Romney File: Second Debate

While Mitt Romney is doing well in Virginia, a state that got Obama elected in 2008 because of support of Marxist college youth, who most likely will not vote for him this election.
Romney was mediocre in the second debate and not because he couldn’t answer questions with clarity or truthfulness, but because he did not show how untruthful Obama was. Romney lost it once in a heated face-to-face argument with Obama, but truthfully I could not have held back as well as he did; especially when Obama literally called him a liar. Speaking of lying …

During the first two years in the White House, Barack Obama had majority in House and Senate, not requiring a single Republican vote to pass his ObamaCare, which the Supreme Court unlawfully called constitutional. I have written to the Supreme Court an inquiry as to what article in the Constitution gives Congress the power to control private sector health care insurance, or for that matter, taking over private businesses like GM in a bailout deal. No answer from them and other sources I inquired for constitutional sources.

In 2008, Obama lied to Hispanic voters and two-thirds of that minority voted for him. I certainly hope they have come to their senses this election. Hopefully Romney will not play the same cards as GW Bush on this one.
Romney missed a chance to put down Obama with truth in the subject of energy. He neglected to mention that Obama has been on a campaign to destroy the coal industry, cut leases on federal land for crude oil, and spent billions of tax dollars investing in solar and wind companies whose only credentials were they supported Obama in 2008.
On the subject of the price of gasoline, more expensive now than in 2009, Obama was not put to task on his stupid answer to the question presented by Candy Crowley, whose bias was obvious. Despite the rule of no cheering or booing at this debate, Michelle Obama led a big cheer when Crowley bent the rules of moderator and took sides with Obama as though she was part of the debate. It was between Obama and Romney.
Romney messed up by letting Obama get away with the Planned Parenthood rhetoric when he stated that it provides cancer screening. It does not, but do refer to places they can perform such tests. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than the world’s largest infanticide organization, courtesy of taxpayer dollars. Your tax dollars that go to this program pays for someone else’s abortion – not because they were raped or their health is in danger, just because they are free and irresponsible in their sex habits. Like my sister once observed: “People that cannot afford it have the most children”.
Romney did not give a good response to the opposition of Obama to free market enterprise.
Romney did mention that the middle class, tagged with too many tax burdens in the past four years – giving credit to what Joe Biden stated the week before during his clown act as VP.
Romney failed to point out that General Motors bailout only helped the trade union, screwed over the bondholders and non-union members who lost up to 40% of their retirement funding and the fact that GM has more industry in China than the United States.
Romney’s best statement was about his five-point plan for restoring America. At least he HAS a plan.
Romney should have studied Ronald Reagan’s debates when he would use the opponent’s untruths against him beginning with the phrase: “There you go again”.
The most telling part of the second debate is not the pattering back and forth, but the testament to Obama’s lies, and proof of America’s media bias and manipulation in the actions of “moderator” Candy Crowley.
And, as Burt Prelutsky so aptly put it:

If Obama had actually described the attack on our Libyan consulate as a terrorist act, why would he have sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice five days later on five different Sunday news shows to lay the blame on some dumb video? And why would Obama go to the UN a week later and blame the murder of four Americans on that same video?  For that matter, why would Jay Carney deny the true nature of the attack for two entire weeks, pretending that they needed an FBI investigation to get to the bottom of things, when the consulate cameras and Ambassador Stevens’ own journal told us everything we needed to know about the non-existent demonstration that allegedly led up to the al-Qaeda attack. And, finally, why 30 days after 9/11, was smarmy Joe Biden still lying about what had taken place in Libya during his debate with Paul Ryan?

These are things that Romney should have been armed to deliver against Obama’s untruths. As far as Ms. Crowley  no one should be surprised. The media has been covering Obama’s ass for four years, and the political left has not mustered one anti-war demonstration that was so prolific during the GW Bush administration.
Once upon a time a young man named Barry, later first name Barack, was hired to fill an executive position, and after discovering that he did not have the necessary skills to handle the job, he was fired. When called into the office to be told he was fired, Barry, alias Barack accused him of racism. Yet, Barry was hired because of his skin pigmentation and ethnic background, but fired because he couldn’t handle the job.
That little tale accurately describes the presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro. It is also a demonstration how the Affirmative Action policy was weak in usefulness. To be guaranteed the right to seek an employment position no matter what race, gender, et cetera is rightful. However, to hire someone not eligible or qualified and just because of his or her race, gender, et cetera is abominable. It also does not afford the qualified individuals opportunity.
Apparently, Obama is a “Do as I say, Not as I Do” fellow because women working for him in the White House are paid less than their male counterparts.
Let these revelations be your guide on November 6th. Don’t forget to weed out congressional members that are not abiding their oath of office and voting for unconstitutional legislation – regardless of the bias Supreme Court decision. Those decisions are made on a case-to-case basis and that is the job of the justices. It is not their job to “interpret” the Constitution in a matter than coincides with their personal beliefs or the pressure from special interest and political groups. The judiciary branch does not have, or supposed to have, legislative power. Just because a case is decided does not mean their decision becomes law. That is ruling from the bench – and it is high time that the Supreme Court Justices be informed just exactly what their constitutional duties are – or retire. The Check-and-Balance system of the government branches were not set in place for looks.
All of these changes cannot be made with Obama and friends in office. 
I hope Romney remembers just why people voted for him.