Political Correctness: Career of Colonel Dooley and National Security

One of the reason why I took the early retirement option was the infiltration of the US military, and now even the Marine Corps, with political correctness – social tyranny.
However, even in that premise, the following story is beyond belief  …

This is a tragic story of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, awarded the Bronze Star, the fourth-highest combat award anyone could receive, a West Point graduate, armor officer who served in Iraq, Germany, Bosnia, and Kuwait. He was, until recent circumstances, the instructor of a course on the dangers of radical Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College that is part of the National Defense Universitysince 1981. The college, established in 1946, educates joint and multinational military officers to plan and lead at operational level. It is part of the Armed Services joint effort to provide foreign military students.
One year ago, a group of 57 Islamic complainers protested that the US military counter-terrorism training instructors and their materials were anti-Islam. Included in the group of complainers was CAIR(Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA(Islamic Society of North America). Both of these organizations harbor and fund Muslim Brotherhood and other radical organizations, conspirators as members, indicted in the Holy Land Terror Funding Trial.
As Thomas Sowell stated:

The Constitution cannot protect us unless we protect the Constitution, by getting rid of those who circumvent it or disregard it.

Subversion is a treasonous act – far above and beyond the First Amendment, which the political left uses profusely while disregarding the other amendments, especially the Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and Tenth Amendment.
The result of those Islamic groups raising stink over what was taught in those classes, which is none of their business, the US government, Obama administration, has reviewed and purged counter-terrorism training materials to ensure it meets political correctness. Worse, Islamic groups were allowed into the FBI and other security institutions to approve or disapprove material used by the branches of the US armed forces.
All the materials used by Colonel Dooley since he began teaching in 2010 was approved by the university administration. Last year his performance evaluations were referred as a superb officer.
What were the changes?
John Brennon, chief counter terrorism adviser changed terminology to political correctness. Al Qaeda fighters are no longer called Islamic extremists, changed to mere extremists with no identification of what they are extreme about.
In my terminology, they are Islamic fascists, because: (1) their anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish policies established during the 1930s by Wahhabi organizations who favored the Nazi approach to the Final Solution; (2) their actions in terrorism, fear tactics, and political policies match that of fascism with a theocratic twist. Islamic nations are adhering to medieval laws, Sharia, that are or never were tolerant and oppressed its own people. It is theocracy. The Roman Catholic Church once had such power, and time has shown that it was oppressive to freedom of the people and had eventually ended. So should Islamic theocracy. The Catholic religion still exists, and so can Islam if it changes its oppressive and aggressive behavior and doctrine initiated by Wahhabiand continues in its terrible form today. America and other free nations are undergoing subversionbecause of their religious tolerance by Islamic organizations whose intent is global Islamism.
Brave is the United Arab Emirates, a tiny nation with a population of 8 million who are standing up to the Muslim Brotherhood and evil Iran.
The Islamic subversive groups in America demanded that employees promoted such “biased” training should be “effectively disciplined”. It took six months to single out Col. Dooley’s course when one of his students filed a complaint to Defense Secretary Leon “Rainbow Coalition” Panetta. According to Radical Islam:

Ironically, the complaint was not even about Col. Dooley, but about a guest lecturer he had brought in. The guest lecturer had been talking about “what if” scenarios, a common way the military strategizes: Envision a potential scenario and figure out how to deal with it. In this case, the guest lecturer asked what would happen if Islamic extremists gained control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and began destroying U.S. cities. How should the U.S. respond? The faculty handbook at the university where Col. Dooley was teaching his course says that students and faculty are to express opinions “free of limitations, restraints or coercion by the university or external environment.”  Further, it states that “no subject or issue is considered taboo.”

Ordered by General Martin Dempsey on April 24th 2012, a review occurred and he told reporters that the course was “inflammatory”.
In May of this year, Wiredfeatured the story where mainstream media ignored it. They mentioned that two congressional representatives thought the military railroaded Colonel Dooley. The New Yorker, who only prints bad news and misrepresented information also published about the incident in June of 2012. Telling a story about Colonel Dooley referring to his actions as a “hate crime” alongside a story about an officer that committed fraud; explains the policy of that leftist magazine.
General George Flynn (General Dempsey office) that Dooley was teaching that –

Islam had already declared war on the West. It was inflammatory.

Memo to Flynn and Dempsey: Islam HAS declared war on the West – if you want to cite what president of Iran said and several Islamic holy men stated, representing the religion of Islam. That is like the Pope and his bishops declaring war on anything – it would be representative of that religion, would it not?
In his defense, Colonel Dooley stated:

Political correctness is killing us: How can we properly identify the enemy, analyze his weaknesses, and defeat him, if we are never permitted to examine him from the most basic doctrinal level?

Has anyone heard an outcry from CAIR or ISNA concerning Christians and Jews murdered in the name of Islam?
Has anyone heard an outcry from the complaining groups and individuals concerning this course when Christian churches are burned and ambassadors and civilians are murdered and dragged through the streets?
If those are not “hate crimes”, I have no idea what is.
One month after those statements and decisions by General Dempsey and company, Colonel Dooley was removed as an instructor and the university ordered a negative officer evaluation report for his record. In the military that is an end to one’s career – be it officer, warrant officer, or non-commissioned officer.
In an interview with the Washington Times, Richard Thompson of the non-profit Thomas More Law Center who represented him stated:

What happened here was this whole idea of political correctness deterred the ability of our military to speak frankly about the identity of the enemy. Once you allow political correctness to overwhelm our military, then we are really going to have an impact on our national security.

Representative Allen West called the direction of our national security, especially the FBI, concerning political correctness on matters concerning Muslim Brotherhood and subversive elements entering the US as illegal aliens “Cultural suicide”.
The FBI actively is aggressive toward constitutional US militia organizations, but does nothing about the Islamic training units scattered across America that teach things that every terrorist should know. The FBI has also shut down militia websites as “subversive” – and does nothing about truly subversive elements among us in our towns, cities, and villages. Literally, the Muslim Brotherhood is blackmailing those that operate OUR government.
In October of 2010 Muslim Brotherhood Secretary General Muhammad Badi declared religious war (jihad) against the US. A firm declaration of war but our military instructors must carefully word their course material and not be realistic as to who the enemy really is.
At this rate, Islam will have won the Crusade wars that ravaged for centuries in less than fifty years.
There is not any enemy of the United States that can destroy us. There is no need because we are going to destroy ourselves – through those we elect to support and defend the Constitution, the United States, and its people. No wonder state militias are forming across America in preparation for the worse scenario that may become reality. Citizens should be rightfully alarmed.
Democrats are a party whose demagogue is Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is the president that ordered internment camps for Japanese Americans. Although we declared war on Germany simultaneously and had German spies and saboteurs within the United States, of which five were executed – there was not any internment camps for German immigrant-citizens. This is not saying that the internment camps were okay, just pointing out that Japanese Americans were singled out. Part of it was because of their facial features versus the Germans who, except for their accent, could mingle in with the population. The original pretense was to “protect” the Japanese Americans because of the outrage of the American populace, which was partially true because they were discriminated against even when they rushed to enlist to defend their adopted country.
I brought this up because I do not think that We the People should mistreat someone because they are Moslems, but our government must be realistic when it comes to subversive organizations and Islamic training camps in the United States and its territories.
I have tried to get details concerning Mr. Thompson filing a civil suit against General Dempsey in a US District Court; hopefully this has or will happen. General Dempsey (and Department of Defense) ruined the career of an outstanding officer in the name of political correctness and the misconception of and ludicrous of “hate crime” nonsense.
The two letters of protest were written and signed by Rep. Thomas J. Rooney (R-FL) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA).
There is a Facebook page entitled Justice for Colonel Dooley and an October 14th 2012 follow up by the Washington Times.
There also is a petition ongoing at Kommon Sents Jane blog.
An article at Breitbart.
As former CIA agent, Claire M. Lopez stated:

All US military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and Joint Chiefs are under Dempsey’s Muslim Brotherhood-dictated order to ensure that henceforth, no US military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive (or just too informative).

Regarding Islam, Lopezstated:

 …she believes that Sharia law is entirely antithetical to human liberty, and that unless steps are taken, believers in Islamic Sharia law will overrun Europe. In a March 11, 2011 interview with Anthony Martin of the conservative Examiner, Lopez stated: “But, the bottom line really is that, unless ethnic Europeans begin to have an awful lot more babies, the forces of sharia Islam will inherit Eurabia by sheer dint of their numbers.” [4]

Write to your congressperson and tell them about what you think of Colonel Dooley’s situation and the state of our national security.
The next White House administration and Congress must reverse the harm caused in the past 20 years to our national security and affronts toward our Constitution. 
We cannot tolerate political correctness to interfere with common sense security any longer.