congress. Let us hope that the American people are not once again disappointed and most importantly that the economy either remains the same or worsens and Big Government continues its march upon our rights and liberties. The Republicans have had their chance since Ronald Reagan stepped from office but have continually talked the talk but were too busy compromising with the whining political left instead of doing what they were paid to do. Represent We the People and honor/adhere to the Constitution of the United States.