Obama File: Don’t Do As I Do, Do As I Say

Today I was reflecting upon using the phrase in my article “Obama Lied, People Died”. It was an echo of what GW Bush was accused of; however, this time it is based upon truth.
The phrase, aforementioned, is from the period when George W. Bush was President of the United States. Let me be clear that I was disappointed with him and his administration, as well as members of Congress, especially concerning domestic issues. One thing was strong in his policies and that was foreign affairs, despite some issues with continuing mistakes of the United States in its foreign policies.  When decided, with coalition nations, that the United States would no longer tolerate the aggressive, despotic, and genocidal nature of Saddam Hussein, ending his regime, the press and the American political left (and the left elsewhere) went on a rampage. There were violent anti-war protests, which in itself were hypocritical, and someone thought up the line that “Bush Lied and People Died”. History has shown, although you have not read about it in mainstream media, that the intelligence reports of Saddam’s continued pursuit of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were intended to be used, when possible. In the light of the Food for Oil Programme of the United Nations and its criminal and corrupt scandal, not many connected the dots to Saddam purchasing through black market avenues what he wanted. 

When the US and coalition forces attacked and invaded Iraq to rid the world of the despot Saddam Hussein and free the Iraqi people from his genocide, they indeed found mobile trailers set up as laboratories that produced biological substances for weapon delivery. The mainstream media made little note of this, and completely ignored that a terrorist training camp was also discovered in southern Iraq. If it were not for the intelligence organizations and think tank institutions, this would probably have faded into history. All the while, anti-war demonstrations continued and pundits cried that people died because the president lied.
Let us seek reality. I know, what a concept, right?
Every President of the United States and every military leader since the dawn of civilization have made decisions that caused directly or indirectly the deaths of people. It is part of the downfall of leadership. The most they can hope for is keeping those deaths reduced. However, this is describing warfare.
Obama and his minions used that degrading rhetoric for political means, but after 2008, his administration caused many deaths as well. The difference is, it was not all in the act of war. The Fast and Furious scandal demonstrated that Obama and his administration are incompetent and their lying and corruption causing the death of a US Border Patrol officer and an estimate of 300 Mexican civilians. Because of their decision to steer an undercover enterprise into a political tool against the Second Amendment, furthering their intent to reduce or rescind firearm rights of legal and lawful citizens of the United States, “they lied and people died”. This has been an ongoing thing with Barack Hussein Obama since he first took public office as a politician. It is on record in the US Congress as to how he voted for certain legislation, when he was present to vote.
Everything that accused of the political opposition has been conducted by the Democrat Party and its members, and, in some cases, were worse in the outcome. The economic situation in America is an excellent example. The GM bailout that aided union workers did not work well for non-union workers who lost up to 40% of their pension plan (paid into) in the process. Obama-appointed CEO of GM made a speech about how most of the GM factories are now in China and how we should support the Chinese, and its government, and work with them as partners. Another discovery was that the recent video of the anniversary of the Communist Party in China sponsored by General Motors. Yet, during this campaign for his reelection, he made statements that if Romney was president; many jobs would go to China. The American people should be picketing and not purchasing General Motors vehicles in justifiable protest. That was discovered in 2010, it is now 2012.
Outcry for the impeachment of GW Bush was extensive from cyberspace and even within the ranks of Congress – but no such word has been spoken or mentioned for real crimes committed by his administration; unlike Richard Nixon. His crime was covering up and lying to the People, whose impeachment proceedings were destined to begin but he resigned instead. No such hearings were ever scheduled for Obama no matter what he and his administration and czars did. They were and are above the law. It is mostly because of a fear to being labeled a racist, for like in society, skin pigmentation not truth or justice decides guilt. This applies to both sides of the racial fence in our history, but in recent history, it has turned tables.
Can we ever find racial harmony in America with those attitudes?
Why can we not all view ourselves as Americans, those that are legal citizens, who have varied backgrounds and varied grades of skin pigmentation. Some have nice tans and others are prone to sunburn – depending upon where our ancestors came from. In seeking their identity, promoting integration, but instead seeking segregation – the “Black” American has continually put their ethnicity into the light of victims. Yet, there are Americans who rise above that, act like Americans, expect to be treated as an American, and identify themselves as patriots. As, for example, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, and many others who are successful and proud to be Americans.
The man who claimed to be a President of the United States in 2008 who would unite Americans has further divided us – with the help of his corrupt political club and associates.
The man who promised change to match our hope, has only made many Americans hope he goes away somewhere away from politics.
The man who complained about spending in the GW Bush administration and Congress, has increased our national debt and outspent the Bush administration every year of his time in office.
The man who voted against Iraq in Congress has kept troops in the Middle East, but has also added fuel to the fire of dissent within those nations.
The man who promised to build a peace program and regain standing of America among nations, within the United Nations has bowed before a Saudi king embarrassing his station and nation, as well as taking sides with the enemy while ignoring our allies – specifically Israel.
The man who chastised Bush for high gasoline and diesel prices – has not been able to lower them less than $3.50 per gallon. (Government would do best to make US self sufficient and leave the price to free market. Oil is a commodity and all commodity prices are gauged by “supply and demand”. 
Yet the bogus national polls and the media claim that it will be a close presidential race for office in this election.
Why so close?
Do they really believe that in the next four years Obama is going to wave a wand, change his policies, change his socialist ideology, and change his stance with enemies of free nations and make everything, including our nearly bankrupt nation to become Neverland?
Mr. Obama missed his calling. He could have been a scriptwriter or author of fantasy books and films for Disney Productions.
He certainly is not suited for any public office, especially the President of the United States.
Hit the Road, Barack – and do not pass go, do not collect Monopoly money our government now produces.
If Romney is chosen for president, which I hope he does – he must use Ron Paul, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and constitutionally minded think tanks as his source of advisement. He made a good choice of a VP – let us hope (and pray) that Mr. Romney uses him profusely as a source of advisement as to important decisions that lie ahead. I also hope that more constitutionalists are elected for the next Congress in 2013 – Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan need them.