Lighthouse Spotlight: Kelly LeBrock

This Spotlight article is about Kelly LeBrock, an American actress born in New York City on March 24th, 1960, but raised in London, England living in the countryside of Sussex. Her father was a French-Canadian who owned a quicksilver mine and opened a 3-star restaurant in Lake Champlain, New York. Kelly’s mother was Irish, a former model, who owned antique stores in London. Early in her life she was educated at a Montreal boarding school and learned to speak French fluently before moving to the United Kingdom. At sixteen, she returned to New York to begin a career as a high fashion model.

She appeared on thousands of magazine covers and in fashion photo spreads that included an exclusive Christian Diorcampaign becoming one of the most sought-after models. She also did commercials for Pantene shampoo where her line: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” became a cultural popularity phrase.
Her first film was as a “fantasy” woman in the life of a married man (Gene Wilder) in The Woman in Red (1984), followed by Weird Science(1985). In 1990 she starred opposite of her husband (then) Steven Seagal in Hard To Kill. Ms. LeBrock also appeared in Betrayal of the Dove(1993), Tracks of a Killer (1995), and Hard Bounty (1995). Other roles: Wrongfully Accused(1998), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2002), Zerophilia (2005), and Gamers: The Movie(2006).
In television, Kelly was captain of the team “Kelly’s Bellies” on VH-1’s Celebrity Fit Club in 2005. LeBrockalso appeared on the third UK series of Hell’s Kitchen.
In her personal life, her first marriage was to film producer and restaurateur, Victor Drai, in 1984; they divorced in 1986. She then married Steven Seagal and from 1987 to 1996, three children were born: Annaliza (1987), Dominic (1990), and Arissa (1993).
In the late 1980s, LeBrock was one of the first private US citizens to own her own hyperbaric chamberand started her own brand of homeopathic remedies. She testified to Congress in 1995 to the House Enquiry on Insurance and Medicare Access for alternative treatments on the needs of all Americans to have affordable access to homeopathic remedies. She also is board member to several scientific advisory boards and lectures regularly on the subject of homeopathy. She also has hostedand supports programs for autistic children.
Her last two films as of this writing were The Mirror(2007) and Prep School(2011). 

Since her brother’s death she has dedicated much of her time in fighting cancer. She opened “Kelly Care” centers to treat children diagnosed with cancer across America in the summer of 2011.
She is presently either working on her autobiography or a book about nutrition and homeopathy – or a combination of both. The reports are not definitive. She has other books on the market at Amazon. She also has a Twitter page. Kelly has hinted that in her new book all will be revealed about ex-husband Steven Seagal and his bizarre sex life, who presently is being sued by one of his “sex toy” Russian former employee. Presently Seagal is also being sued for his actions on his TV reality show.

“Weird Science” scene

Kelly and Steven before divorce

Kelly in 2009